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Comment: Re:FTA (Score 2) 183

by kimvette (#49362551) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

No, when Best Buy goes out of business, very likely Fry's will expand.

Best Buy sucks because they never stock the items I want - be it a television, high end AV receiver (for which which I went to a small family-owned hi fi shop), keyboards, monitors, video cards, speakers- you name it, Worst Buy tends to stock the low-to-mid range items, not high end.

Comment: FTA (Score 4, Insightful) 183

by kimvette (#49362081) Attached to: Best Buy Kills Off Future Shop

Best Buy joins other retailers that are feeling the pinch of more shoppers making purchases online and giant e-commerce rivals such as Amazon Inc. stealing business.

"stealing business?"


I want to buy certain items locally - like the Roccat Ryos MK Pro with blue switches, the ROG Swift monitor, and stuff like that. Best Buy doesn't stock them and I've got Amazon Prime, so why would I order from Worst Buy and wait 3-5 days for an item when I can get it next day for $3.99 shipping? (as far as why Best Buy doesn't stock the ROG Swift when they are among a very small handful of authorized retailers for that model, I have no idea.) I could drive 70 miles to Micro Center down in MA, but then I'd also have to pay sales tax. So, when I buy that monitor, I'm going to get it from Amazon.

Amazon sells MANY things brick-and-mortars don't any more. Want to find a good precision screwdriver set? I can't find a good set at Sears any more, nor Home Depot, nor Lowes, or smaller hardware stores, nor at Best Buy, or even harbor Freight. Sooo, where do I turn? Amazon.

Ass Kickin' ghost pepper hot sauce - I cannot find it anywhere local. So, where do I order that from? Amazon. Amazon stocks darn near everything you can imagine.

Comment: Use passphrases (Score 1) 159

by kimvette (#49351717) Attached to: Many Password Strength Meters Are Downright Weak, Researchers Say

I use passphrases - but not the phrases themselves. I come up with a really long sentence and then just use the first one or two letters from each word.

So, like I would come up with a phrase such as "I like Robert Reich, and think he should run for president in 2016" I would have a password "ilrr,athsrfpi2016" that would be easy to remember. Even if it were somehow tangentally related to a site by topic or theme or "feel" it is a whole lot more secure than a combination of dictionary words and numbers, because I'd bet that most people have stupid passwords in the form of "Password1" just to meet complexity requirements that really aren't effective at all because ironically it would only serve to incentivize people try to further simplify their passwords.

The ideal complexity tester would test for dictionary words and leave it at that.

Comment: Ryos MK Pro (Score 1) 451

by kimvette (#49277761) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Good Keyboard?

Go for the Ryos MK pro. I have one at work and two at home and at work I make use of the macros for often-used commands. At work I have the red switch keys for quieter typing, and at home I have the blue switch version (there is no substitute for Cherry MX Blue switches).

I also have a Razer BlackWidow Ultimate at home (blue switches) but I gave Razer a miss when I bought additional keyboards because they stopped using Cherry switches.

Comment: Re:We need hardware write-protect for firmware (Score 2) 324

by kimvette (#49158575) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Does One Verify Hard Drive Firmware?

If you've got HP blade servers and call in with something even as mundane as a hard drive or mezzanine card failure, they will often insist you upgrade the firmware before agreeing "yes the hard drive is fuxxored" and sending the replacement part. Even more ridiculous is depending on the tech they might actually ask you to update the motherboard firmware when a motherboard has failed (Um, yeah.), or the iLO firmware even though it is totally unrelated to the problem (fortunately on HP iLO/LOM updates usually don't interrupt services).

The problem with that is even though you might be able to keep the services patched (and even kernel if you use ksplice) and measure uptime in years, updating motherboard or even NIC firmware requires downtime. Even an active/active cluster can introduce down time for some users so downtime of a server is best avoided. Why update the motherboard firmware if there are no bugs blocking production or introducing security issues?

I understand why support reps go through the script and ask you to update firmware so they're dealing with what matches their one test system in their lab, but if it worked as deployed for months or years with the older firmware until the HDD or card croaked, why require a firmware update to a known-stable system before agreeing "Yup, $foo has failed, I'll dispatch a rep with the FRU within four hours" even when S.M.A.R.T reports a hugeassed list of errors, or it's simply not even powering up?

As far as drive firmware goes, I've had to update firmware only twice: once on an SSD, and once on Seagate drives which would freeze during recalibration, which would break arrays (I think it was the infamous 1.5TB drives but it's been a while).

Comment: Re:Irrelevent (Score 3) 94


I have an M6400 and rather than upgrade when the motherboard finally gave up the ghost, I bought a new motherboard. Why? Screens have gone backward in time. I have an RGB-led backlit 1920x1200 display, and the new ones have just white LEDs backlighting 1080p displays. Give me another RGB-LED option that is 1440p (in a 17" form factor) and I'll upgrade to a new Precision right now. Until then I'll keep my m6400 chugging along. :-(

"Mach was the greatest intellectual fraud in the last ten years." "What about X?" "I said `intellectual'." ;login, 9/1990