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Comment: Re:As a Finn (Score 1) 212

The English, Welsh and Irish MPs had already absolved themselves of any and all authority of Scottish tuition fees, so lets fucking quibble.

Thank fuck the SNP are only a minority party in the UK parliament, they'll be doing their utmost to fuck over the people living in England (which includes a lot of Scots) with the comfortable knowledge that this is not a reciprocal relationship.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 212

The recent UK national election demonstrates pretty impressively that the people of the UK are financially astute enough not to vote emotively for something that's going to destroy the economy (and thus the social fabric it sustains).

The current Conservative majority isn't because people like their social policies, it's because they're the only party people trusted with the economy.

(The lack of Conservative MPs in Scotland is due to very different factors - I'll take a bet that the SNP wont get half the votes in the Scottish parliament elections next year, let alone 95% of the seats.)

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 212

The amount of my money subsiding the EU gravy train is working against me. My health services being overloaded due to EU migrants is working against me. The rapid drive towards reducing the sovereignty of member states continues to reduce my ability to influence the direction of the country in which I live.

The whole "Make Ireland hold a second referendum" on the Lisbon Treaty shows you how utterly undemocratic the whole process is. Shit, the rest of us didn't even get a referendum.

Ironically the biggest cock-up of the EU hasn't hurt the UK, because even Gorden Fuckface Brown wasn't stupid enough to join the Euro. Lucky escape there.

Comment: Re:Yes to Brexit (Score 1) 212

Most rational people recognize Britain should be part of the EU.

Really? The EU is heading towards political union and a single superstate.

Most rational people recognise that over the long term Britain is either Britain OR the EU. It can't be both.

I'm rational, I think strong trading links are excellent and political assimilation is stupid. Fuck the EU.

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