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Comment Re:Evidence from your post history as asked (Score 1) 227

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. BronsCon is a shortening of Bronstrup Consulting, the name of the business I operated when I created this accoung, Bronstrup being my real last name, Keith (and I've given you this at least 4 times now, Alexander) being my real first name. And, again, there is a huge difference between lying and being mistaken. Where are the ads on my site? Nowhere, there are none, I'm not making money on ads, and I'm not selling them either. And I'm clearly not fearing you, Alexander, but you go right no and think that. In reality, I'm laughing at you. Laughing hard.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT BronsCon (Score 1) 227

As I said in my reply to your other AC post, Alexander (and you can call me Keith, by the way, I feel we should be on a first name basis at this point and I've given you that information at least twice now), I was mistaken, I did not expand the thread fully to see that you had posted there. I was also not replying to you.

And you still have yet to prove that I have any ties to advertising. You won't, because you can't, because I don't. But go ahead and prove my "lie", Alexander.

Comment Re:Evidence from your post history as asked (Score 1) 227

There's always the AC I replied to, as well. Unless that was you attacking yourself, Alexander. But you're right in this case, you had posted in the thread before me; my mistake for not fully expanding the thread to see this. There is huge difference between lying and being mistaken and I was certainly the latter in this case and you certainly didn't bust my for anything. I still wasn't replying to, or attacking, you; I was making a joke. That you took it personally speaks volumes about you.

Comment Re:BULLSHIT BronsCon (Score 1) 227

No, BronsCon is not the name on my birth certificate, the Bronstrup (as visible in the email address just to the right of my username) is the last name on that piece of paper. As for you, APK? Hiding behind anonymity while calling me out for using a false name? BronsCon identifies me in many places on the internet, and I've given you (and the rest of the world) my full name in this very conversation and at least once in the past. As for the rest of your post, Alexander, I replied to it the first time you posted it, no need to repeat myself like you do.

Comment Re:Evidence from your post history as asked (Score 1) 227

Here's the thing: In your first link, APK... err... you didn't show up until I had posted, he... err... you most certainly were not "there first" as you claim. And you still have not shown me where I put words in your mouth. I did not get what I asked for, because you can not give it to me, because it does not exist. You go away no. Shoo. You've not only beaten yourself, but driven your failure into the ground. As for moderation, I have never moderated one of your posts, APK. Not once. By the time I see them, they're already -1, so why would I waste the points? As I've said in the past, you're right about ads and advertising practices; I've never disagreed with this. However, you and your approach to social interaction are toxic and that makes everything you touch toxic by association. Your hosts file engine is not the massive accomplishment you claim it is, it is built on the POSIX implementation of the hosts file, which you had no part in, and simply compiles lists that many other people have worked hard to assemble, something else you had no part in. I could write it in a few hours; less competent developers could do it in a day or so. Get over yourself and quit seeking me out to reply to me, it's a waste of your time.

Comment Re:Opinions vary among /.'ers (quoted)... apk (Score 1) 227

What fake name? And if the name I gave is fake, what is my real name? You can find my birth certificate held with the City of Cleveland - Division of Vital Statistics. As for how badly I "fried" myself, well, I'm glad you linked back to your own post rather than posting it again, as I address those claims in response to that post.

I didn't start crap, APK, you came looking for crap. The truth I am pointing out is backed by my posting history, there for all to see. Your bullshit, however, is masked by your anonymous posting; but we all know you're APK, nobody in their right mind would defend your behavior, even if they agree (as I do) with you that the hosts file is actually a useful tool. You remain toxic and so does anything you touch.

Comment Re:Evidence from your post history as asked (Score 1) 227

What stops me is, as I said:

I see the value in AC posts

Sorry, APK, I'm not going to throw out useful contributors just because you insist on advertising your "ad blocker".

Further, your first example of an attack was a joke, not an attack. If you took that personally, APK, that's on you; you clearly went looking for it, as I didn't seek you out to say it. Unlike you, who often seeks me out to reply to me directly, in an attempt to start shit. Your second example was simply you responding to me asking what words I put in your mouth be again claiming that I put words in your mouth; you never did demonstrate me actually having done so. In fact, you put words in my mouth in that reply.

So, then...

Comment Re:Opinions vary among /.'ers (quoted)... apk (Score 1) 227

On the off chance that you're not actually APK...

When and where do I ever admit to starting with APK? Show me. Link to the post, it's gotta be that simple if it ever actually happened.

As for how obvious it is that I'm in bed with advertisers, provide sources for this? Keith Bronstrup. Look me up. Find the association between me and advertisers, go ahead. Post all the details, go for it, it should be easy since it's so obvious.

HINT: You'll find it impossible to legitimately post such information, because no such association exists. The only way to make it easy on yourself is to make shit up, which you're clearly good at.

You see, some of us don't hide behind anonymity because some of us have nothing to hide. You, on the other hand, refuse to show yourself for what you truly are: a spammer and a troll. I feed you because it's entertaining and I've got plenty of karma to burn.

Comment Re:Opinions vary among /.'ers (quoted)... apk (Score 1) 227

Because I moderate, I browse at -1 in order to look for abuses, so I ca counter them. This is even Slashdot's suggested way to browse when modersting. To add to it, I see the value in AC posts, just not in APK's ads.

Care to quote where I ever claimed to have attacked APK in any way? My posting history is visible the the entire world, should be easy, right?

The real question is why I keep referring to you in the 3rd person as though I don't know I'm replying to you, APK. You toxic bastard.

Comment Re:Opinions vary among /.'ers (quoted)... apk (Score 1) 227

Who do I really represent, then? I'll answer for you, since you're too full of shit to answer for yourself: I represent myself as an end-user. Period. My real name and identity are attached to this account for public view, you can see who I am and what my affiliations are, so I suggest you take a look for yourself and stop talking out of your ass; everyone else can see the truth, as well, so your bullshit just becomes stinkingly obvious to the world when you try to shovel it toward me.

I don't like APK's posts about his program because he has made several personal attacks against me, continuously spams multiple-page ads into forums I participate in (yeah, that's what someone who doesn't want to see ads wants to see... really?) and just generally seems to be somewhat of an entitled and egotistical dick. I don't like his posts because they're precisely the kind of shit I use an ad blocker to avoid seeing. They're ads.

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