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Submission + - IEEE launches anti-malware services to improve security

Aryeh Goretsky writes: The IEEE Standards Assocation has launched an Anti-Malware Support Service (AMSS) to help the computer security industry respond more quickly to malware.

The first two services available are a Clean file Metadata Exchange [PDF], to help prevent false positives in anti-malware software, and a Taggant System [PDF] to help prevent software packers from being abused.

Official announcement is here.

Submission + - Worlds biggest library system wants website advise (

pulitzer writes: The Toronto Public Library (the worlds largest library system) is redesigning its website and wants your ideas and opinions. This is our opportunity to ask for RSS feeds, RESTful API's, social networking features, etc. Libraries and librarians can be a conservative bunch when it comes to technology, they've been using the same one for centuries, the book, and now they need a bit of a push into the 21st century . The library as a place can be the center of a community and a place for information sharing and communal learning, we need to let the Toronto Public Library that the library web site can serve the same functions. Even if your not a Toronto resident this is important as just like most profession libraries and librarians share information and experiences and TPL as the largest of library systems has quite a voice in the community. So come on Slashdot lets give them a piece of our mind and tell them what we'd like to see. The survey is very short with ample opportunity to add fee text info.

Submission + - What is the best ebookstore and ebookreader?

kai6novice writes: I am a newly graduated computer science student. I am looking for some computer ebooks to read when I have free time. I want to ask slashdot reader, where is the best computer ebook store? (that have a large selection of computer ebook, and sell them in pdf format). What is the best ebook reader? Amazon kindle? 7'- 10' UMPC? 12' tablet PC? Sony ebook reader? I would like to find something that has a long battery life. So that I only need to recharge them 1 time every 2 weeks or 1.5 weeks.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Would open sourcing the OS/2 code benfit OSS? (

Jose R Rodriguez writes: "The OS/2 World Foundation is sponsoring a second request to IBM for the latter to consider open sourcing the OS/2 source code. The December 2007 signature list petitioning IBM to open source (at the very least) the unencumbered OS/2 source code is expected to surpass the 11,000+ signatures of the past 2006 petition. CIO's editor Esther Schindler has elaborated on the potential issues that IBM might come against in considering seriously that request. Do Slashdot think, as I Jose R Rodriguez from Metztli IT do, that open sourcing the OS/2 code might enrich any of the many current open source projects, including the successful creation and/or advancement of a hybrid components operating system project code named Voyager?"

Submission + - Holiday software for kids?

n1_111 writes: "I bought my 8 year old boy a laptop for Holidays. He is also going to be sharring it with a 5 year old girl. Looking for recommendations on software that is both fun and educational, preferably open-source, and that runs on Vista, yes Vista. Thanks everyone."

Submission + - How do you handle abuse ?

Hafnia writes: I have an older machine running Debian to serve my Squeezebox and FTP. It's open to the internet for ssh and ftp. I don't really care or worry about it, but every once in a while i check the authlog and every time it's crowded with failed attempts to get in ! What do you do? Ignore it ? Report it ? Attack it ? And what should i do ? I'm fairly competent with computers , but not a pro sysadmin. Does it make sense at all to report it ?

Submission + - Difference between System/Network Administrator 1

sr8outtalotech writes: I earn my living as a Systems Administrator. Recently, I submitted my resume to several jobsites; Monster, Dice, Careerbuilder and Hotjobs to see what was out there. What I find appalling is the overwhelming ignorance of most so called technical recruiters. I've dealt with over 25 recruiters so far and I don't think a single one could tell me the difference between a systems administrator and a network administrator. How does the slashdot community see the difference between a network and systems administrator? In my own opinion a network administrator works with Layers 1-3 of the OSI Model and a system administrator works with Layers 4-7 with some Layer 3/4 overlap in both positions. How do you deal with recruiters and human resources people that don't know the difference? Educate them? Politely ignore them? Tell them to stop wasting your time?

What's the Best Way to Recycle Old Tech in the US? 255

Tim Danhamn writes ", a green-focused Web site, has put up an article about the best way to recycle your old tech, including local recycling centers and reusing old technology in other ways. I'm about to upgrade to a new PC and I have a lot of old radios, MP3 players and other electronic goods lying around the house. The article though is mostly about solutions in the UK, so I want to know - what is the best way to recycle old tech in the US?"

Submission + - WellsFargo using js from to log on

AllBut6 writes: I attempted to log in to my Wells Fargo online account last night and the initial page displayed a field for my username, but no field to enter my password. After calls to Online Services I discovered that
1. They were sourcing javascript from servers at
2. I was only allowing javascript from WellsFargo only. (I block others with the noscript plugin).

Does anyone else think that Wells Fargo should be hosting all the components on their own site. Especially code related to collecting user signon information?

