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Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 554

Transportation means a way to get form A to B, there is no "least amount of time" in that definition. If pedestrians or bikes are a problem then why not limit cars or at least the assholes in cars who think that speed limits don't apply to them? Pedestrians arrived before the cars did, they drove slowly on the roadways before the assholes showed up later. Drivers have no special rights in this regard. On a freeway or highways sure, pedestrians and bikes may not be allowed, but that's not the same as the one lane road in front of your house.

Comment Re:25 mph? (Score 1) 554

It's very easy to drive that slowly. I do it all the time. I drive slower than that in some places (like in front of schools). Anyone who can not drive that slowly has a problem, they need to learn some basic patience, learn to relax, take some time to enjoy the drive. If they're going to be late then they should have started sooner. How do you drive in a parking lot? No way can you do 25mph while looking for a parking space. Zero sympathy. Consider walking instead.

Comment Re:Speed limit reality check (Score 1) 554

The problem is not that children routinely play in the street or that they're taught to play in the street. The problem is that they will dart out into the street to retrieve a ball, often when they're too young to know better.

And what exactly was wrong with dropping the speed limit? Did it harm anyone?

Comment Re:Speed limit reality check (Score 1) 554

Getting a lot of traffic on your street does not raise property values. Very often it lowers the values. The more newer neighborhoods (which are often more affluent) will have speed bumps, traffic circles, roads the bend, etc. The older neighbhoods on the other hand will have very little in the way of traffic abatement.

Moving is hard, and expensive, and completely impractical for many people. The self entitled jerks should just learn to obey the law instead.

Comment Re:legalism is a crap philosophy. (Score 1) 554

I don't think these roads were designed to be thoroughfares. It just happens over time. A sleepy neighborhood can become a heavy traffic neighborhood with just a few changes, such as a new employer showing up. Sometimes there are side effects of other political decisions: the town that refuses to allow expressways can end up with heavy traffic on residential streets (ie, the houses face the street with no fences), or if they refuse to have mass transit, etc.

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