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Comment stars (Score 1) 86

Probably massively distorted by stars who accept all friend requests and serve as hubs.

Basically, when you make such a rule, you should have some kind of minimum standard for what qualifies as a "connection". If you bring it down to FB standards, which basically is "I once saw you from afar on the street", the distance is minimal. In real-world terms, if you actually would use "once saw you on the street", I'm fairly sure even for large cities the average would be something like 1.8

Comment Re:Sick (Score 1) 34

I have friends who get nauseous simply from the head bobbing in minecraft.

There are a lot of people who get nauseous from VR.
There are a lot of people who get headaches from VR.

It's still a very real thing

Unless you are a person that gets sick from VR or have formally studied it, I don't think you can speak to that with even as a good a basis in reality as the parent poster.

Comment Re:So much bull, so little space... (Score 1) 343

Well now, that was a very interesting link you sent to me. If I had not seen that the link was for the RESULTS of the 2014 Senate race, I would have been convinced. But as it is, your link simply demonstrates total ignorance, rather than any of my predictions being wrong.

The information I gave was taken from the following page:

Please note that it is for the year 2016, not 2014

Comment Re:That guy looks and sounds like a pompous ass (Score 1) 70

Also, he awards bonus points for proofs of hardness. No one has managed to prove hardness for any existing block cipher. Block ciphers are simply ways to jumble the plaintext up in a reversible fashion. They are not based on difficult mathematical problems.

Proving hardness is something you do for asymmetrical ciphers, but asymmetrical ciphers are way too slow to be useful for actual messages.

Comment Re:Don't take out on the human callers (Score 1) 242

The people who end up in these jobs generally need them.

They are just trying to make a living.

Actual robocalls on the other hand...

The goal isn't to "take it out" on the human caller. The goal is to make it unprofitable for the telemarketing company to continue. Most of my "telemarketing" calls these days tend to be complete scams too in which case when they are trying to install a virus on your computer and/or steal your money then they deserve it but even if they are an honest employee working for an honest telemarketing company (assuming that exists), the only way to reduce the amount of calls is to make it unprofitable which is what a system like this is designed to do.

Comment Re:Kickstarter (Score 2) 242

Right, because there's totally no way you could record your own phrases.

Before anyone gets carried away by how fucking brilliant I am, I'd considered building a telemarketer tormentor using Astrerix. It never got past the beermat stage, but we thought of that problem and solved it before we'd even finished the first beer.

I saw this on kickstarter and considered supporting it until I saw that it was a subscription service. I have zero interest in a subscription service. Now if it was a consumer device for $50 (or an android/iphone app) then I would consider it especially if it allowed some customization and/or had randomization.

Submission + - Real Superbowl vs fictional Dystopia? (

gurps_npc writes: io9 has a great little quiz asking if you can tell the difference between Super Bowl 50 and a fictional Dystopia. I failed miserably, as I am the typical nerd more interested in the advertisements than the game. Or maybe the world has become a dystopian nightmare?

Comment Re:Deny ALL Cookies (Score 1) 404

> Yes, I know you can put a god damn session id in the URL query string, but that's annoying, unreliable, and insecure. IF someone navigates your website for a bit, puts some stuff in the shopping cart, then just goes back to your homepage by stripping everything but the domain name off the URL...TADA!!! You've lost their session!!! Or if they jump to a different part of your website via a bookmark from a previous session...TADA!!!! You've lost their session. Or if they copy their URL and pass it to someone else/post it on a forum...TADA!!!! Someone else is now using their session (yes, you can "solve" that issue by linking the session by a secondary authentication variable like IP, but then you run the risk of having your website broken for anyone that moves between IP addresses).

It will be like experiencing 1997's web all over again!

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