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Comment: Re:Fair business practices. (Score 2) 68

by CaptainLard (#49356315) Attached to: US Air Force Overstepped In SpaceX Certification

Wrong. The "rules" are set by the customer in this scenario. If they aren't followed the customer (government) is perfectly able to choose another bid (provided pork seeking senators allow it). Thus, this is not an Uber situation where the customers don't know/care about the rules that competitors are legally forced to play by.

The difference between new and old "space guys" is how they choose to follow rules set by the customer. In one case, decades of lobbying has resulted in unwieldy bureaucracy that only works when money is no object. The other case started from a blank slate with the goal of serving more than just one customer. Boeing can change it's process whenever it wants to.

Comment: Re:Okay, we're clear on what you're promising (Score 5, Interesting) 184

1973 called, they want their solar power cost benefit analysis back.

Obviously there are still situations where solar is not ideal but there is a reason its one of the fastest growing energy sources. Things everyone should know:
-Solar panels collect back the power used to manufacture them in 1-4 years.
-Their useful lifespan is over 30 (approaching 50).
-If your roof gets sun more than half the days of the year, a solar array will pay itself back in under 15 years WITHOUT SUBSIDIES (I'm looking at about 12 for my array not including subsidies).
-Storage is indeed an issue, but that is the very issue that this plan is addressing!

Comment: Re:Okay, we're clear on what you're promising (Score 5, Funny) 184

Yeah this guy is always promising us the moon. How the hell is he gonna get there? With his own personal rocket factory?! Why doesn't he start with something more down to a car or something. If his companies can somehow gain a lot of experience with these solar panels and batteries he plans to use then maybe we don't need to brush off this natural innovation as complete hype. Then maybe, just maybe I can stop typing exclusively in sarcasm. Only time will tell.

Comment: Re:Flordia doesn't have those issues yet (Score 1) 366

Well good on them for at least talking about it!

Also, they smartly chose "voluntary, non-regulatory" as the very first words to describe the program instead of, you know, what its purpose is. What would be very interesting is to see an objective report on how effective Florida's approach is to reducing pollution compared to say San Fransisco's plastic bag ban or composting requirements. I wonder if you could somehow control for the Hippie vs Retiree mindset?

Comment: Re:Zombies Freeze in the Cold (Score 1) 247

I'd even go so far as to say entirely fictional. Don't forget that even the slightest damage to the extremely delicate bones, blood vessels and nerve bundles that make up our senses would make them first thing to rot away. Oh, and then there's the laws of thermodynamics.

I for one am willing to put that all aside for a fun story. But the thing is, its easy to fantasize how you'd survive. I guess a main draw of zombie stories is its easy for anyone to picture themselves a hero.

Comment: Re:ok, so it's not unstoppable (Score 3, Informative) 341

by CaptainLard (#49153717) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

Global warming is a great thing - just ask Canada, especially the places that are currently -40 degrees.

Right, because when their average temperature suddenly jumps up to 25C, those northern frozen wastelands will instantly become a tropical paradise/breadbasket of the earth. Nevermind that since nothing has grown taller than a foot in 100s (1000s?) of thousands of years there are no nutrients in the soil and its much more likely to turn into a desert (much like rainforests do after deforestation). The effort to turn our newly thawed tundra into the fertile paradise all you "AGW aint so bad" crowd like to spout all the time could well be greater than eliminating all CO2 emissions within 5 years.

Comment: Re: Extinction event (Score 1) 341

by CaptainLard (#49153663) Attached to: We Stopped At Two Nuclear Bombs; We Can Stop At Two Degrees.

Look around yourself! This failed system has harnessed quantum mechanics to preserve your apathy in a massive disaster proof building somewhere on the micron scale yet makes it available for most of society to see in an instant! We've come so far and may well be on the verge of taking the next great leap in understanding the universe (or finding out if the universe even allows that leap to be taken) and you just want to throw it all away because there are a bunch of jerks mixed in.

Nice nickname btw. There is a hell of a lot more opportunity today than after your societal collapse when you're spending all your time scrounging for roots to eat.

In Nature there are neither rewards nor punishments, there are consequences. -- R.G. Ingersoll