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Comment Re:So how is this different (Score 1) 101

What is new?

It's a new piece of software, a new income to deal with in accounting, a new security vector, a new expense, and all in all, a new headache that will bring merchants little to no added value. It's going to die just like all of the new payment methods that have come out recently and are due to come out so

Comment Re:Question for user community (Score -1, Troll) 236

I understand why you're hesitant to try it out and see for yourself, being such a costly program and all.

Oh, you silly kids! What the OSS fanatics fail to understand is that once a person leaves graduate school to get a "real job" in the "real world" that time suddenly becomes much more important to money for many, many people. Saving a few hundred bucks on software is pointless (to me) if I have to spend more than an hour dicking with it, for example. For other people, a few hundred bucks (actually Office 365 is only $100/year) might be worth two hours of their time to dick with. Anything more than that, and it's not worth my time.

Comment Re:Just because you like it doesn't mean others wi (Score 1) 249

Better UI is subjective and personally I disagree with you on that. Most people really don't give a shit as long as it doesn't get in their way. People are familiar with iOS and Android and familiarity counts for a lot even if it isn't necessarily the most optimal way to do things. Look at how much hate Windows 8 has received even though in some cases it does make some improvements.

I'm not a UI expert, but I kind of thought that we had moved past the "whole lot of random icons on the desktop" that my father used in 1995, but hey, whatever floats your boat. I personally don't have the time or interest to hunt through pages of icons for every little thing I need to do.

I have seen no objective evidence that Windows Phone is more or less stable than Android or iOS devices. You'll need to present some actual objective data for me to concede that point. Something more than your personal experiences.

I really have no interest in convincing you or anybody else. People with Android and iOS reboot their phones frequently. I don't. Enjoy rebooting.

Comment Re:Nobody will license Windows for mobile (Score 1) 249

It's better because it has a better UI, is more stable, and does much more by itself without needing extra "apps". It makes sense for companies to license it if their customers want to buy phones with what's arguably the best OS out there right now. Again, I don't understand why people don't buying them over Android. They're subsidizing the phones right now, but I'd happily pay more for a Windows Phone because it's a much better product, in my opinion.

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