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Comment Re:Sorry Assholes (Score 1) 435

You've still got fake download buttons, despite Google announcing that such sites will start getting actively blocked by Chrome.

You're getting paid to try to trick people into installing questionable software. Whether it's through "bundled" installers, fake download buttons, or anything else, it's too scummy to be associated with someone else's work.

Want to stop being treated like scum? Try honesty, rather than trying to screw and defraud your users.

Comment Re:Nope, never saw it till now &... apk (Score 1) 150

my persona can be as nice as the next person's UNTIL I am attacked

And this is why I was trying to point out that my initial comment, months ago, was indeed a joke and not a directed attack. Ya gotta admit, ya jumped in pretty heavy at the onset.

We good?

Cruzan is good stuff, definitely one of my choice rums when I go that route. Getting any "spendier" than that is just for show. My gin of preference is Citadelle; I bought a bottle of Tanqueray #10 at 4x the cost per ounce one night when I wanted to indulge and it's ended up being a show piece, certainly not best of breed.

I miss the winter weather, but I certainly don't miss being able to wear sandals year-round. I envy your snow right now, though.

Comment Re:"Tirade" was a direct response to your words (Score 1) 150

I've complimented your work in the past, as a matter of fact. I'm sorry if you did not see it. It's not the application that's the problem, but the personality attached to it. If you read my posts on other topics, not related to you, you'll find that I'm quite often the reasonable one in the room. That leads me to wonder if that's really any different here.

Hopefully it wasn't me who drove you to that drink. I'm more of a gin man, myself, but I do enjoy a good rum; might I ask what you're poring tonight?

Comment Re:It's also going to be a HELL of a lot better so (Score -1) 150

Yes, that tirade was so on-topic with the discussion we were having. Good job.

Heijelsberg was paraphrasing Newton, by the way, and I was first to mention the phrase in this conversation. Cure, though, how you bring it up as though it's your contribution to the discussion.

I really do hope you go back and read my posts in this discussion again. You might find that I was giving firm but constructive criticism, at least at the start. It did devolve from there, once you started trying to, and I paraphrase, "hand me my own ass on a platter".

Comment Re:You do need to grow up - you came in here... (Score -1) 150

I didn't even think you EXISTED around here anymore to be honest & not for years... not until you showed up starting your shit again

Our first interaction was months ago. How cold you think I've been gone for years? Here's a hint: someone here is delusional and it's not me.

As for having better things to do, well, I suppose my money's not gonna count itself, so I could go do that. That gets monotonous after a while, though.

Comment Re:Well, it's MY code doing it, highly endorsed (Score -1) 150

I've never tried to belittle your work, I've flat out said it's good; I was merely pointing out that it also builds upon the work of others. That in no way takes away from the work you have done. What I have, however, done is to point out that you and your behavior patterns (for example, the way you lash out at people over a joke) are toxic, and that reflects on your work. Take the advice and, as you once told me, quit putting words in my mouth.

Comment Re:WoW - you really ARE a piece of work... apk (Score -1) 150

You're the only troll I see here. If you really look at my post history, and not just my posts to you, you'll see that I participate in discussions well above a trolling capacity, much unlike yourself, Alexnder. And yes, claiming that you can't show any code because it's all under NDA would certainly be a troll maneuver. However, that is not what I did; I prefaced the fact (oft stated before today) that I do have other code out there in the wild with the fact that I also have code protected by NDA. See the difference?

I wonder, if you calmed down a bit and went back to read through my posts again, if you'd find that you simply misunderstood a good portion of what I've written and that there is, in fact, no reason for you to be lashing out at me like this over a joke I posted months ago.

But yeah, I'm the one who needs to grow up.

Comment Re:Open SORES stuff, perhaps? LOL! (Score -1) 150

bite off others' work calling it "your own"

Like the POSIX hosts file functionality and the many lists others work hard to create, that your application merely combines and saves to disk in the proper location? You're certainly not biting off anyone else's work there. The shoulders of giants, friend; we all stand on them.

You keep bringing up my NDA code, ignoring all of the code I have out there in public view, not under NDA at all. Willful ignorance, that's what you're about. A willfully ignorant troll, Aleander, that's what you keep proving yourself to be.

Comment Re:LMAO - What about your "NDA"? (Score -1) 150

You've never written code that was protected by an NDA? Nowhere did I say all of my code was under NDA, in fact my exact words were "most of my code is written under NDA", followed shortly by "That said, you also didn't look to hard". That is to say, I have code out there, in public view. At least make minimal effort to vet your own words before you say them.

As for trolling, well, I'm going to keep feeding your troll posts because A: I find it entertaining and B: the time you spend replying to me is time you're not spending annoying someone else who might not find it as amusing.

Thanks for the free entertainment, buddy.

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