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Comment: Re:Griefer is reviled (Score 1) 895 895

More surprising to me was that in CoH/V PvP is not played as described. I play WoW, on both PvP and carebear servers, and boy do I get ganked whenever I'm in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is no such "polite agreement" between Ally and Horde in WoW. How did one get established in CoH/V?

In CoH, players of opposing factions can talk to each other.

Comment: Re:Ok. (Score 1) 160 160

I got mine at Walmart for $375 plus tax without signing a contract.

I'm pretty sure T-Mobile stores sell the phone sans contract as well, for $400.

You can also sign up as an Android developer ($25 cost) to buy a completely unlocked G1 for $400. See

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