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Comment: Re:Resignation? (Score 1) 373 373

Yep. Reddit isn't serious about anything until she's gone.

Anyone who ever subscribed to Star Wars Galaxies experienced this exact kind of management. SOE endlessly would apologize for their "lack of communication" then proceed to continue on their destructive changes no one liked not altering their course one degree.

Comment: 21 years as an IT pro has taught me 3 things (Score 1) 479 479

The Three Laws of Telecoms:

1. They will Overpromise
2. They will Underdeliver
3. They will Overcharge

These have proven true over and over and over again year after year. Telecom providers, be it phone or data are the seedy underbelly of the IT industry.

+ - UMG v Grooveshark settled, no money judgment against individuals

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: UMG's case against Grooveshark, which was scheduled to go to trial Monday, has been settled. Under the terms of the settlement (PDF), (a) a $50 million judgment is being entered against Grooveshark, (b) the company is shutting down operations, and (c) no money judgment at all is being entered against the individual defendants.

Comment: Here is the effect it will have (Score 1) 349 349

Fewer women will get hired. Period.

Whenever you make hiring a particular person (woman, minority, gay, etc) riskier because of lawsuits, fewer such people will be hired. I know that if I were doing the hiring (and I do) this kind of risk would factor into my thinking. Would I say anything, would I put it in writing? Absolutely not, I'm not an idiot.

What Ellen Pao is doing with her lawsuit is making herself unemployable. And an anchor around Reddit's neck.

Comment: Leave then (Score 0, Troll) 886 886

No one should have to perform INVOLUNTARY SERVICE for anyone.

A Christian baker should not have to bake a wedding cake for a gay "marriage". Likewise, should a muslim photographer be forced to photograph it?

For that matter a gay baker shouldn't have to bake a cake for a real marriage.

Freedom of association. It's in the Constitution.

Comment: Why no 6.6 KwH charging for the 2nd gen Volt? (Score 1) 229 229

I have read that the stock reply is that half the owners only use L1 charging; 120v. What about providing the option to the others who would prefer faster charging? Most pay chargers charge by time used which really makes the cost to charge a Volt not a good deal

Comment: Re:Are Brown Dwarfs Stars? (Score 4, Informative) 98 98

Your question about white dwarfs is spot-on though because those stars are pretty much what #49246567 describes. A star fuses enough hydrogen that the mass of its outer layers drops off, inner reactions then push that layer outward to form a red giant, the red giant sheds those outer layers, and a white dwarf is that hot, deuterium-rich star left behind. That star then cools and dims over time.

Not all stars that were large enough to do core hydrogen fusion become red giants. Most red dwarf stars won't because they are fully convective, meaning that they will fuse almost all of their hydrogen in the "core" and not have hydrogen fusion in the shell (and no red dwarf has enough mass to do helium fusion). When low mass red dwarf stars run out of gas they simply pass directly to the white dwarf stage (burnt out core)

Comment: Re:Are Brown Dwarfs Stars? (Score 2) 98 98

White dwarf and neutron stars are the remnants of stars that had core fusion during the main sequence.

Brown Dwarf stars never had core hydrogen fusion and thus are failed stars. The smallest thing you can truly call a star is a Red Dwarf because they at least have core hydrogen fusion.

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