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Comment: Infomercial for a code coverage tool? (Score 3, Interesting) 76

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48232211) Attached to: Tetris Is Hard To Test
Code coverage tool seems like a good idea from some theoretical stand point. But in practice number of code paths multiply rapidly and getting all the paths executed would involve unreasonably long time. Further rarely called procedures or rarely executed is just one class of problems. There are functions that will execute million times correctly and misbehave once in a million or once in a billion calls. For example I came across a bug in something so simple like calculating the centroid of a triangle. Absurdly simply code that adds the x, y, z coordinates of the vertices and divides by 3. That is all. In dealing with output of some CAD software, when the smallest angle of the triangle fell below 1.0e-08 radians, it returned a wrong value of the centroid. Typical sanity checks based on mathematical facts, like centroid of a triangle can never be outside the triangle will not work. The code that checks inside-or-outside of triangle is far more complex than the centroid code. The floating point truncation errors make this kind of sanity check useless. You can't even plot it on the screen and look at the centroid. OpenGL is implemented in single precision.

So at some point you reach a point of diminishing returns. It might not be worth making sure every line got tested when there are procedures that have a bug that happens in one in a billion calls. My philosophy is, "Perfection is the goal. Doing better than the last release is the shipping criterion".

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by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48230859) Attached to: High Speed Evolution

How do you know it was not an "active" strategy?

Because any thing anyone does actively in their lifetime will be passed on to their off spring. Very early in the embryo development the cells that will end up in the gonads (testes and ovaries) get separated from the remaining cells. These "germ line" cells are the one that go to the next generation. All the modification one's body undergoes in one's lifetime, ends when that body dies. It does not go to the next generation. Lamarckian theory thought along these lines.

The behavioral trait changes can change the percentage of lizards spending time in higher branches. But it will not be genetic and there will be no trace of it in the genome, and the higher branch dwelling lizards would be able to interbreed with lower branch dwelling lizards. If they could detect changes in the genome, it is not an active strategy.

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some day in the future people were going to make scary looking black painted guns? (That's pretty much what an "assault rifle" is. There are no functional distinctions. It's a made up term by gun grabbers.)

If you think there is no functional distinction between a muzzle loading smooth bore musket and a modern automatic rifle, you are the delusional one.

And the silly pro assault rifle camp assertion that the term was invented by the gun control side it also laughable. The term has been around since WWII as a translation of the German Sturmgewehr (lit. "storm rifle", where "storm" meant "assault" not lots of rain).

Comment: No, it was not an "active" strategy. (Score 2) 233

by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48229869) Attached to: High Speed Evolution

The change occurred at an astonishing pace: Within a few months, native lizards had begun shifting to higher perches, and over the course of 15 years and 20 generations, their toe pads had become larger, with more sticky scales on their feet.

This language confuses most non scientists and those not used to reading about evolution. The lizards did not convene a Supreme Soviet of Lizards and pass a resolution to shift to higher perches. The did not look at the evidence, pros and cons and decide, "yeah! sticky scales on the feet are a good idea. But Lizz Ard patented it. The survival of the species depends on it. So let us use eminent domain and make it public domain". Some lizards naturally like perching higher and other prefers perching lower and most do exactly what their parents did. The ones who liked higher perches survived more than the others, and their percentage in the population rose. Eventually only those who perched higher would be left alive.

The inuit are able to eat fried whale meat fried in blubber nonchalantly because those who could not handle that much cholesterol died out ages ago. Lactose intolerant toddlers died out en mass some 8000 years ago in western europe. That is why humans should try to stick their "ethnic ancestor" foods. [begin personal rant] Indian Indians (not American Indians) went through so many cycles of feast and famine. Only those who had the ability store fat in the times of plenty survived the lean times. When they get F-1 visa, then green card then citizenship and melt into the melting pot guzzling beer, eating pizza, their genomes are still gearing up for the next famine that could be just round the corner. Heart disease and diabetes is rampant among the immigrants from historically impoverished ethnic groups are very very susceptible to diseases of the plenty. Your body evolved to eat what your grandpa and his grandpa ate. If they eschewed bacon, stay clear of bacon. If they ate rice and lentils and ate samosa and jamoons only on festival feasts, you would do well to do the same. Stop ordering dessert in every meal and pigging out in the 9$ lunch buffet with unlimited mango lassi at India Palace. [end rant]

It is fascinating to see it from evolutionary perspective. But evolution has been used by every one with a perverse agenda to justify their ulterior motives most scientists steer well clear of explaining it in simple terms. They hide it in obscurantist journal papers with very dry commentary.

