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Comment Re:Why can't he sell it back? (Score 1) 730 730

If all you cared about was providing for your basic needs, you could work 10 hours a week, or just sit at home and collect welfare

Welfare must pay better than 10 hours a week. 10 hours a week even at a high salary wouldn't put me anywhere near covering basic expenses.


Google Creates Tour de France Video Maps 78 78

An anonymous reader writes "In honor of the Tour de France's start today, Google has used its awesome Street View technology to compile amazing Tour de France route views. A great description of the technology that went into creating this can be found in this LinuxDevices article. At least, I'm assuming these are the cameras — Google acknowledged using Elphel cameras for book scanning and 'capturing street imagery in Google Maps.' And from the article, the cameras have come a long way from the days when crazy cat ladies and other privacy freaks scuppered Street View in San Francisco a couple of years back."

Line Printer paper is strongest at the perforations.