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Comment Re:Heh (Score 0, Flamebait) 461

Curious. You seem to be racist and sexist.

You're bitching about white males, despite them being only a small proportion of the workforce in the US.

Shit, even in our Texas office they're not the majority. I guess that reflects the ethnic make-up of the local population though.

Guess who doesn't fit at work? Racist bigoted cunts like you.

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 614

Folks who would hold the shroud to be proof of Christ's resurrection would likely hold to a literal reading of the 10 commandments too, so worshiping the image on the shroud would be inconsistent with their profession.

That makes sense. They'd be betraying their own lies to themselves.

Oh, you want to have a philosophical argument about the existence of God... Sorry, I'm not sure you have even a basic command of the facts given your wording, and there is a saying about "Not casting your pearls before swine" that comes to mind...

You appear to be a bit short on the pearl front. Meanwhile, I guess I'm a cannibal. Gammon is GOOD.

Comment Re:Cue terrorist bombings/shootings (Score 1) 614

I suggest you read something other than propaganda before exposing your own ignorance further.

I don't give a flying fuck whether Jesus existed or not. I just wish people would stop brainwashing small children, making immortal threats and using violence to impose their beliefs on others.

How about that?

Comment Re:Cue terrorist bombings/shootings (Score 1) 614

Really? I have to argue the points you want to argue about, and not rank stupidity of your position?

- Virgin birth. For fucks sake that means nothing. It's pathetically easy to impregnate a virgin. Shit, one hand shandy or a bit of suck with no swallow and the means are readily available. Of course, we're assuming that she was actually a virgin at all.
- Death. Yeah, people die. Get over it.
- Resurrection. Yeah, people historically were quite bad at telling whether someone was dead or not. This is why bells were put onto coffins. Did some bloke die, wake up from his coma and lever the rock away from his tomb, walk outside and go 'fuck me it's bright here?' Probably.

Of course, we're also already ignoring the other stories of the time which contradict the currently recognised bible, we're ignoring the big rewrite that happened a few hundred years later and we're assuming that any of it is fucking true in the first place.

That's a lot of assumption. It's easier and more reliable to assume you're an idiot.

Comment Re:I wouldn't even ask for read access (Score 1) 198

Well, for his situation, I think he needs it.

For his situation he needs to absolutely avoid it. Otherwise he ends up doing his old job, not the new one.

the currently architected system held together with bale wire and duct tape, and a staff that's resistant to change

Welcome to every IT department on the planet. Get used to it. Learn how to work through it and deliver successful change anyway.

information being incomplete or inaccurate, and the only recourse is to blame other people

Of course the information is incomplete AND inaccurate. You know that's the case, even if you just logged onto the box and checked it yourself.

Deal with it. Certainty takes too long, costs too much and still results in space shuttles exploding. So stop playing blame games and focus on constructive activities, make sensible assumptions, get them validated, give people options and get the fuck on with it.

Perfect information doesn't exist in IT. Perfect architecture isn't going to happen. Balance cost, time, risk, quality and capabilities and get shit done.

It's fun. People will support you. You'll get an amazing amount done.

Comment Re:No.. (Score 1) 198

In the end your new role will involve a crap ton of meetings and moving boxes into other boxes for powerpoints.

Exactly. Enterprise Architects are not technical people. They're people people.

It's all people and politics; technology's the easy bit.

Any architecture role is 30-40% people, 60-70% technical. As you progress through the architecture roles that balance inverts, and a well functioning EA is primarily dealing with people, with politics, with budgets.

It's still problem solving. It's still fun. It just isn't logging on to servers.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Group! (Score 1) 198

erm. I can not log onto 60,000 VMs across 15000 servers, and that's just four of our data centres.

I don't want to. I don't even give a shit how they're configured.

I'm far more interested in whether they're meeting the needs of the business, the customers, the employees. I'm more interested in whether we have the right tools, processes and skills to take the business where senior management want it to go. I'm far more interested in assuring that the limited funds and resources are optimally invested to best deliver outcomes.

I can ask any fuckwit to log onto a server, stop wasting my time.

"The hottest places in Hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, preserved their neutrality." -- Dante