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Comment: Re:One solution to air hijackings (Score 1) 4

by Bill Dog (#49169305) Attached to: gun garbage [long]

I was going to say that that's what our Federal Air Marshall Service is for, but I did some Googling on it, and found things like less than one half of a percent of U.S. carrier flights actually have an air marshall on them (and before 9/11 there were all of around 30-something of them for the entire U.S.), and employees complaining about poor training and corrupt, malicious bosses and joke levels of standards and being over-scheduled and tired all the time (that is, those in the service who don't have the desk jobs, as administrators).

A real pisser is that even for socialistic things that I would actually acquiesce on, like nationalized in-flight security, we can't even have those things done right.

So to your suggestion I'd say yeah, we need that, but not without some hesitancy. In a classroom for example, the only way I'm going to die from friendly fire is on the unlikely chance of being hit directly by a stray bullet. But in a pressurized cabin at altitude? Unless Hollywood exaggerates (!), maybe they should be rubber bullets or something, on planes.

Comment: Re:If you're ever in Texas... (Score 1) 4

by Bill Dog (#49169255) Attached to: gun garbage [long]

Thank you RG. I'll probably take my sis up on her offer before I end up moving out of California, though; she was/is a recovering Leftie, and as such had a phobia over guns, and so found an ex-Seal dude in town who gives group and private lessons, to ease her into it gently, and she's offered to cover the cost of a session for me. (She and her hubby are very well-to-do, and they pay other people to do things I didn't even know there were people for.)

Comment: Re:C++ (Score 1) 187

C++ is very complex, and whole swaths of the language can be safely ignored.

And this is why I wouldn't recommmend C++. I loved the language and did it for right around ten years (1999-2009), and saw people online who knew it, but I never met anyone live in my professional career who ever bothered to really learn it. (And now later, I'm having the same experience with JavaScript.)

But I wonder about why the very particular constraint of "classic OOP compiled". I don't think I'd recommend any of those anymore; aside from specialized applications, if what one is going to be writing is large enough to utilize OOP, then VM'ed languages are much more relevant these days.

Comment: Re:Follow the herd or vanish (Score 1) 363

by Bill Dog (#49161449) Attached to: Google Wants To Rank Websites Based On Facts Not Links

Suppression of unpopular truths will be far more effective if people aren't even made aware that there is a dispute.

That's part of the idea behind the "the debate is over" thing; to make people believe that there is no more disagreement. If Google makes it so that arguments for one side of an issue are never seen, as being non-facts, then it'll be conveniently as if another side never existed. Goodbye nuance. Life will be so much simpler. Governments will be jealous.

Comment: Re:Even more confusing (Score 1) 7

by Bill Dog (#49156843) Attached to: just think how some conversations could go

unable to add more gas

(Or you can, it just won't do any good.)

I guess you're saying these cars have no under-hood starter battery like ICE vehicles, that's user-swappable with a replacement from any auto parts shop. And I guess neither can these cars be jump-started, simply by using another vehicle (with a battery of equal or greater cold cranking amps). Wow.

I guess the same would be for all-electric vehicles. Professional roadside assistance providers will need to start carrying around mega batteries and quick-charging apparati, in addition to being able to provide a gallon of gas and a jump.

Comment: Re:Even more confusing (Score 1) 7

by Bill Dog (#49156781) Attached to: just think how some conversations could go

1. The only reason to run the gas engine under 25 miles an hour should be for recharging and generating, period. EV mode only at low speed.

And Toyota may have started out planning on along those lines, but may have gotten focus group research that indicated people preferred a little more acceleration.

2. An expert mode should be available wherein "creep ahead at stop" is disabled

Having switched to owning only manual transmission cars, I only miss that on a metered freeway onramp, that's uphill. I imagine it's added behavior when in electric-only mode, to simulate a slush box, so not sure how it could be universally defeatable. There's no "neutral" on those smug little cars?

3. Cruise control should also be able to be set by a numeric keypad, and should be able to handle values lower than 23.

That's an awesome idea, rather than having to bring the car up to the desired speed manually. But I wouldn't be surprised if it's the government disallowing the latter.

4. Sport mode should be available that disengages the traction control and enables all three motors for acceleration (you can get the second half of this in a gen2 by angrily stomping on the accelerator, it takes a second to engage, but you suddenly go from 34 HP to 174 HP as the second electric and the gas motor kick in).

Why would a Prius owner want this?

