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Comment Re:Firing up the base (Score 1) 546

And your Hillary quote begets any number of Republican presidential candidates comparing the Sitting US president to hilter and so on and so forth. We've reached the hyperbole singularity and have nowhere to go but straight to the very bottom. I'm surprised no one has seriously accused the other side of literally eating babies on camera yet but there are still 14 months till the election (as John Oliver put it, there will be babies born before the election who's parents haven't even met yet).

My point is, we're so far off the deep end there is nothing to be gained by pointing out "but but but they said...". Fortunately there is also nothing to be lost! So good sir, I implore you to just give up on all this bullshit till Nov 2 just as I have resolved to do. Enjoy!

Comment Re:Unlimited for one year (Score 1) 418

If its a year per kid, I'd be tempted to keep having kids. If that catches on, we might wonder if Netflix is encouraging rapid population growth.

No need to wonder, just take a gander on how most of Europe is doing. My Cousin in Germany is on maternity leave with 6 months full pay +6 more months with 2/3rds pay, which has been typical for quite some time. Germany currently has zero/negative population growth (

Being present for a child as soon and as long as possible is the best thing you can do for their health/development/etc (and you get benefits as well). If this catches on we might wonder if this encourages lower healthcare costs and crime rates.

Comment Stealing our fun? (Score 1) 419

/. has commenters to provide a daily (ok, hourly) dose of whining over why some huge and largely successful research project or whatever got it all wrong because they didn't use some pet technology, where said technology would only have worked under ideal circumstances (i.e. a world in which everyone is totally cool with nuclear power) and in reality would have been completely impractical* due to, well, reality. If the article itself is a poorly designed rebuttal requiring billions of people to fundamentally alter their core modus operandi to address a relatively trivial shortcoming, what the hell are we supposed to do here?

*also applies to theories in political and philosophical debates. Don't take those away if you still want visitors to this site.

Comment Re: Projections based on what? (Score 1) 310

Valid point but to make this scenario match climate: we also know a vitamin that increases reading retention is being artificially added to school lunches at a set rate every year. We've done studies on how many vitamins 100000's of kids have eaten in the past and how it affected their scores. So maybe johnny will also take meth and be an outlier (weather) but we're still able to make a reasonable prediction of what average NY test scores will be in 100 years (climate). ....also I've been there and there is no way in hell NY has an average GPA of 3.1. BLAMMO!

Comment Re:This whole make your own gun is like the homebr (Score 1) 391

Speaks to the third person of the original post, then sets up a straw man. Many faces were palmed. Sadly normal people who enjoy shooting for sport or collecting guns for craftsmanship and what not are drowned out by you morons who don't realize that regulation!=ban.

Read it again because I never said ban anything. That's your paranoia, sonny.

And since we're a few comments deep and we've clearly pigeon holed each other...what the fuck would satisfy you (who's handle means "dead bell" for god knows what reason (yeah I'm one to talk) and I assume is the type to make a youtube video of carrying a rifle into Wendy's to make a statement)? Every newborn infant gets an AR15 for the right hand and an AK47 for the left? And of course the doctors and nurses need to be strapped in case the kid's a terrorist? Or should we also replace fire extinguishers with sawed off shotguns for good measure?

Seriously (as if thats possible at this point..) what's your end game? The US already has the most guns per capita IN. THE. WORLD. Nearly 1-1. Its like 50% more than the next highest country which I think is freaking Serbia, a country thats never 5 years out from civil war. Stop being such a pussy when you already have everything you could possibly want and have to invent boogey men to fight.

Comment Re:Methinks Chafee might be out of touch... (Score 1) 830

I think blatant stupidity like this should automatically disqualify one from being president, but sadly we let them continue in their quest.

And that's one great thing (maybe the only?) about our political system, you get to think what you want and he gets to say what he wants.

I'll add that what makes me irate as an engineer is half the datasheets list component dimensions in metric and the other half in imperial so everything always has 5 decimal places on the layout and the traces never just go straight into a pad!

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