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Comment: Simple, Obama doesn't WANT to stop it! (Score 1) 312

by WCMI92 (#46679837) Attached to: Why No Executive Order To Stop NSA Metadata Collection?

After all, it helped him steal the 2012 election and the dirt he gets on his political enemies makes it invaluable. If you want to run a dictatorship (and Obama's been governing LIKE one) you need "secret police" spying on your enemies.

Which is why he isn't going to stop it. His announcement was pure window dressing. Like everything else his bumbling Regime does, he wants to APPEAR to be against NSA spying for consumption by the Low Information Masses so that he doesn't get blamed for it, all the while his operatives dig deeper into our privacy.

Comment: Independend my foot (Score 2) 245

by WCMI92 (#46281501) Attached to: White House Responds To Net Neutrality Petition

The FCC is no more "independent" than the IRS.

Note the recent scheme the FCC was going to try, putting bureaucrats in the newsrooms of broadcasters to "study" the reporting of news. Which got quickly withdrawn soon as word got out.

That would have been putting a Regime "political officer" into newsrooms to threaten the LICENSES of broadcasters who don't "praise and worship" Pharaoh.

Comment: Re:Constitution ? What "constitution" ? (Score 0) 114

by WCMI92 (#44804627) Attached to: Yahoo and Facebook Join Google In FISC Petition After Government Talks Fail

heir subjugation of their subjects (aka, people like you and me) did not start yesterday. It started DECADES AGO, it's only now that they have gained so much power that they have become SO EMBOLDEN that they dare to publicly dis-regard the Constitution and everything that was stated inside the Constitution.

Who is to blame for it ? Them in Washington, D.C., or us, the voters who voted them in, every fucking four years, without fail ?

The biggest need we have right now if we want to remain a free people is NOT the formation of a third party, at this point we DO NOT EVEN HAVE A SECOND PARTY!

NEITHER party opposes the transformation of this Republic into a tyrannical Regime with unlimited power and authority. The DemocRAT party orgasms whenever the name OBAMA!!! is uttered. The Republican party is led by a bunch of RINOS who's only meaningful difference with the Democrats is that they will lead us to bankruptcy and slavery a couple weeks later.

Comment: Re:You know that things are bad... (Score 1) 114

by WCMI92 (#44804601) Attached to: Yahoo and Facebook Join Google In FISC Petition After Government Talks Fail

Biggest threat to Microsoft's business was their massive blunder with Windows 8, and the failure of Windows 8.1 to fix it in any meaningful way. So what if we get the "start" button back only to be taken back to the retarded touch interface of monochromatic tile bullshit where you can't find your applications!

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