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Comment Re:So, How Much? (Score 2) 179

If you have to ask, you can't afford them.

With SolarCity you don't buy the system, you just choose to use them as a service provider and pay them per kw/hr for what they generate. They own the panels and all the other hardware, installation, and maintenance. The upside is you aren't responsible for doing anything other than paying your monthly generation bill. There are two major downsides.

It's a 20-year contractual commitment. If you sign up and then sell your house, you're still on the hook. The best case scenario is the new owner could elect to take over the contract. Alternatively, you could pay them to move the system to your new digs. If none of that works, you have to buy out the remainder of the contract.

Also note you're paying them per kw/hr for what's generated, not for what's used. In theory you size the system so that you sell excess generation during the summer to your standard power generation provider, but the fine print is they typically only buy power back at the lowest-tier rate.

Comment Re:Probably just some fuckery (Score 2) 212

What's more reasonable, that some MS drone fucked up, or that the NSA compromised their update servers to illegally wiretap every system on the planet

Have you not been paying attention for the past decade or what? Both of those scenarios are equally plausible. Or it could be MS's latest attempt to push everyone into Spyware 10.

I'll grant you they're both plausible, but equally plausible? Nope.

Comment Re:Probably just some fuckery (Score 1) 212

Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity. Could be that some Microsoft engineer accidentally published a test update.

What's more reasonable, that some MS drone fucked up, or that the NSA compromised their update servers to illegally wiretap every system on the planet, Batman style, just sort of hoping no one would notice? Where's Morgan Freeman when you need him?

Comment Re:What does the retailer need? (Score 1) 105

They all communicate through NFC. The differences are in the back end payment systems. To the consumer, there is no real difference except in what cards are supported or how their particular device works. Apple made Apple Pay easy to use on their phones because they use biometrics (fingerprints), and easy on the Watch because you have to log in only once, when you put it on; it auto-locks when you take it off. We'll see how easy Samsung made it: do you have to enter a PIN every time, or do they have some other magic?

Samsung's hardware implementation is actually a bit different and arguably better than anything else available at the moment. They support NFC, so in that sense it's similar to all the other offers. However, newer devices (i.e. Galaxy S6) also have LoopPay hardware built in, which means you can use your device on magnetic, non-NFC credit card terminals. The hardware emulates a card swipe by creating a magnetic field. You hold your phone next to the terminal where you would normally swipe a card, and it Just Works. These newer devices also incorporate fingerprint scanners, so in that sense the security is similar to Apple's. It's actually pretty interesting technology.

Comment Re:Boehner QA (Score 1) 404

Expected outcome: End to gridlock, new era of bipartisan cooperation, intelligent debate, and compromise.

Nobody expects that. The reason he is being pushed out, is that he is perceived by the right as compromising too much.

QFT. The only people happier about this than the far left, are those on the far right. That should more or less tell you what you need to know. Shit is probably about to get worse, not better.

Comment Re:I'm afraid (Score 1) 404

Perhaps it's my general optimism but this could end up being a good thing for the party. When Rep. McCarthy and the Teabaggers take over, they just may screw things up so badly between now and their primaries that their own party dumps them for Republicans willing to compromise and get things done. Then again, I have interviewed thousands of voters over the years so I'm not holding my breath.

The party has demonstrated a remarkable ability to find a new low every time it hits what I believed to be rock bottom.

Comment Re:Plea agreement = legalized extortion (Score 5, Informative) 111

So, once you got arrested by the cops, they can extort you for anything by throwing the book at you, and you either risk wasting your life in jail or comply.

This is your so-called "justice" in America?

You're conveniently leaving out the bit where he was helping undercover cops with Bitcoin for the purpose of obtaining stolen credit card numbers. Fuck this guy.

Comment Re:Sony? (Score 4, Informative) 283

we don't buy sony here.

I thought everyone knew that.

sony is on the 'do not buy from' list.

Bad behavior, like Memory Stick, should be punished. Good behavior, like their rootable phones and tablets, should be rewarded. This will motivate them to make more good things, and less shit things.

Comment Re:IE all over again (Score 4, Insightful) 371

Launching another browser presents the usual "do you want me to be default" dialog. It's completely trivial to change your browser preference. Yes, I would have preferred if Microsoft had left my browser preferences alone with the upgrade, but this is blown a bit out of proportion.

It's also a bit disingenuous to compare today's situation to the Internet Explorer case that's literally 20 years old. I find it improbable to believe that anyone using Windows 10 is unaware of alternative browsers availability.

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