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Comment: Re:Pretty much true (Score 1) 578

by Bill Dog (#46751475) Attached to: Michael Bloomberg: You Can't Teach a Coal Miner To Code

Being 21 years out of college, it took me 15-20 minutes to build out the basic structure of the console app for the sorting demo and shake the cobwebs off my old CS degree memories and implement it. Which seems to me about right, considering.

You're simply selecting for fresh grads and making excuses up for it later, of course. I commend you on giving younguns a chance and training them (rare nowadays). I just don't know why you need that mass of utter bullshit you wrote to help you justify it in your mind.

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by Bill Dog (#46737753) Attached to: Dirty Harry & the BLM Thugs

p.s. FNC did have a good weekend special on govermnent bullying one or two weekends ago. They covered shakedowns of Gibson Guitar and others, but one was a ranching family, have no idea if it's the same as the one involved in the news this week, but apparently the federal goverment had four armed squads from four different departments go pay them a visit to try to intimidate them, from four different (strained) angles of concern.

I.e. it's not just the agencies under DHS that are now talking and working together. It looks like every mundane agency, no matter how distanced from an expectation of meeting violent resistance in undertaking their particular kinds of regulations, like say the FDA, is now weaponized. And is taking requests from other agencies.

Comment: haven't been following it (Score 1) 4

by Bill Dog (#46737719) Attached to: Dirty Harry & the BLM Thugs

I caught some blurbs on FNC a few days ago, but I have such distrust of them nowadays (which is a sad commentary on today since they're certainly much more trustworthy than any other). I heard something about the ranchers being legally in the wrong, and the government trying to solve this for a long time, despite the (very telling) government heavy-handedness. But I assume FNC would run it for days anyways, to get ratings from Right-wingers.

But that last parenthetical part is where I wanted to go with this. Haven't been following it so I don't know, and feel free to set me straight, but my gut is this is not really about land, and certainly isn't about any stupid turtle. In the 21st century in America, this is about a "teachable moment" for the public, and in this case it is about the American people knowing their place: underneath the government.

NSA bulk data collection and mass surveilance is not about watching out for Islamic terrorist foreigners blowing something up. It's about watching out for Conservative natives thinking independently of where we're being led and our trying to slow the expansion of a strong federal government and the erosion of the Constitution that is an agreement to limit it.

I.e. the government does not feel threatened the most by terrorists, Putin, Iran, North Korea, China, global warming, meteors, or space aliens. The people who run/work in the federal government feel their biggest threat (to their keeping all their jobs and expanding their organization's role) is from the traditional-minded citizen.

Expect the corruption to continue to be less and less hidden, and more shows of force, as they continue to test the waters on how close the American people are to being ready to accept a combination end-game of complete social manipulation in some aspects (like for example public opinion on gay marriage, re: MH42's recent JE) and total rule on the rest.

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by Bill Dog (#46674451) Attached to: No

But then a small group of opposition would form, about the anemic size and weakness of today's Tea Party movement, protesting the regulation (laws will be banned by that point) that every barely boy and girl born be endowed with both genitals.

This movement's beliefs would be called "genderist", which would be understood by the majority to be bad without it ever being explained why. And the members of the movement would be called something that was a slur involving something vulgar, naturally.

Then after a while the government will step in yet again and do away with conventional genitals, and invent the "vapena", which will consist of a penis sticking out of a vagina. Then we will all be truly equal, as the foe known as gender will have been completely vanquished, and we'll have progressed from being completely interchangeable to actually needing no one but our own selfs to procreate.

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by Bill Dog (#46674293) Attached to: No

As men continue to become more effeminate and women go on becoming more masculine, there'll be more and more cases of students insisting they're of the other sex and should get to use those facilities, until at some point the government will step in and end the whole thing by requiring all newborns to be surgical hermaphrodites.

Think of it. No more stigma for being gay or transgendered, when everyone's the same. Perfect equality. I challenge anyone (well, anyone that I can see here, that is) to demonstrate how this would not be for The Greater Good(TM). End gender segregation now!

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by Bill Dog (#46612855) Attached to: You've just really got to love the kind of jerk. . .

I guess if I Foe the creep, he "wins", or something.

At some point ya gotta stop caring about what other people think, esp. for certain select persons with whom too much time has passed and they've demonstrated for too long that if there's anything redeeming about them, they'll never show it here.

I can't even muster that interest.

And yet you write JE's about them. Only intelligent opposition can help you sharpen your arguments. And you can only trust the skepticism you've gained about your own side from those who are fair and honest.

Comment: I've never figured out why you accept the grief (Score 1) 29

by Bill Dog (#46612719) Attached to: You've just really got to love the kind of jerk. . .

I've always thought you suffered from the moderate Republican delusion that you're better off trying to be friends with the wicked. For your reputation and all. And make ambiguous gestures that they could perceive as being on their side.

Well you gotta do what you gotta do, but I've gotta say I'm *much* happier upon returning to /. with re-adjusted threshold settings on this system. Not only do I not see the comments of known trolls*, I don't even get notification that they've responded to my comments or JE's. Combine that with turning off moderation results notifications, and the only people who can get me to see any kind of reaction whatsoever of theirs are those whom I like or am neutral with.

*Excepting snippets you quote, which while I usually have no way of knowing from whom they were excreted, I will admit that it is a leak and that I do have to manually skip over reading that text. (But it's pretty obvious when you're in one of your frequent entanglements with trolls so I just skip reading the posts in those threads entirely.)

I.e. I could be harassed or not, but either way I'm blissfully unaware. And if the attempts at confusion and derision never reach their target, then I remain risk free of the cancer and it's only just so much second-hand smoke for you and anyone else who wants to breathe it in.

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by Bill Dog (#46600387) Attached to: Weapons Grade Stupidity

The good news is that after January 2017 we won't have to listen to Left call everyone opposing them racist anymore. The bad news is that for those following 8 years they'll be calling every dissident a sexist.

(And then in 2024 we'll elect America's first openly gay president, upon which the go-to epithet will change again.)

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by Bill Dog (#46600321) Attached to: What's your favorite JQuery suite?

Microsoft's AjaxControlToolkit

That's for ASP.NET WebForms, so it won't work in ASP.NET MVC. The two are vastly differently levels of abstraction and philosophies towards development of web applications. MVC doesn't have "controls", which connotes a fair amount of meaning as far as fitting into and working with the WebForms framework.

There is no HTML 4/XHTML 1 DOM element that the browser renders as a combobox. The web has traditionally had much less GUI expressive power than the desktop, so expect to have to work harder.

It seems like it wouldn't be too hard to implement a kind of masked edit box with a text box and some client-side code to build a time enterer. (Although a dropdown clockface with hands that you could grab and move would be wicked! And a lot of dang work.)

To fake a combobox, I'd try to make the listbox part of it come and go and not the textbox.

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