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Comment Re:Perhaps... (Score 1) 352

Why would you share that link ? The point is YOU wanted a personalized experience. If am going to have to see ads, and on a lot of sites I accept that fact, I'd just as soon see ads in which I might be the slightest bit interested. I am for sure not interested in seeing ads for feminine products or other such items like I do know following my GF's use of my computer. I can honestly say I have never clicked through an ad in my lifetime, but I HAVE seen things which have compelled me to go to a site and check something out.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 124

If you'll read I did NOT call you an asshole, or any other sort of a name, but some resident troll certainly did. I merely stated that if you bothered my watching the movie I'd not argue but ask the theatre staff to deal with you. Personally I don't see a problem if you wanted play cards as long as it didn't distract me from the movie. As for life assistance I don't recall giving any of that either, I am hardly they proper source for that, it would be like the kettle trying to remake the pot. As for Linux distros I use a BSD as a firewall and a Ubuntu for a media server but my regular laptop I use windows 7 for directX games. I have not been all that happy with the Ubuntu though, so in the spirit of your post I'll ask you what distro YOU use. Note : I am too lazy to deal with constantly changing wine. Now onto boats, the only thing I know is they are VERY expensive to maintain, as is consistently said, a boat is a hole in the water in which to throw money. PS I think at that length it is not a boat but a ship. All said and done cheers and have a good day :)

Comment Re:This is why you call your bank before tourism (Score 2) 345

BofA's viper system is really bad. I called both the bank and cardholder services, as well as opened a Lloyd's of London account and still encountered several refusals, having to call and confirm the note that I had already left with specific itinerary. I just started using my Amex and had no issues from that point on. What is the saddest is that after having returned home BofA refused a local charge because the previous charges had been in GB. They were quick to correct the issues when I did contact them though, and getting ahold of a customer service rep was fast and easy.

Comment Re:Fun Movie, Not Future Reality (Score 1) 124

LOL no, if I find you do interfere I'd just complain to the theatre folks and they will throw you out, the same way they do to guy in front who won't stop talking to his companion. I am in the theater to watch the movie as with most other people, if you can't restrain yourself for 2+ hours then you need to stay at home and watch on Netflix...

Comment The average joe vs an enlightened user (Score 1) 134

These companies already know that a computer savvy user won't touch their junk with a 10 ft. pole, while the average Joe doesn't seem to care.
You could say the average user today is akin to the Indians, will trade away things they don't fully understand like privacy and personal info for a few virtual beads and trinkets.

Comment Crayola and crayons (Score 0) 102

AFAIK Crayola failed to defend the name and it became synonymous with a wax colored stick rather than a specific product produced by a specific company. Windows is much the same, prior to M$ windows, if you can remember back that far referred to a virtual window on an IBM mainframe, but M$ failed to vigorously defend the term and it became an industry wide term used by all.

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