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Comment: Apple changes their connector constantly (Score 1) 358

by k2r (#46487425) Attached to: EU Votes For Universal Phone Charger

every 9 years or so.

I have used iPods with the dock-connector, the original iPhone and every iPhone and iPad up to the iPhone 5s now. I collected a pile of chargers and cables and they all are used, still. I'm sure that the charger of my very first iPhone is used everyday. There is no better investment into cables and chargers I have made within the last decade. Similar, but not as good, with the Powerbooks. Most of the chargers have had a very long life, and my very first Magsafe-Charger is still in use, daily. I have no use for the original Powerbook Charger anymore, though.

I own an assorted set of non-Appe tablets (currently Thinkpad T2, Nexus 7) and from daily use (they are fine devices for some uses) I'm very confident to have gathered enough datapoints to say:

"mini/micro-USB2/3 for a mobile phone or tablet on the device-side sucks. It's stupid and clumsy and everybody arguing that Apple should go USB (on the phone) is stupid, too, and most likely does not own such a device but just want's cover up a pychological deficite. Micro-USB-3 is just a really pathetic joke."

Don't force my to use the shit that you consider sufficient and I promise to keep quiet and use my chargers for years over years.

And now please have a look at
Apple vs. Samsung: A Decade Of Proprietary Connectors

Comment: Re: Should be Alternative Language Requirement (Score 1) 426

by k2r (#46072261) Attached to: Kentucky: Programming Language = Foreign Language

And you get some history lessons for free:
Das Ding = thing, gender neutral
Das Baby = baby, gender neutral
Das Kleinkind = small child, gender neutral

Das MÃdchen = girl, gender neutral
Der Junge = boy, masculine

Das FrÃulein = unmarried woman, gender neutral
Die Frau = married woman, feminine
Der Mann = unmarried or married man, male

You see the pattern :-)

Nowadays calling a woman "FrÃulein" is mostly considered rude, though :-)

Comment: Re:Looks can be deceiving... (Score 1) 192

by k2r (#45563073) Attached to: AI Reality Check In Online Dating

What a remarkable person she was, what a beautiful couple you have been.
And what a remarkable person you still seem to be!
I sincerley hope that some day soon you'll give somebody else the chance of getting close to you.
Because otherwise it would be a loss to that person and that does not really seem fair to me :-)

Comment: Re:There are already similar sites (Score 1) 192

by k2r (#45562943) Attached to: AI Reality Check In Online Dating

> The problem is that photos, generally, look less attractive than people do in real life,

Sorry, but this is nonsense and only valid if you do not spend enough time on choosing / making the right pictures. Yourself and the one reading your profile deserve your passion to finding the right picture and text.
And maybe ask some friends of the gender your interested in whether the picture you like most of yourself really is THE picture to use as a first impression :-)

Comment: Names please (Score 1) 194

by k2r (#45562821) Attached to: Bitcoin Miners Bundled With PUPs In Legitimate Applications Backed By EULA

Whenever I read something like this it makes me wonder what "plausible" software is the means of infection.
I may be naive but I can not imagine that any of the companies and individuals I install stuff of on my machines would be shady enough.

What stupid stuff from what shady source do I have to install to get a Bitcoin-Miner I didn't ask for?

Comment: Re:Supermodels (Score 1) 192

by k2r (#45562763) Attached to: AI Reality Check In Online Dating

Maybe this:

"You have most likely all the resources to be an attractive person for a group of people large enough to find some corresponding most significant other(s)."

I consider it highly unlikely that you need plastic surgery to do so. Your nose is not what keeps you a from finding a partner, online or offline.

( >40yo GWM in an relationship of > 10 years here. Not because we are supermodels but because we're trying to stay "attractive" out of respect for the other. )

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