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Lose what? Our attention? Putin will control russia till he dies. Officially, he doesn't control any other countries so if he "backs down" (From what? He's denying russian involvement right??) the only thing that will happen is his cronies will get their foreign assets unfrozen.

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by CaptainLard (#47756859) Attached to: Amazon To Buy Twitch For $970 Million
And if they did have a dump truck with $970 million, wouldn't that be enough to "give it technology to compete with video-streaming rivals Netflix and YouTube"?

Some observations: 1) Does it really take $970million to write a bunch of web apps? 2) How come developers and engineers aren't getting it? 3) I thought tech companies could only spend their money in units of $Billions 4) Hopefully someone at Twitch got fired for losing out on that last $30million. Losers...

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by CaptainLard (#47662969) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

What's the percentage of white male computer-science and technical graduates?

To do anything but hire according to that percentage would be an act of sexism or racism.

Using that criteria is all well and good if your sole market is computer-science and technical graduates or your only products are algorithms. But if you're making general consumer products and are trying to sell to a more diverse market (i.e. the world) its probably not the worst idea to have more cultures represented. In other words, the top tech grads are not necessarily the most qualified applicants to design and sell products to a marketplace as diverse as earth.

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by CaptainLard (#47632439) Attached to: Paint Dust Covers the Upper Layer of the World's Oceans

They have not shown it is a problem.

Perhaps not but its certainly worth following up on a previously unknown phenomenon that may or may not affect the global food supply. Your math showing an apparently small concentration doesn't take into account the biology of any creature living in the ocean. You haven't shown there isn't a problem.

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by CaptainLard (#47566193) Attached to: Comcast Confessions

We live in an era where people in charge have very little accountability to the masses. "The Mob" no longer puts fear into politicians or business community. As such "maybe I shouldn't do this nefarious yet legal deed because it could end up with guillotine" check is no longer there.

All things considered, that's probably for the best. "The Mob" has a spotty record when it comes to serving justice.

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The gas powered cars that can break the records set by these gimmicks

Gas powered cars that don't use their engine and are propelled by batteries and electricity alone can break electric propulsion records set by pure EV's? That's amazing! I bet if they took out the heavy gas engines since they're not using them, they'd go even farther.....and by farther I mean nowhere. Apple and Orange, meet troll.

Comment: Re:That's great, but ... (Score 2, Informative) 120

Right, because gas powered cars built specifically to break speed/efficiency records are so much more practical...oh wait, they're also worthless for everything but breaking records and look just like this one. Good thing some of that engineering knowledge transfers over to consumer vehicles.

And in case you missed it, several Tesla's have already made cross country road trips. It might take 30 min to charge but 3 years ago it took 12 hours. Why would you want to go to sleep now and miss all the exciting rapid development? Do you sleep through movies to watch the credits?

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by CaptainLard (#47458319) Attached to: The Last Three Months Were the Hottest Quarter On Record
I'm repeating a few things others have said in reply to your post but adding on here to help fill up your /. side bar...

1) Like the first guy said, your chart shows sea ice area is clearly near the bottom. The summary says "trending near", not absolute lows. So you proved that point for them.

2)Your temperature graph shows quite a bit of white but on the whole, there is a lot more red tint than blue, especially considering the scale is over +/- 10C. Ask any 5 year old what the main color is for the ocean and they'll say red. Its obviously abnormally warm.

Every now and then I go down your "informed skeptic" rabbit holes to make sure I didn't miss anything in my personal conclusion that AGW is real and a problem, but every time the data YOU present always ends up refuting your point. Whats your game in all this?

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Oh come on, the "SCIENTISTS ARE ALL MONEY GRUBBING SCAMMERS" crowd is just as big nowadays. And holy smokes! The sun can dry things even in the winter??? I wonder if there are any other strange atmospheric effects happening that you don't (or won't) understand? But hey, congratulations on your mom's sweater.

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People can live without a clothing dryer.

It's been five years for me, and I have an unused front loader dryer for sale.

Wow you like to be really really really really sure about stuff. Why not sell it 4 years ago for more money? How many hours did you waver on pressing submit on that post?

And good for you that China smog doesn't reach you. But it accounts for 12-24% (from a study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) of the smog in LA...6500 miles from china. Just because it doesn't reach Chicago thats ok? I think we'd do well to help reduce 20% of the pollution in a state that contributes 8% of the US GDP.

I don't believe in MMGW, and I don't believe we can change global climate.

But it's stupid not to scrub carbon from coal plants, put cleaner water back into the the environment than we take out,

Then why do you care about reducing carbon? Its going to cost you more money and ZOMG JOBS. Its concentration is still far too low to affect how we breathe, just something you don't "believe" in. The thing is it doesn't matter what you believe. Either its happening or its not and all the evidence points to "happening". But I'm glad you agree with the old saying "don't shit where you eat". Thats a start and if everyone takes it to heart maybe thats all we'll need.

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