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All of that is irrelevant.
The police should not be allowed to use any weapons the general public doesn't have. Period.
Grenades, flash or otherwise, are complete overkill.

What would have happened had they not been able to enter that building?

There seems to be this idea that the police, in search of a conviction, can put everyone withing a quarter mile radius into mortal danger. That's flat out stupid. Surround the house, get on the bullhorn "Come out with your hands up!" and wait. Worst case, they flush the drugs. But that was the goal right? Get rid of the drugs? Fact of the matter is, pull the toilet and there's plenty stuck in the trap for the conviction anyway.

There is absolutely no excuse for the police to act as violently as they do.

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by 140Mandak262Jamuna (#48229721) Attached to: High Speed Evolution
Speed of evolution should be measured in generations, not years. Species that produce vast quantities of off spring will evolve faster and adapt better. There is nothing unusual or unknown about it. The mosquitoes inside the New York subways are a different species than the ones above ground. The speciation completed very quickly.

The "ring species" are basically speciation events in progress. All it takes is one catastrophe, a disease or volcanic eruption or an invasive predator species introduction, that interrupts one of the breeding in one of the islands, and there will be two species. And this is what most anti-evolution folks don't get. No, a chimpanzee did not suddenly gave birth to a human. Population of the ancestor species split into two, and one evolved to become human and the other became chimpanzee. And the split need not be geographic. Changes in mate preferences, internal body temperature, food preferences, etc can lead to breeding isolation that could lead to speciation.

Still it is nice to see evidence being presented in a species much higher than mosquitoes.

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Previous to that, I suppose Bills education as a Lawyer was probably the fuel for later hijinx.

Bill dropped out of a computer science program to start a business building software for traffic statistics equipment. Going to Harvard is not the same as being educated as a lawyer-- they DO teach other things than law there.

Seriously, where are people getting all of their bogus info? Every thread its people spouting about crypto, history, politics, and 90% of it is wrong.

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Even if you buy Cloudflare'ss "most secure" option, and have SSL to your own server using your own certificate, you have to give Clouldflare your SSL cert's private keys.

If you need the sort of service cloudflare provides, it wont matter who your actual provider is. ANYONE acting as a proxy for your HTTPS site will require your private key.

Comment: Re:Checksums (Score 1) 120

by LordLimecat (#48228693) Attached to: Researcher Finds Tor Exit Node Adding Malware To Downloads

Gweihir is saying you dont understand how digital signatures work, and Im inclined to agree.

The file would be signed by the one distributing it, with a private key. Private keys are not disclosed to outside parties-- not even when you're getting your certificate issued by a trusted root. Even then, you simply generate a CSR, and hold the private key. The CSR and public key are sent to the certificate authority who signs them-- but as they NEVER see your private key, they have no ability to forge digital signatures.

Maybe before making snarky anti-NSA comments you should ensure that you're not speaking nonsense. We need more people to be knowledgeable about encryption and privacy, not fewer.

Comment: Re:Bring back Bennett!! (Score 1, Informative) 122

by LordLimecat (#48228621) Attached to: OwnCloud Dev Requests Removal From Ubuntu Repos Over Security Holes

His ideas are very often absurd, and appear very much as if he recently learned about (or began thinking on) a topic, and immediately crafted an opinion on how everyone else who is an expert in said field is wrong.

Notable entries in this category:
  * Why the 5th amendment is totally unnecessary.
  * More questions about the 5th amendment, indicating a lack of understanding of its background and purpose (leading one to question in what way Bennett was qualified to raise objections to it).
  * Why corporate network filtering and intrusion prevention are tyranny
  * Why you should ignore every lawyer's advice of "dont talk to cops".

There are hundreds more, if you do a search for Bennett Haselton. The guy is well intentioned-- he clearly has a passion for getting rid of censorship and fixing the world-- the trouble is that hes proven massively susceptible to the Dunning-Kruger effect.

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