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Comment: Re:Are you saying that criminals don't exist? (Score 1) 112

by ClickOnThis (#49755269) Attached to: 'Prisonized' Neighborhoods Make Recidivism More Likely

Well for one thing, the population of Denmark is 89.6% Danish. Finland is effectively ethnically homogeneous as well.

Homogeneity breeds better understanding and better community outcomes. Less fear of the other, more ability to emphasize with your neighbor who happened to get in trouble.

In other words, nothing like the United States. Make no mistake, immigration and diversity have good effects, but it has some pretty breathtaking challenges as well.

Other countries have ethnically diverse populations and yet have fewer problems that the USA. Their northern neighbor Canada comes to mind as an example.

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 769

Instead of addressing any of my previous points, he asked a bunch of questions, Fox News-style. "Why won't Barack Obama show his birth certificate?" or, "Is Hilary Clinton a lesbian? You decide!"


I think the word you're looking for is innuendo.

Fox News is not the only practitioner. There are many others, including most notably, Glenn Beck.

Comment: Re:Men's Rights morons (Score 1) 769

In California, the police can only arrest the "dominant" (physically stronger) partner, regardless of who was the initiator or the aggressor. So a woman can attack her husband, and he goes to jail.

[Obligatory]: Citation please?

I mean seriously, this fails the sniff test.

If all else fails, lower your standards.