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Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 184

I don't think Hillary gave any support or tacit approval. I think Bill was sleeping in the dog house for several years. I know some people assume that because she didn't divorce him that she must have approved but that's just bizarre and assuming that everyone will act the same way if rational. A married couple that have invested much of their life together will sometimes divorce after such an incident but sometimes they will genuinely reconcile, there is never one and only one way to resolve the problem.

Hillary in no way acted like those wives who stand meekly two steps behind their politician husband while admitting the affair in front of reporters. That's a strange crowd in itself, pay attention to those women's faces. Some appear to be just sticking it out with as passive a face as they can manage, others feel resigned to it, others have glares they just can't hide. But for some reason they're always up their with the bastard instead of staying home or watching the apology from a bar. It is sort of a strong Christian right sentiment too, that divorce is deeply frowned upon and the wife must always be subservient. Or it could just be that some want the bastard to get reelected before they ask for alimony.

Comment Re:What? (Score 3, Insightful) 184

The power dynamic is inescapable though. If you're stuck with that professor, or have to put up with the boss if you want to get a paycheck, then that's totally different than the power between rich and poor and the like. If a billionare started rubbing himself against women in a poor neighborhood he'd be punched and arrested. But if it's your boss and you're struggling to make ends meet, or your professor who is deeply involved in your research thesis, it's much harder to retaliate or get away. The downside is that no one will believe you without evidence, you can lose your job or career or even marriage, you'll be laughed at and told to grow a thicker skin, you may start getting nasty tweets from the anti-women crowd for daring to make a fuss, and so forth. This is nasty stuff and not to be taken lightly or brushed off as "men will be boys" or just another power dynamic.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 184

Being continually hit on at work or by your boss/professor is not acceptable. If it happens once and discontinues then there's not a problem. But when it continues and is causing even your friends to wonder what the hell is wrong with you then it's time to clean stuff up.

It is often difficult to speak up. Everyone around may acknowledge that some professor is a troglodyte but may not feel able to say anything about it, because it's a senior professor or the like, and it can hurt your career even if it's not your own professor. If it's your professor and you speak up then you know you have to start your graduate work from scratch with a new professor, even finding a new field if it's impossible to avoid the lech in the future.

Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 246

I think most people just ignore any SJW/whatever/controversy issues,
but it's things like this. You can see that Github is becoming an unpleasant place to work, and focusing on hiring salespeople instead of programmers, and at that rate the good programmers will leave, and the bug tracker will start filling up, and the product will get worse and worse. That's the way things go.

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