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Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Presentation to the elderly - any suggestions?

Kittenman writes: After reading in the local press of yet another 80-year-old being fooled out of his money by some phone scammers, I've contacted the local 'Grey Power' and offered to give a talk on how to keep safe from phishing, phone scams, attempts to install malware... This has been accepted (me and my big mouth). I've some thoughts on what to present — of course — but I wonder what other slashdotters would choose?

Comment True History (Score 1) 752

1. Prototype PHP code written and tested in an afternoon.
2. Business case written in an afternoon (forgetting to include the profit generating point.)
3. Vulture Capitalist drinks too much at lunchtime pitch and agrees to provide $BIGNUM
4. Development of real codebase begins.
5. Vulture Capitalist sobers up and demands that the new service starts NOW!
6. Prototype code goes into production.
7. Real codebase development abandoned.

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