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Comment Re: funny and sad (Score 1) 386

Yes, they do design the CPUs ...and I never said they didn't... from ARM block designs. They arrange the blocks, they design the connecting lattice between the blocks, and yes, they've designed a few non ARM-core blocks to reside on the same die for specific functions; those blocks are not ARM, though. They're application-specific processors like audio and video hardware CODECs and such; living on the same die as the ARM CPU makes them ARM blocks in the same way that living on the same die as the x86 CPU makes an Intel GPU and x86 block: it doesn't.

Comment Re:Back to the dongle days? (Score 1) 386

The battery in the portable charger you'll need to carry with you to recharge your iPhone when the DAC and amplified in your headphones kills its battery. You could still listen while you charged if you had a 3.5mm jack, but you'll have to unplug those headphones from the lightning connector in order to plug in that battery.

Comment Re: funny and sad (Score 1) 386

That's two components, at least one of which is based on licensed block designs from ARM, who could simply stop licensing them for future use and BAM, no more A series chips can be made. Go on thinking Apple invented everything in the iPhone, really, go ahead, don't let those pesky facts get in the way. Don't get me wrong, I've got a number of apple products and I do love them, but i don't bullshit myself about what Apple actually does as a company. The AC you replied to is absolutely correct.

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 386

Until it's "No-energy", meaning no power is required for any purpose other than driving the speakers to produce audio, and all of that power comes from the audio source, it's not fixing the problem stated in GP's post. As long as the limiting factor on my listening time is the size of the battery in my bluetooth headset, my bluetooth headset will always play second fiddle to my wired headphones. And I have a couple of really high-end bluetooth headsets that I really love but rarely use for that exact reason. They're great when wires are really a problem, like when laying down to sleep or working on a car, but they're not so great when using them means carrying twice as many battery-powered chargers, for example, on a two week hike.

Comment Re:Ads from yahoo has a bad rep. (Score 1) 326

You come off as an entitled dick with a huge case of unwarranted self importance.

Why? Because I realize that's not how things work and, as a result, avoid putting myself in situations where I might be liable for the misdeeds of others? You see, an entitled dick would go ahead and put himself in that position, then throw a bitch fit when things didn't go his way; again, I simply avoid the situation altogether rather than making unreasonable demands. My previous post is an example of such an unreasonable demand, with the explanation that I avoid putting myself in a position to make said demand by not using the service. Furthermore, an individual with a huge case of unwarranted self importance might be inclined to reply to a post on a public forum, somewhere like Slashdot for example, without reading the entire thing first; this often leads them to take what they have read entirely out of context and say something foolish, as you're done here. Your only saving grace, in that regard, is that you posted anonymously and didn't sign your message, while someone with aforementioned huge case of unwarranted self importance would do at least one of those things.

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