5. Finer resolution than 5 minutes on the average MPG consumption graph.

6. Ability to download trip data onto an SD card.

Likely never, directly. Companies want your personal info to go to "the cloud" first, so that they can mine it and monetize you further.

User Journal

Journal: gun garbage [long] 4

Journal by Bill Dog

Someone kind of set me off at work on Friday. Gotta work on that. She was apparently reading something about an idea to arm teachers. Or more specifically, offer concealed carry licenses for the classroom. And indicated that she was appalled by the idea.

I said one of the beauties of concealed carry is that not everyone even has to have a gun, to still have the effect of discouraging bad people.

Comment: think bigger (Score 1) 23

by Bill Dog (#49108041) Attached to: Might explain some of the behavior here

First off, I think you've got reversed those accusor(s) who are trying to set you straight with those who would only be trying to further confound and knock you down (since you're not one of them, on the solid Left). For me it's the latter that I've removed from my sight here, because I want to be more right/correct, not less.

But you seem to think the way to wisdom is via the wicked. And it partly is, as one half of one's studies towards that. But they're like the Medusa, where direct interaction, like you pine for, is death; you have to examine them indirectly or askew, to not be affected by them.

Secondly, that quote is absolutely brilliant. I like to think I'd gotten close to it, realizing of course that Political Correctness was essentially about bullying.

But I had mostly been considering the Left's constant variations of "the emperor is fully clothed" as the movement's/religion's way of checking how far they'd currently come at any given point. That is, I had assumed that the chief purpose of the non-stop peppering us with untruths, of wide-ranging obviousnesses, was to gauge how either converted or dumbed-down the society had become so far.

I thought the Left's goal might be to make gullible sheep out of all of us, however long it took. But no, I think that Theodore is right and there'll always be those who'll never give in intellectually, and the best the Left can hope for with us is to make us feel like we've sold our souls behaviorally.

And to feel like the scum that they are for doing so, which is then also giving in, feelings-wise.

Thirdly, this truth is a helluva lot bigger than just stupid Slashdot. This is going on full-bore of course in America, and the world in general.

But don't lose sight of the bigger picture -- neither communism nor a Caliphate is the be-all-end-all -- it's just Satan trying to unravel God's order in the world. Satanism, effectively, comprises facets of economic, political, and religious beliefs, whichever ones in those categories that leads to the most misery. But the individual isms, and the people that push them, are really just part of one strategy.

America was a formerly powerful, formerly pretty headstrong nation. BHO doesn't love Muslims. He's not a Muslim, despite what stupid Right-wingers say. He's an atheist (despite what your moderate-to-severe HappyThoughtisis says). And atheists aren't really anti-religion, despite what stupid Slashdotters say. Ever hear of an atheist group putting up billboards saying there is no Allah and Muhammad was not actually a prophet?

It's that those who are against God, of the Jewish and Christian religions, feel they're aligned on a fundamental level. Against Israel, and against a nation under God being supreme in the world. America has to be knocked down several pegs, and be fundamentally transformed away from our Judeo-Christian heritage and values and beliefs. When everyone is even and subdued, then the Antichrist can come and rule.

p.s. I'll be waiting for your singular "Lord bless your heart" response.

Comment: Hey now (Score 1) 1

by Bill Dog (#49103435) Attached to: Revolution 60: A game review I can get behind.

less personality than the cockroach from Wall-E

I liked that little character!

But on the characters shown in that game, I don't care that they're all white, because skin color doesn't matter a whit to me. (Neither do I care that they're all women; why would someone be bothered that other races aren't represented, when a whole gender is missing as well.)

But body image to women (and men) does matter a little bit to me, so it wouldn't have killed them to design more than one body type, if somehow so-called women's issues really is their side cause. Granted this would've taken more time, and more resources on the device. Even the cast of Scooby Do for example contained stereotypes (the tall, thin, non-bespectacled girl of course could not be the smart one!) but exhibited more creativity than this.

p.s. Way in which Slashdot sucks total ass #457: It's 2015; how about displaying Unicode characters or whatever, instead of polluting text with small strings of garbage.

User Journal

Journal: fun with CSS 3 I guess 2

Journal by Bill Dog

So go to (I just type in the middle part and use the Ctrl-Enter thingie, a lot), presumably in a modern browser, and type in "askew" without hitting Enter.

It probably only works in the mode where upon typing the first character into their home page it automatically jumps to the search box being in the upper left and intermediate results being displayed as you type, so might require JavaScript being enabled.

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