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Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 1) 626

This arms race of screaming louder and louder for attention, like the monster truck voice selling cars at the dealership, can only go so high... eventually even the Zima crowd will tire of it.

1. Yes

2. We've hit that point now.

I've "fixed: a lot of balky computers for a lot of "Grandmas", because "It's running so slowly - can't you do something? And I say - yes, yes I can! so adblock goes on, and depending on their surfing habits, noscript.

Suddenly a nice running computer that they can use on the web.

And they tell their friends "That nice young man with the weird name really helped my computer problem - you should call him!

That horse is out of the barn, and your Zima people (do they still make that crap?) are installing them. They have tired of it.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 1) 626

I see this type of comment fairly frequently, and I understand the sentiment, but what exactly do you propose that they do instead? Just go bankrupt? Can they somehow regain your trust by running non-abusive ads?

Change the paradigm. At this point in time there are sites out there that are becoming so ad and script laden that they actually don't work. Without an adblocker, the Internet is about 80 percent of the way toward unuseable. Who will see the ads when they hit 100 percent unusable?. The sites are the problem, not the users. It has become safer to go to porn sites than to mainstream new and story providers. Read that last sentence a couple times, and think about it.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 626

Right. Nobody is forcing me to go there.

So I can only say to them what I kept saying the RIAA for the past decades: I can live without you. Can you without me?

I can't understand why you aren't modded at 5 yet. Aside whatever I am doing for research or purchasing, sites like Forbes and Wired are 100 percent voluntary, and only as entertainment value. My need actual need for them is zero.

And if they go away, it might just free up a little banwidth - so a net plus.

Comment Re: Ok. (Score 1) 626

Or complaining that a TV station is using your electric to show you TV commercials.

If Television stations loaded malware onto my computer, I'd be plenty pissed.

You have to work pretty hard to keep your computer from turning into your personal Krojack spying machine. And if you aren't using adblock and noscript and bettersurfing - that one goes after the cookies they try to hide form you - guess what you got one.

I did an experiment and reported it here a few years ago, when the bandwidth/tracking/malware epidemic wasn't anything like is now. It's here somewhere in the bowels of Slashdot. I'm paraphrasing but here's teh basics:

I installed and activated noscript and adblock, as well as better surfing.

First I blocked everything, then started unblocking the scripts after finding out who they were On some of the popular pages, there were as many as 30 scripts that ran. So I took the time to look 'em up.

Google analytics was there - no surprise.

One surprise was the amount of information that went to facebook on one site I checked, there were maybe ten facebook serves my computer was phoning home to.

note 1 - Facebook knows all about you even if you were wise enough to never open an account there.

There was I think 2 I never figured out. Use your imagination.

Out of all these scripts, there was exactly one that was actually trying to help, and not track or infect my computer. It was a script to help with fonting across platforms and Browsers.

And now? It's even worse. I've seen websites refuse to load for some people who have their computers so bitched up with malware. Grandma is starting to use adblockers, no so much because of the reasons I gave, but because it's getting hard to surf.

The web is in critical condition, and it isn't our fault. It's a failed paradigm, where you can go to a site that should be reputable, but it serves you malware.

So if Forbes or Wired doesn't let me in, they can go cry me a fsckin river. I consider them a malware provider, and they are a malware provider, and I don't give a rats ass if they go out of business. In fact, its just fine with me if they do. Either way, I'm not looking at their stupid ads. I call it the website self suicide option.

Comment Re:OpenOffice kind of sucked (Score 1) 64

These days if I want someone to have an exact copy of a document, I produce it in LibreOffice (or OpenOffice) and export to PDF.

If exact were the metric, sure. But you don't think that the same program for two computers that you paid hundreds of dollars for shouldn't at least look sortakinda similar on both?

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 263

Oh, so you want to debate what Cruz believed when he was 18?

I would suggest that you do a little research on Ted Cruz, before you deify him.

Cruz is a Christian Dominionist. Christian Domnionists have a slightly alterd version of fundamentalism. The short story of it is exaplained by his father. There are two types of leaders in Dominionism, the Priests, and the Kings.

The Priest's job in life is to spread the dominionist's word of God. That would be like Ted's father. Ted, on the other hand, is considered a Domnionist King. A dominionist King's job in life is to declare war on the enemies of God, defeat them, and take all of their wealth. What do they do with that wealth? They give it to the Dominionist priests, to further Their version of god's worth.

Check it out on Youtube, to see who you are supporting. Actual sermons, not even opinion.

To compare a Dominionist to a Randian - even as corrupted as Paul's version has become, is seriously far fetched when you know the background and facts.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 2) 263

you might hold your nose and accept Sanders' economic policy rather than accept the Dominionist totalitarianism that the rest of the Republican candidates want.

This needs modded up. It's good to see that someone is paying attention. Dominionist is exactly where the Pubs are heading, and everyone should do some research on exactly what they are and stand for.

Comment Re:Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 263

That doesn't necessarily make Rand Paul a socialist. Like his father he has Libertarian leanings, which means he'll agree with socialists on some stuff, and with conservatives on other stuff. (In other words, both parties get to hate him.)

He wants to have america have a "spiritual rebirth" and he's making Bushlike pronouncements from aircraft carriers.

If you want to run as a Republican, they will tell you what you believe. And none of it is libertarian in the least.

Or do libertarians have no principles whatsoever?

Comment Re:Already??? (Score 2) 263

I don't understand. First you say this:

Nothing she has ever done has qualified her to be president of the United States, not even close.

But then you contradict yourself and say this:

She's a repulsive person, an unrepentant liar, a dissembler, a demagogue, an arrogant authoritarian, a bully, a dreadful CEO, a horrible human being, and a living example of the "uncanny valley".

I don't get it. Are you trying to tell me she is or isn't qualified???

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