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Comment Re:Some mods worth paying for (Score 1) 30 30

But these aren't professional modders. They got hired to do more stuff *after* the mods. If they had demanded to be paid up front, those mods would probably not have gotten much traction. The whole point was that now that you've paid $50 for a game, some of your fellow game players have found a way to extend that further. That is, "fellow game players", not "some random guys who want money".

With Doom you had hundreds or thousands of new levels out there, people doing it for free and knowing that they would never be paid or get a job because of that, and they did it anyway. They just wanted to show off what they did, or they wanted to make something fun for other people. But they didn't have the silly attitude that time is money. In fact, Doom had a good model in itself - the first episode, a FULL game was free without the normal guilt trip whine to be paid that most crappy shareware had at the time; only the subsequent episodes were paid and you had plenty of time to do a full and thorough evaluation. Plus you could write your own free levels for this free game. Win, win, win all around.

If the great modders create a great product then they can get donations, just don't require the money to be paid. If they think they're not getting enough in donations then they should reevaluate why they're writing the mods in the first place. If they only create mods to be paid then tough luck, get a better job. But if they create mods to share and to improve the community, then the money shouldn't matter. If they want mandatory paid for mods then they should do it smart - do the Doom way, make the first part great and free, then people who love it will pay for the next parts.

Comment Re:It could work, maybe.. (Score 1) 30 30

And yet Linux managed to be built without requiring subscriptions or paid updates. If the community wants something then they will build it even without the funding models.

I don't want a decent salary for a mod author to come from the players, because that implies that the mod author is not a part of the community in the first place. I want mods from part time hobbyists, I don't want more DLCs, I *especially* don't want "Horse Armor" DLCs. Hobbyists promote the community; they say "look what I did", then someone else says "that's great, let me build on that", and the snowball starts rolling and something good can result at the end.

I'm not saying donations are bad - donations are good! I just think mandatory paid mods is a dumb idea. With computing, we've gone decades with working viable open source models in place that have created competitive products to commercial offerings. That open source world has had paid authors, it's had donations, it's had volunteer authors. What is has not had though is people who refuse to work unless the community pays them directly, because it's a community that grew up using sharing as an inherent virtue.

Comment Re:TOTAL GARBAGE- paid mods work on Steam (Score 1) 30 30

I've never demanded that other people pay me money to write my resume. So the modders who hope to break the incredibly long odds and get noticed/hired by a game company should not demand that they be paid to do so. (what, maybe less than ten people have ever gotten a a job this way?) Demanding to be paid is an insult to the community also, it implies that the modder is not a part of the community.

The people who are supremely talented but not financially empowered are not my responsibility. I should not be required to give them my charity. I'll pick and choose who I give charity too, and it won't be the guy with the retextured sword. The best mods out there were works from large teams anyway - Unofficial Patches mods (always mandatory), SKUI, SKSE, total world revamps, etc. You don't need finances to be a modder, you just need the game and the (usually) free modding tools; if you think you must have expensive commercial graphics/modeling tools in order to start them you're doing it wrong. Do not treat the gaming community as a way to pay for a bigger computer.

And besides, if someone wants a lot of exposure, the free mods always get the most exposure. Anyone who treats paid mods as more professionally made than free mods is delusional.

Comment Re:TOTAL GARBAGE- paid mods work on Steam (Score 1) 30 30

And if there is a market for paid mods from day one, there should still be a way to get free mods, a way to bypass the people who treat the community as a resource to be exploited and instead get mods from the people who are a part of the community.

The Steam Workshop was never the real place to get quality mods for Skyrim anyway.

My worry is that the new Bethesda network announced at E3 is a step towards them creating their own mod marketplace, all mods being curated and approved, followed by shutting down places like Nexus as being "unauthorized", so that free mods no long exist.

Sure there are places where paid mods are the norm - but those are also highly toxic places for rather dumb games anyway.

Comment Re:Youtube (Score 1) 355 355

Adblock works on PC I think, as I've never seen an ad with youtube on the PC. On my TV though I don't have adblock, so I'm seeing ads. I'm told that I can add some blocking on my firewall but I haven't gotten around to researching that since it hasn't been annoying until recently.

Comment Re:There we go again (Score 1) 355 355

Sure. Watch broadcast TV, listen to the radio, walk down the street. All free. All have ads though, but in every case you can opt out of the ads and refuse to watch or listen to them. In no case are you required to view to an ad, it doesn't suck up extra gasoline from your car, you can't get malware, etc. These are background ads, ignorable, totally unlike web ads.

Oh, and I pay subscription for some of those services too, including "free" radio. I'm not freeloading like the web advertisers are.

Comment Re:There we go again (Score 1) 355 355

Slashdot has said that I can opt out of ads. Which I don't bother doing since I have adblock, but... If it starts charing $0.17 a page, then I'll stop visiting. Other useful sites I may stick around with $0.17 a page (and it has to be per page, not per third party script/gif).

People cut the cord from cable companies which used to be considered unthinkable. So I think people will be able to wean themselves away from fluff web sites too.

But think of it this way, I'm already paying over $50/month to get on the web. Why should I be told that I have to pay extra or view ads just to click on a link to some bozo's blog? Worse, why should advertisers be allowed to STEAL my bandwidth and time by piggybacking on my ISP? Broadcast over the airwaves is fine with me, as long as I can look away from the TV and go get a sandwich; but borrowing my internet to show me an ad that I can't skip, that's just immoral.

Comment Re:Swift (Score 1) 326 326

A lot of these new languages are highly specialized languages. It's like everyone who has a special need and a hatred of general purpose languages thinks they'll just write a new language and solve the problem. Ie, there is no point whatsoever to have an language for developing IoT because we've already have such languages for decades, yet people are creating these new pointless languages.

Comment Re:There we go again (Score 1) 355 355

I'd be good with that. Give everyone an incentive to never go to web sites again, or at least stop browsing mindlessly and instead pay attention to what they are doing. Not a bad thing. Society has functioned without web sites, and it will again (and pretty soon too as it's all moving to phones/tablets now anyway).

Comment Re:I don't get it (Score 1) 355 355

The web site owners don't know about any of this, they have farmed out their design to third parties and after signing a contract to an ad provider/server they wash their hands of responsibility (as long as they get revenue). The third parties don't want this idea because then it would be too easy to block them, as in loss of revenue.

Comment Re:Huh? (Score 1) 355 355

I see things sort of analoguous to shaving microseconds off of financial transactions. There's someone in the middle making money without being either producer or consumer and providing no real world value of any sort. Sort of like leeches but not as cuddly.

Comment Re:Youtube (Score 1) 355 355

I still haven't gone to the effort to block these on my TV. But normally it was 4 or 5 seconds before I could skip them, which was usually before you even knew what the ad was about. But the last week I've seen a few that refuse to let me skip the ads, AND the ads were entirely unrelated to the content as well. Screw em. Let youtube go back to being free with no one making money from them, hobbyists only with no youtube pros. Sorry PewDiePie, you need a real job.

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