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Comment Re:US didn't defeat Germany (Score 1) 320

Erm. Everybody. Just that the Russians were the ones to send in underequipped soldiers en mass to overwhelm the enemy with numbers irrespective of casualties, killed a lot of their own people through purges and punishments, and were treated worse by the Germans once captured.

As a political force of will it was impressive. I'm not sure it was right, and it sure as fuck doesn't mean that nobody else was fighting Germany at the time.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 320

Are you a total fuckwit? It'd take me five minutes to fucking find the number for the US embassy, let alone call it, get through to someone that I could talk to about military operations and tell them what was happening.

Now they've got to engage with the entire chain of command to understand who is pursuing those actions, and pass on that message.

30 minutes is not long at all. If you don't believe me, fucking try it.

Comment Re:Airstrikes on population centers (Score 1) 320

30 minutes isn't a very long time. Determining the chain of command, contact details and making contact is a sizeable task, confirming the validity of the information, authorisation of the change in order and relay of those orders to the forces involved?

I'd say 30 minutes is pretty decent. Shit, it took twice that long just to contact military officials in Washington.

Comment Re:The information actually stolen is far worse... (Score 1) 157

The bank the hospital used sold the debt to a collection agency (well, more than one, actually) who wouldn't even take a death certificate as proof that she wasn't him.

Why bother to prove it to them? You've told them, they ignored you, what are they going to do next? Absolutely nothing unless they want suing into oblivion.

Comment Re:Passport numbers?!?!? (Score 1) 157

from what I understand in one day you can drive and cross 2 or more country borders

In one step I've left one country, crossed another and ended up in a third.

But there are plenty of places in Europe where the quickest route from country A to B is via C, some countries so small that it takes a bad traffic jam to stop you crossing lengthways in a morning and generally it's pretty common to visit neighbouring countries on holiday, or even to go shopping or to visit friends.

Comment Re:Can steam, EA, ubisoft , etc black list you (Score 1) 72

A charge-back occurs when a charge is unauthorized.

It's also the mechanism when you disagree with the store about getting a refund.

Last time I asked for a chargeback I'd tried to buy something online and the website used Paypal. Paypal charged my card but refused to pass my funds on to the vendor until I'd opened a Paypal account. I told them that wasn't happening, and to complete the transaction. They refused. I told them to refund my money and they refused.

So I knew who had my cash, I had been in contact with them, and my credit card company were very happy to comply with my request for a chargeback.

Comment Re: Can steam, EA, ubisoft , etc black list you (Score 1) 72

"May I please return this game and have a refund" which you're doing leaves Steam in control of the process and is acceptable to them.

"Hi, is that my credit card company? Please reverse this charge on my card" is a chargeback and results in additional costs to Steam, and also damages their relationship with their card acquirer - if it happens too frequently they could even be refused the ability to take card payments.

As a consumer both are valid options, but the latter should always be an approach of last resort. Steam have historically been very negative towards people initiating chargebacks, although this new consumer protection legislation means they'll probably get very few from the UK.

On the flipside, I suspect our game prices will rise to cover the additional overheads. Maybe I should get my friend in Ireland to start buying me gifts.

Comment Re:Just makes them look even more guilty (Score 1) 319

They are if VW patch the engines to meet the emissions standards all of the time - loss of power and fuel economy.

They are if VW don't patch the engines to meet the emissions standards, and they're forced to take the car off the road.

They are if VW don't patch the engines to meet the emissions standards and their tax goes up (e.g. in the UK).

Plenty of ways the people that bought the cars can lose out directly, let alone the obvious health implications and loss of resale value.

Comment Re:DO NOT WANT (Score 1) 52

How's the weather in 2008?
A decent gaming PC (read: as good or better graphics/framerate vs. consoles) w/ HDMI output on a midrange graphics card is $500 now.

£445 and I haven't added a fucking graphics card yet.
Or just pay £270 for the Xbox One.

I greatly prefer PC games and don't own a console, but do try and have some fucking balance in your response to someone that's looking for useful guidance.

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