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Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 1) 389

Just 'cause you're paranoid doesn't mean that they ain't out to get you.

But seriously. If I had to sell a product that was potentially harmful, the first thing I'd do as soon as stories about the harm it can do start to surface is to launch a flood of even more outlandish claims (like smart meters burning your house or killing your pets) to make the original, correct, claims look like yet another batch of crazy loonies having a field day.

It's basically misinformation 101.

Comment Re:not good enough (Score 2) 389

Even if you didn't use IE, it was always there and ready to be used by people who wanted into your PC.

Just 'cause YOU don't use it doesn't mean it cannot be used. IE was one of the key entry points for malware throughout its existence. Whether you used it or not was secondary, what mattered was that any attacker could rely on it being there.

Comment Re:/facepalm (Score 0) 389

This is getting out of hand. Every day I see one of these privacy articles and they all say basically the same thing.

It's reminding me of the Hysteria with Smart Meters. I just got one last week and searching about them online I found tons of sites telling me how it's going to give me Cancer, Hack my Router, Kill my Plants, Keep me up at night and Burn my house down.

I guess I'll have to make another story counter like the one I had to make for the Firefox .NET Plugin but i'm afraid i'll have 30 articles in it by the end of this month at this rate.

Comment Re:What does Science have to say about this? (Score 1) 570

Telus does something similar in the larger cities up here. They put in a new cell tower, but leave it powered off/disconnected. Wait a couple of months for the lawsuits and complaints to start pouring in, then reveal that nothing is running yet. All the complaints stop and lawsuits are thrown out. A little while after that, they turn the cell tower on, without telling anyone. Seems to have cut down on the amount of time wasted in the court system for them. :)

Comment Re:That's all that consumer-oriented businesses do (Score 1) 246

Altruism was certainly not the motivator for Ford. He knew he needed a demand for his goods, and that demand needed money to back it up. Something that's sorely missing in today's business world.

And the sad fact is that free markets do not work perfectly fine. If left unchecked what we'd end up with would be products that can barely fulfill the desired function with contracts that shift any and all risk to the consumer side, abusing the lack of information on this end. In the end, after enough people died, we would probably end up with a rather luddite society that shuns everything new because, well, look how much good it did to uncle Fred.

Comment Modded FUNNY?! (Score 1) 177

Why did people mod you funny? Do they all know something about you that I don't? I could have written that myself, and I would've been sociopathically dead serious. All human social hierarchies suck, and the reason they suck, the sole reason, is because sociopaths always wind up in charge of them. If we had a prenatal test for sociopathy or a gene therapy cure, I'd be advocating eugenics like there was no tomorrow!

Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature. -- Rich Kulawiec