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Comment Re:Like domain aggreggates in MS Access (Score 1) 29

It seems you'd really have to hate yourself to try.

Or just not know any better. Because they don't care to know any better.

I have seen people re-invent the database engine in Java, though.

Because they didn't want to learn SQL. Unfortunately many Java devs are like C# devs, in that they're modern versions of VB* devs.

*Where I went to school, there was the CS program taught out of the school of Engineering, and the MIS (Management Information Systems) program taught out of the school of Business. We did our programming projects in Pascal (and later C), they did theirs in BASIC. I'm interested in software engineering. My coworkers are just interested in solving business problems. Re-inventing the database engine in Java is not acceptable to the first kind of person, but adequately acceptable to the second.

I need to come up with an interviewee question, to prevent working on another team like this.

Comment Re:Well (Score 1) 9

So what "gentlemen" have got us is eighteen trillion in debt, and merely managing the decline of the country, and you want more of that?

A talking head on the idiot box last weekend noted that Trump raises issues others are afraid to. It occurred to me at that moment that that is what my definintion of leadership is.

p.s. On my previous post in this thread, s/Trump or Carly/Trump or Carly or Carson/, of course, since Dr. Carson is not of the political class as well.

Comment Re:Who is... (Score 1) 13

I separate them for the lost (as well as the saved), but not for the subset of the lost who are the wicked. Some people God keeps his grip on, even if they've been astray for a while. Some people so (knowingly) embrace evil, He hands them over to their desires.

For those who thoroughly embrace what would be expected to be one of the Devil's main plans for humanity, sin vs. sinner is just a mental exercise. Most people are not a waste of time. Some are, and only serve to run the danger of getting some of their stain rubbed off on you.

p.s. I believe a separating of the heathens into redeemable vs. irredeemable-except-by-a-true-miracle, is called "nuance".

Comment Re:A Democrat is to a Socialist (Score 1) 46

I get what you're saying that each party has their extreme. The difference is that in one party the extreme is (and has been) in charge and in the other the extreme is villified by the party.

So if socialists control the Democrat party, is there really then a difference between a Democrat and a socialist, generally speaking?

Somebody ought to cross ball point pens with coat hangers so that the pens will multiply instead of disappear.