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Comment: Re:Let it die (Score 1) 507

by JoeLinux (#46714677) Attached to: How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

What do you mean validity?

I am no moral relativist, and personally think that some cultures are seriously fucked up. However, I don't know what you mean by "validity".

It certainly exists. Are you saying it shouldn't (if so why) or that it has some fucked up aspects to it?

It's a support group, not a culture.

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by JoeLinux (#46709951) Attached to: How Cochlear Implants Are Being Blamed For Killing Deaf Culture

I dated a girl who was a "deaf studies" major. She even got her Masters at Galludet, and is a signer somewhere on the East Coast.

I really dodged a bullet when she broke up with me. I was seeing myself having to agree with her as to the validity of "Deaf Culture" to maintain peace in the house.

But, seeing as she stomped my heart flat, I can say this without fear of reprisal: It's a support group, not a culture. Once technology has advanced such that it is no longer an issue, it will fade. Take that, Carrie Coffey (nee Rogers)!

Comment: Eve did it first... (Score 1, Interesting) 197

by JoeLinux (#37687690) Attached to: <em>WoW</em> To Add Avenue For Real-Money Gold Buying

Eve online did it first, and paid a price for doing it incorrectly...they've since apologized and said they will roll it out right.

Meanwhile, WoW is hemorrhaging users...this can only further accelerate their departure, as people find a game with more meaning...Should provide some tasty n00bs to pod...


+ - Navigating a geek marriage...

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JoeLinux writes "I am soon to marry my true love (a girl! yes! they do exist!). She is a literary geek, whereas I am a gaming/linux geek. Being the RTFM-style geeks that we are, we have been reading up on marriage, making things work, etc. Unfortunately, all of the references seem to be based around an alpha-male jock, and a submissive cheerleader-style wife. A lot of the references to incompatibility in the books don't apply to us.(neglect due to interest in sports, etc.) What are some of the pitfalls and successes learned in the course of a more geek-oriented marriage?"

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by JoeLinux (#27677775) Attached to: <em>BioShock 2</em> Interviews and Early Looks

Seee...that's part of the suck-fest. In this one, you play a prototype Big Daddy (only done so they can explain how you can upgrade your gun/drill/use plasmids), who has to protect the little sisters from a little sister who grew up, returned to Rapture, and spliced herself into an ultra-agile big-daddy style suit (think "ninja" big-daddy).


Comment: I'm calling it now... (Score 3, Insightful) 105

by JoeLinux (#27676845) Attached to: <em>BioShock 2</em> Interviews and Early Looks

Bioshock 2 is not going to be as good a sequel as System Shock 2 was to System Shock.

Virtually no RPG elements, and a tired re-tread of Bioshock with vaguely new elements (I.E. taking the one "protect the little sister" element from the first one and repeat it several times in this game). It's going to be, at most, a "meh" experience.


+ - Meeting with a Digital Rights Management proponent

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JoeLinux writes "I just had what I thought was going to be a boring meeting with a friend of the family.

It turns out this person is a Senior VP in charge of Rights and Title Administration for Sony Pictures. (Translation: She is in charge of preventing piracy).

Over the course of a half hour, we had a conversation discussing the best way to combat online piracy. This person has obviously been seeing things from the point of view of the movie industry. (I.E. the movie industry exists on a 4-5% profit margin, Canada is to blame for most of the movie piracy, etc.)

They were surprised to learn about some of the indiscriminate lawyering practices of the RI- and MP-AA., but then quickly rallied with, "Well, if the ISPs have the logs, doesn't that prove they were downloading?" They also had no clue as to what DRM is, or its implications (I.E. they are not very geek-oriented).

While I could have argued with them for a good long time, the particulars of the evening did not allow for me to hash it out.

What I am asking for is a concise, non-trollish, "Joe Six-Pack-friendly" explanation of DRM, piracy, with plenty of numbers to back up the claims (No brown numbers please). This is our chance to educate someone in the upper ranks of Sony Pictures with our concerns regarding DRM, why we think its a bad idea, and, most importantly, propose an alternate solution.

Any geek references will have to be explained thoroughly. We are talking to someone of a more upper-management point of view. However, knowing their personally, this person does listen.

Once again, this is for someone who is willing to hear us out. Please do not troll, grief, etc."

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