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Comment Re: Actually, the opposite (Score 1) 79

checks the signed hash of the application against the current hash and keeps the application from starting if it differs because obviously something altered the application.
You can override this and it will not ask you again.

You can configure which kind of signature to accept: Only App-Store Applications or any registered developer.
Or you can switch it off completely, which is stupid.

What you mentioned are the file-quarantine extended attributes that are set by Safari et al if a file has been downloaded from the net.
On the initial run of a quarantined binary this enforces verifying the users intention and a check against a list of known malware.
Files from some known well-known applications are quarantined per default or developers can turn this feature on for their application.
This is a measure against unintentional execution of unknown binaries (drive-by-download?) and - again - it can be disabled.

Comment Re:Need to ban these companies (Score 1) 169

> I know I had to [disable gatekeeper] because of the number of tools I use as a software developer that wouldn't run otherwise.

I don't want to publicly question your qualifications as a software developer but please explain which tools exactly malfunction made you feel like (permanently?) disabling gatekeeper...

Basically I think that someone who considers disabling gatekeeper to be a good idea should not have an admin account on a Mac. But I may be wrong.

Comment Plush toy walkie talkie (Score 1) 327

Maybe a Panic Button is too abstract, but a year ago I saw somewhere a WiFi enabled Plush Toy that a kid could press to send (and receive) a message to an absent parent anywhere on the net.
I guess that a device like this could be used even before a kid can clearly speak and the kid would be used to it being a means of contacting daddy.

Comment a center of excellence (Score 1) 495

From the article:
> This is the third malware disruption by Microsoft since the November unveiling of the Microsoft Cybercrime Center
> —a center of excellence for advancing the global fight against cybercrime.

How clueless do you have to be to reach that level of excellence in Microsoft?

I mean, where do you live if you don't know that no-ip has a huge customer base and that tampering with their DNS just might be a difficult thing to do? You have no place in IT if you don't know this.

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