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How many Muslims do you know? How many are there in the world? What miniscule fraction write screeds and take up arms?

Catholicism has the bloody destruction and enslavement of the Americas on it's conquistador hands. Islam - past and present - has nothing to shade that, by way of comparison.

It is interesting to note that Ghengiz Khan was a worshiper of nature-spirit, but almost half his armies were Buddhist - His first wife was oriental Orthodox, as were a substantial minority contingent of the Mongol horde and leadership. Papal emissaries were entertained by the Khan and later his grandson Guyuk was in correspondence with the pontiff.

The "muslims" that you see and read about with violent conversion and conquest? They are created, inflated and supplied by the various trans-national agencies and alliances in Global para-politics.

The Matrix

Journal: Foley is a Fake 15

Journal by Jeremiah Cornelius

Kidnapped in Libya, got away. Kidnapped in Syria, "beheaded".

Orange jump suit? Not even b-movie material. Edited from hours of footage, Photoshopped and Premiered to forensic nonsense - and hey! Look, they cut a different place than the "severed head" was separated.

He is probably dead. That's what happens to CIA screws.

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You have an essentially correct perception here, embedded in the psychological noise that accompanies these perceptions.
It is difficult to maintain a "rational and sane" perspective regarding these experiences - and encountering actual Reality? Reality is accessible only from a state of being that is "crazy" to the rational.

United States

Journal: Funny? Racist, dishonest hypocrisy. 10

Journal by Jeremiah Cornelius

How the pro-Reagan "Get Government off Our BACKS" crowd is really bending over, to excuse and endorse the SWATting of Ferguson.

Racist, dishonest hypocrisy.

If it was a white rancher that set off the same events, they'd be going all "Obama dictatorship" and FEMA death-camp.

You see, they are trained to hate and fear COLOUR - not power, which they adore.

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Fusion would break the stranglehold of petro-exporting countries in the Middle East as well as belligerent exporters like Russia and Iran.

Then? The Banking vampire elite will need to generate new, ethnically-rationalized hate-conflict to keep us all at each other's throats - instead of removing their boot from our collective face.

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