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Comment Re:Well.... (Score 1) 552

Heh, the way forum threads go off the rails is pretty funny. Here is my recounting of the events:

A) "What can police use instead of guns to immobilize people? Existing things? Non-existing things?"
B) "Sometimes you have to kill people"
C) "But we're talking about using/inventing things to not have to kill people right?"
D) "Police have no idea if someone wants to kill them or not so they need to be able to kill someone"
C) "uhh...."

Anyway thanks for the amusement. Its clear we are locked in mutual misunderstanding so I'm out!

Comment Re:What usability problems really look like (Score 1) 483

At first blush it may seem like a simple matter to simply run more wiring to build out more spots...but at some point you hit the stage where the line running to the building simply isn't big enough. So what...you get another transformer?.......... And that's the real challenge with electric cars...not range, not cost. Those are solved or about to be solved.

How is the charging capacity problem more difficult than the range/cost problem? Sounds like it's already solved, the solution just needs to be implemented.

Comment Re:Portland.. (Score 1) 392

Like I said, that's great that you found your answer. Now for some shameless boasting...for the past 15 years I've hovered around 170lbs (over 6' tall), low cholesterol, BP ~110/70, HR in the mid 50's and I have a six pack. I generally eat whatever I want (probably 3000-4000 cal/day) but fortunately I never want fast food or doughnuts. That's probably the key along with an active lifestyle where fun for me is an extreme workout for most. The point is there is no one answer but the extremes (i.e. 100% meat) are almost always not good since few people can tolerate them...or more importantly stick to it (eliminate carbs forever? good luck making it 6 months). More importantly, our planet just can't sustain 8 billion human carnivores. And yes I realize that most people wouldn't stick to my lifestyle either.

But good news! Most of the newest research I've read or heard about focuses on gut bacteria. Its all about cultivating a healthy ecosystem in the bowels and most of the research focuses on feeding it fiber. If you can handle all meat the rest of your life then great! If not, maybe reexamine your definition of a "western diet" and replace all the added sugar with broccoli. Good luck!

Comment Re:Portland.. (Score 1) 392

Waaaay off topic here so that mod option is clearly appropriate....but regarding your sig: "why not try an all meat diet?". Because it would be a disaster of epic proportions (if we all did it).

The average American eats 270lbs of meat/year (http://www.npr.org/sections/thesalt/2012/06/27/155527365/visualizing-a-nation-of-meat-eaters). The 2 guys in the study ate 800g meat/day (1.7lbs). Thats 620 lbs/year or a 230% increase. They were adult males so the average consumption would probably be a bit lower but spread that out over 320M Americans and it approaches the total meat consumption of the rest of the world combined. We're already low on some types of fish and I don't know where you plan to put another billion cows. Not to mention a good amount of people just can't afford it.

As we all know, coming up with universal nutritional advice hardly works out well because individuals need to figure out what works best for them (for me its a balance of raw ingredients cooked with minimal sauce). If the all meat diet is your thing, great. Not sure why you need to advertise it for everyone though.

Comment Re:I don't think it will mean much (Score 1) 203

If insurers only had to deal with 4-5 automakers vs 50 million drivers it would certainly reduce their paperwork and the hassle that goes with it. My friend is a claims adjuster and has a bunch of stories along the lines of: "Someone stole the oil out of my engine which is why my car broke down so I need you to pay me for it".

Anyway I'll file this under common sense. If Volvo software is driving your car and causes an accident, Volvo (the driver) is liable. If something else causes an accident involving your car that something else is liable. Just like we have now!

Comment Re:Terraforming Mars? (Score 1) 140

A bunch of posts in the "elon musk wants to nuke mars" story said something to the effect of....

If we can terraform mars it doesn't really matter that solar wind would blow away the atmosphere that is created. If we can crash a comet into Mars to give it water and an atmosphere, we can keep doing that periodically to recharge everything. Solar wind erosion takes a comparatively long time so you might only need a new comet every few million years or so. Once every 1000 years is still incomprehensibly long for humans to think about. In that time maybe we (or whatever) can figure out how to create a self sustaining magnetic field.

Don't know about you guys but I'm ready for a ski resort on Olympus Mons. 26km vertical in a single decent? Sign me up!

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1164

practice shooting in various simulated high stress situations

Be interested to know how that is accomplished with any slight hope of determining what a real life high stress situation response would be (the image of Bill Burr pantomiming slowly placing the headphones and safety glasses on and squinting in a wide stance firing position comes to mind). I for one am pretty gung ho in paintball but would volunteer to be the drone pilot if I had to capture the flag in Syria.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1164

If you want an unsettling indicator, do some googling of officer involved shootings. When one or more officers are firing 10, 20, 30 rounds with reloads and hitting the suspect 3 and 4 times, I think it speaks to the level of skill. Yes, it's a high stress situation, but they are supposed to be trained to handle that too, no? In those situations you will perform like you train. Last training 5 years ago? Guess how you will perform...

Wow that makes me feel real good about when the NRA says giving everyone a gun is the best way to prevent shootings. Cause as we all know, 80% of drivers are above average so we can expect gun competency work just as well.

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