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That tears it - Obama regime truly crooked.

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  • Either corrupt or massively high on secret government drugs.

    Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman of New York should hire Eliot Spitzer to be a special investigator.

  • by 3vi1 (544505) on Saturday August 27, 2011 @11:44AM (#37227768) Homepage Journal

    How does this compare to the republican agenda to continually blocking any and all attempts to impose regulation on this industry - which led to the situation in the first place?

    • by kimvette (919543)

      Republicans were the ones trying to proactively head off the mess at the pass years before it came to a head. Ron Paul, for instance.

      • Ron Paul is an old retard who was too stupid to practice medicine. He doesn't even have the sense to buy decent shoes.

        But seriously, I just got told by another libertaritard that Ron Paul was NOT a Republican. Now you say he is. How about you eat a cock, and come back to me when you figure out what kind of asshole Ron Paul is? Fuck, no wonder that guy doesn't win shit except for his shitty seat in ignorant-as-fuck Texas.

    • How does this compare to the republican agenda to continually blocking any and all attempts to impose regulation on this industry - which led to the situation in the first place?

      It compares very well, in that it is the same strategy. Obama has yet to do anything as president that GWB would not do or did not do.

      While the strategy has been terrible for the economy, the country, and >99% of all Americans, it should make for a brilliant re-election strategy. The new presumed front-runner for the GOP is a Bush clone, which means he won't be able to present anything that Obama hasn't already done as president. Hence anyone voting for him over Obama would be either a racist, dee

      • by Bill Dog (726542)

        BHO will be fine. He doesn't have a re-election strategy, and doesn't need one. And he prolly knows that. Sure the polls have been saying that between him and the Republican class itself, he would lose today. But when matched up against any of the particular candidate instances of said class, he would prevail.

        Decades of jamming racial hyper-sensitivity/awareness and the sentiments of White Liberal Guilt into our heads is not without its payoffs. The media/Left prolly have most Americans half-believing that

    • Clinton is the guy who made sure they killed Glass-Steigall.

      They sucker you with this d/r crap.

    • It's a bipartisan problem. Check out Senator Ron Wyden D-OR. Sure, he's done some great things lately for sanity in copyright and civil liberties. But he's also majorly in the pocket of Wall Street.

  • You honestly think an honest man could ever become president of the United States? Or acquire any true position of power? You cannot. You have to be willing and able to fuck people over. Try to think, why are criminals so freely given these positions.. by the very people they are robbing? Or another question, didn't you believe us when we told you Obama was a crook back in 2007? And now, if everybody keeps on playing their roles, he will cruise into a second term to "prevent the wrong lizard from getting in

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