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Comment: Re:How's this affect StingRay(tm)s (Score 1) 27

by Ceriel Nosforit (#48210463) Attached to: Deutsche Telecom Upgrades T-Mobile 2G Encryption In US

From what I have read on A5, the newer versions made a strange mistake which actually leaves A1/2&3 slightly weaker against brute force attacks than A5/1.

It is possible to use rainbow tables against A5, which seems to mean it isn't salted. - There should be more than enough performance in modern devices to support stronger encryption.

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by Ceriel Nosforit (#48174997) Attached to: Fusion and Fission/LFTR: Let's Do Both, Smartly

No conspiracy of hippies is keeping U.S. nuclear power off the table.

Have you heard what fusion people are saying about fission though? It's almost as bad, as if they don't realize that we needed better-than-fossil yesterday.

Nevermind that you can burn current long-term waste in LIFTR so that it becomes only a minor problem. Reason need not apply.

That is why #lockheed #fission matters. It's political, populist, and a Big Idea which makes small people hiss and bark in fear. I think the Skunworks being in control is the best thing that could happen to fission, because they need and have opsec and lobbyists.

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by Ceriel Nosforit (#48150271) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

The problem with the haters is that they are irrational. They say and do things by impulse, but provably those impulses seldom come to fruitation. It is an unsightly reminder of the ape-like instincts in man, and it can not be solved by talking about it on the internet.

Journalistic integrity is a completely different class of problem. The problem here is rational people who misuse their intelligence. It is a problem we can do something about. It can be given focus and the correct emotional response and proper action can be recognized, like one would do in group therapy.

Yet, while this therapy is being administered, the session is being interrupted by confused emotional remarks about gender, equality and security. We know that the journalists don't want to participate in 'selling out', but they feel they are in lock-step with what media companies demand from them.

There is a Streisand factor involved too. GamerGate would not get this much attention if it wasn't for the headline-making death threats. - This could have been intentional as the community of game consumers concerned with the integrity of their journalists is thoroughly versed in insidious plots. - If so, we are facing a strange breed of genuine extremists who will resort to emotional blackmail for the purpose of keeping independent game makers on the straight and narrow.

Conventional wisdom says 'follow the money', and in this case there is $60 billion of it annually. By the standards that accompany these figures, it is a good thing no one has actually been murdered yet.

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by Ceriel Nosforit (#48148731) Attached to: How Women Became Gamers Through D&D

"Gamer Gate" is about misrepresenting markting as journalism; and all the evils that walk side by side with marketing types. The triggering for all the outrage, which spilled over from mere complains about ethics to an entire campaign, was this Quinn fellow performing sexual favors for gaming journalists in exchange for good reviews. She did this five seperate times, once with a married man.

Now an entire industry is trying to spin this as a feminist issue, yet getting the actual facts behind this story isn't hard. It is impossible that the outets carrying the story are unaware of what has been going on.

Let that sink in.

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by Ceriel Nosforit (#47981955) Attached to: Obama Presses China On Global Warming

China has demonstrated in the past decade that it is capable of making such large-scale changes to its infrastructure. Asking them to do that trick again seems reasonable.

They did incidentally make thorium reactors a national priority a few years ago.

The impoverished West meanwhile has this:

The flow chart is a most thoroughly oversold piece of program documentation. -- Frederick Brooks, "The Mythical Man Month"