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Comment: Re:Nokia still has products? (Score 4, Interesting) 54

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47574441) Attached to: Nokia Buys a Chunk of Panasonic

They started out in 1904 making rubber. Today they provide large part of Finland's export, so around here they are considered 'too big to fail'.

Importing a CEO from abroad was seen with great suspicion, which is why Elon made such a grand and public gesture of assimilating Finnish culture for a few months. - A venture about as daft as scheduling Tibet for two years to get enlightened.

Comment: Peasants revolt (Score 1) 242

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47521223) Attached to: The Secret Government Rulebook For Labeling You a Terrorist

Thoughts of a free man:

"Execuitive branch"?

State, Treasury, Justice, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Defense, Health and Human Services,
Housing and Urban Development,
Transportation, Energy, Education, Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security ...Agricultural terrorist? Actually that makes sense with all the amfo they have. They probably have more of it than some states have in TNT equivalent nuclear arms.

On a completely unrelated note, farmers need drones, don't they? Big ones, for dusting crops, herding cattle and what not.

Comment: Grave misconception (Score 1) 77

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47491323) Attached to: Drone Search and Rescue Operation Wins Fight Against FAA

...clearly operating to the benefit of society (as opposed to purely commercial drone use)...

Is this some kind of anglo-american thing? Over here the reason commercial entities get tax breaks is because they should be operating to the benefit of society. Economic speculation and other short-sighted ventures are tolerated as the exception and not the norm of society.

Comment: Re:Ridiculous! (Score -1, Flamebait) 590

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47461011) Attached to: Marvel's New Thor Will Be a Woman

I was going to mod the lot of you ignorant mouth-breathers as flamebait but instead I have decided to educate you.

[Thrymskvida] is one of the best known poems from the Poetic Edda

Thor is primarily an asar deity and he'll be a she if it damn well pleases him. Marvel representing Thor as a female in other adventures than the one in the Edda is far, far from being unprecedented.

Comment: Re:You can tell they are extremists (Score 1) 92

by Ceriel Nosforit (#47392055) Attached to: Rightscorp Pushing ISPs To Disconnect Repeat Infringers

A reasonable, sane person would demand limiting a pirate's bandwidth; not disconnecting them completely.

A reasonable, sane person would demand that we do nothing, because this sort of draconian enforcement is disgusting.

A reasonable, sane person could choose to do these among many things, being reasonable and sane.

I mean to say that if a sane person did support draconian enforcement for some disgusting reason then they would not take it to an extreme.

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