Submission + - Locking your workstation ( 1

Z80xxc! writes: I was recently reading a Coding Horror post about locking your workstation. It mentions playing tricks on users who neglect to lock their computers when they leave. As someone who always locks their workstation, I was wondering what others here think about this — do you lock your workstations? Do you force users of your systems to lock theirs? And, most importantly, what kinds of pranks do you pull to give them that little reminder to lock up?

Submission + - Blacklist cowboys ride again

adaviel writes: "We have been having trouble with an anti-spam vendor of the genus Sphyraena. They say they are "an unsung hero of open source" but their reputation list RBL is anything but.

While SpamHaus and NJABL give a reason for listing, and often show spam samples, this piscine provider does not. And while CBL (which we use) offers immediate delisting, our fishy foe takes "2 business days".

It's not the RBL I'm complaining about — our filter chain is very similar to theirs, with spamtraps, rejection and blacklists. It's the secrecy. If you hit our spamtraps, the DNS entry tells you and you can delist in real time, or call us and we'll help. But with no information from these guys beyond a vague "we saw you spam", we can only guess. Is a user account forwarded to a spamtrap ? Is a mailing list recipient flagging newsletters as spam instead of unsubscribing ? Who knows ? They may have good evidence, but if they won't show it to us, they are acting like cowboys.

So, the questions (as this is ask/.)
  • Have others had a bad experience trying to get off a commercial blacklist ?
  • Do you think it reasonable to use a secret blacklist with 2-day-if-we-like-you delisting for up-front total rejection of all mail ?

Submission + - Managing users on a complex UNIX enviroment?

strutter79 writes: Hello, i work for Antel , a telecommunications company here in Uruguay that has several servers (+100) between physical and virtual (using VMware ESX or Server) with different Unix flavours (Sun Solaris, AIX, Redhat and Suse Linux, etc..). Nowadays the administration of users has become a pain in the A** for obvious reasons, changing passwords, adding new users or groups, modifying existing ones. I'm looking for advice from other sysadmins of what can be done to make this mess something easier to manage.Does anyone with experience with this kind of problems wiilling to give his/her 0.02 cents? Any advice in using a centralized solution for managing users with LDAP, NIS or whatever it fits? Ideas?

Submission + - Simple improvements to simple Bayes classifiers? 1

wjwlsn writes: I have a need to classify thousands of problem reports a month, using a list of just over 100 different symptom codes. (Consistency is very important in this, which is why we don't just have people just choose a code when they enter a problem report... consistency has always taken a hit when we tried that.) Since I hate actual work, I decided to try writing a program to do a lot of this for me. I'm not a Comp. Sci. person, or even a programmer, but I can do light programming and have some basic knowledge of algorithms. So, using this excellent intuitive description of Bayesian reasoning, I wrote a fairly simple program that has been surprisingly effective. An average accuracy approaching 70% has increased my slack time at work by a factor of 3 or 4. Always on a quest to increase my slack, I'm now seeking recommendations on simple improvements to simple Bayes. I've looked at papers on boosting, augmentation using trees, weighting factors for different document sections, etc. I don't have the energy to try all these, nor am I even sure I know how to implement them effectively, so I'm looking for some help. What are some simple ways to improve the performance of simple Bayesian text classifiers? (I'm experimenting with rejection of outliers from training data-sets, but don't know if that will pan out.) What would Slashdot do?

Submission + - How to Combat Infected Boxes? 1

bendodge writes: "As a Slashdot reader, I've been dismayed by the recent progress of the Storm Worm botnet. I'm not a security expert and can't write virus definitions or anything like that, but I've wondered what "ordinary" geeks like me can do to help combat botnets.

We all get plenty of spam, so is there an efficient way to tell the machine owner (probably a non-technical home user) that he is infected, or notify his ISP? It seem like there ought to be a centralized "grassroots" effort to help clean infections and slow the rise of botnets. What can people like me do to help warn owners of zombie boxes?"

Submission + - How Do I Secure Windows XP for my Mom?

cant_get_a_good_nick writes: As the family tech geek, everyone asks me how to get rid of viruses. As I explain malware and the difference between the infection vectors of worms, trojans, and viruses, their eyes (understandably) glaze over. And I can't even tell them what's the best freeware anti-virus + anti-spyware + anti-malware-of-the-day for Windows (I'm a Linux geek myself). I moved my sister from a public IP to a private IP, and saw her eyes wander the room when I tried to explain why it's better for her.

Faced with the choices of getting a family that just understands tech (not gonna happen) getting them to move off Windows (not gonna happen) or letting them get infected (I don't want to happen), what are the best resources for getting a Windows machine relatively safe, and keeping it so? The more i look at this, the more I need to explain malware, DHCP, firewalls, rootkit, Windows update (but avoid WGA), the more I hear them ask for a magic bullet to make it all go away. How can I make Windows security as simple as possible?

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