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Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 354

How does one block images from a web site that's in your address bar of your browser? You ask the web server for *some* of the images from a web site, but not others? That's my whole point. If I'm going to, I'm fine with seeing content from, whether it's "content" or advertisements. I'm not OK with seeing content from

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 354

The problem is that you seem to think that the "virtual" world somehow is different than the "real" world. It isn't. I know lots of people who listen to NPR and very few people who listen to "regular" radio. Why? Partially, because they don't have screaming ads about gold scams and dick hardening pills. It's the same thing.

Tens of thousands of visitors should mean "take some time to earn money from this or I'm going to run out of money really fast." You didn't, and it fell over. I'm sorry. Your'e continuing to insist that what you did was the correct answer, when it obviously didn't work. If you can't learn from your own mistakes...

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 2) 354

You're right, that fraud was possible, but less so than with TV or Radio or Print. Hell, I spend $$ on radio advertising, even that I have zero way to validate how many people are hearing those radio broadcasts. Advertisers will pay for unvalidated advertising.

If you had something that accidentally blew up on line, then you could have picked up a phone, called a big company that did something related to what this site was about, and ask them to advertise. That's how business works. You can't expect to sustain something that popular with spending zero effort on bringing in some kind of revenue. By using an ad network, that's what you're doing, and that's completely unsustainable. You're producing a service that a LOT of people are consuming, but you're spending zero effort to bring in any income from your work.

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