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Comment: Re:Better question than "what's next" (Score 1) 83

by Anonymous Psychopath (#49425663) Attached to: TrueCrypt Alternatives Step Up Post-Cryptanalysis

It's also possible, and possibly more likely, that the devs simply abandoned the project because they couldn't or didn't want to put any more time into it. There's literally zero information about why they pulled the plug.

The devs of both the forks referenced in TFS have said the TC source contains a lot of problematic code. CypherShed has said they think the NCC audit wasn't detailed enough and was too high level to uncover all the issues.

Comment: Author unqualified (Score 1) 248

by Anonymous Psychopath (#49050805) Attached to: Smart Homes Often Dumb, Never Simple

The author actually talks about installing stuff on a live circuit while they explain how the system is terrible and doesn't work.

If you don't know enough to kill the circuit at the breaker before you start stripping wires, you are not only unqualified to do the work, you are risking injury up to and including death.

Comment: Re:Marketing (Score 1) 173

by Anonymous Psychopath (#48620695) Attached to: Backblaze's 6 TB Hard Drive Face-Off

As much as I'm sure you're right, I think this is a great way to perform advertising. No flash animations, no autoplay video or sound clips, no clickbait... Just pure data-driven performance benchmarking. It's like they're saying "Let's attract tech-savvy customers by publishing something that will actually be informative and/or interesting to them, and then maybe some of them will be interested in what we sell" I can totally get behind this form of marketing!

It's effective. They're still my first recommendation to friends and family even though I've moved to a competitor (needed Linux support).

Comment: Re:Small NAS box suggestions? (Score 2) 115

by Anonymous Psychopath (#48573137) Attached to: FreeNAS 9.3 Released

16GB ECC only costs a little over $100. You can way, way beat that price if you build your own.

I built a 4U rack with 12 hot swap bays, a quad core Haswell, 32 GB of ECC RAM for about that price, all up less drives. That includes an 8 SATA3 PCIe x8 card as well as 10 SATA3 built in to the motherboard.

I run FreeBSD 10 on it with ZFS. Why settle for a repackaged FreeBSD, way out of date, when you can use the real thing? They are both free.

The management UI.

Comment: Re:So what is it? (Score 4, Informative) 239

by Anonymous Psychopath (#48519785) Attached to: Google Hopes To One Day Replace Gmail With Inbox

It's aimed at fulfilling an Inbox Zero model, which basically just means it presents an empty or nearly empty inbox as much as possible. It's actually quite good at doing it in an intuitive way.

Important things stick around, unimportant things are done away with very easily, but you can still get them back if you make a mistake or change your mind. Or set a reminder so that it goes away now but reappears later, like a snooze button. Personally I like it and have not used Gmail at all since I started using Inbox.

Comment: Re:Do we really need this? (Score 1) 47

Do we really need yet another file server distro?

I'm a little more confused around the goal. It's designed to share eBooks in places that have no infrastructure, maybe not even a reliable electrical grid. Okay... but share with what? People in those parts of the world aren't running around with iPads.

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