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Comment Re:Let them lease, but not screw with sales (Score 5, Insightful) 174

> The most the manufacturers should be able to do is cancel the warranty on modification.

Wrong. Only failures as a direct result of any modification should be denied. See: Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Installation of a third-party part should not void the warranty. If Apple could get their way they would probably void the warranty if you use third-party headphones/earbuds with the iPhone.

Some PC manufacturers tried to pull this crap when users added RAM or peripheral cards with a sticker on the chassis sealing it shut, reading "warranty void if removed." Um yeah... people always chose PCs with 8 slots to not expand them.

Comment Re:Greed rules in Corporate America (Score 1) 116

> Greed is supposed to rule in Corporate America.


Greed is good for short-term gain, not long-term growth. It is very shortsighted thinking that is self-defeating over the long term when your customer base can no longer afford your products, or you've alienated them to the point where they choose your competitors' offerings out of spite.

Comment Re:So tell them to Bugger off. (Score 1) 213

> You respond with, "feel free to hire a team of programmers to fix that. you have the source code.:"

The better response would be "Well, here's our bug tracker, and here is our roadmap for $RELEASE_FOO. If this is high priority for you, we could add $YOUR_PET_DEFECT or $YOUR_PET_FEATURE_REQUEST to $RELEASE_FOO for $N, but if you're willing to wait until $RELEASE_BAR we could add $YOUR_PET_FEATURE_REQUEST to the design spec for a $MODEST_DONATION. If it is truly critical we could fork it for you for $REASONABLE_CONTRACT_FEES and after you've tested it we can merge it back into the main trunk... or if the request is contrary to the project's goals the response could be "We understand and appreciate your request but it conflicts with the overall community's needs. However we are in need of funding as we also have families to feed so we could fork it and develop the custom solution for you if you fund it." Any responses like that would gain a lot of good will and acceptance of the open source community as it is far less sociopathic... ...where instead the response all too often is along the lines of "it's open source fix it yourself" or "man foo" or what amounts to "fixing bugs is boring" which tells the world "We OSS developers are pretentious jerks." They're really not jerks at heart - it's that a lot of the community is comprised of aspies who lack people skills and it is compounded by jerks who only complain about the projects rather than saying "hey guys this software is great and it's saved is $TENS_OF_THOUSANDS over the last two years by helping us avoid outrageous licensing fees, but we've run into a few bugs we would love for you to take a look at."

Comment Bad conclusion (Score 1) 80

"Additionally the BBC's high-quality disc extras do not seem to have made the jump from disc to digital, signifying possible further decline for 'value added' features such as commentaries and documentaries in the future."

Between availability, audiovisual quality, lack of extras, and packaging I think that physical media will remain the premium choice for a long time to come. Add in the fact that there is little to no availability of 3D content on streaming services, or where there is, it's only through a handful of devices (not roku, chromecast, etc.) and you've got very good reasons for physical media to be an attractive option that enthusiasts will happily pay for.

But then again, my DVD and Blu-Ray movie collection has now exceeded 500 discs - all legitimately purchased, so maybe I'm biased. But, the ads proclaiming "own it on Blu-Ray or DVD today!" is attractive to me, rather than the fucktarded "you only license it" nature of streamed media. I bought these DVDs and Blu-Ray discs, and despite what revisionists claim, I OWN those copies... so if Netflix, Amazon Prime, or in this case, the BBC decides to not host the content any more, I still have possession of my non-revocable legally-owned copies.

Comment Re:Detecting weapons is NOT the purpose of TSA... (Score 1) 349

But... we're safe from water fights on a plane as the TSA won't let us bring even bottled water on a commercial aircraft, nor clear plastic squirt guns that bear only the most superficial resemblance to an actual firearm.
We're also safe from diet coke + mentos rockets flying around the cabin, thanks to the TSA.

Thank you TSA!!

Comment Re:Turn key back on? (Score 1) 350

He is referring to the fact that we won't turn off GPS because we've convinced general aviation and commercial and private ships to use it - as a primary navigation aid. It's also used by law enforcement for tracking criminals, and for drivers. Taxis are often required to use taxi-centric GPS apps to ensure the most cost-effective (for the passenger) route. With the prevalence of GPS, finding up-to-date paper maps isn't as easy as it used to be.

Even the errors introduced into the GPS signal have been reduced or turned off, because when it comes to accuracy, a few meters' worth of error isn't going to make one iota of difference if an enemy nuclear missile uses GPS to navigate.

Turning off GPS at this point would disrupt the world's economy so it will likely never happen. Don't like it? Blame Ronnie Raygun, whose administration opened up the GPS system to worldwide public use.

Comment Re:Is this really important? (Score 1) 317

> Fake meat patties and cutlets and so forth have various flavors and textures, none of which taste like real meat. (at least, as far as I can remember)

I have had tofu that tastes and feels almost exactly like chicken - not exactly but very, very close. Unfortunately now that I know I have a soy intolerance (plus a mild allergy) I avoid eating products made entirely of soy. It gives me migraine and cluster headaches, and makes me irritable.

I can have soy sauce though, and most vegetable oils without problem, thank goodness.

The problems that people are trying to solve? Ethical issues - some people feel really bad about eating other animals. Others are concerned about the inhumane nature of "factory farming" where animals are treated very cruelly. Consider even chickens - dumb as a box of rocks but even they experience emotion. There is also the matter of poorly-managed ranches where not one flying fuck is given regarding ecological conservation. Some won't eat meat due to insanitary conditions in slaughterhouses.

  I have a Savannah cat (an obligate carnivore who requires higher levels of taurine than most domestic cats) and I used to feel bad eating other animals for a brief period but looking at the food chain and considering that we are more toward the carnivorous side of the omnivore spectrum (we can eat vegetable matter but we really do not digest it efficiently) I now look at it differently. I like lambs and cows and such and think they are cute creatures and make wonderful pets (I've raised sheep, goats, chickens, and other farm animals as pets) but I recognize that I am mostly carnivore thanks to evolution (or god, or flying pasketti monster, or whatever ;)) and have no problem eating tasty animals. Meat is fuel for the complex machine I inhabit.

Comment Easy solution (Score 2) 58

There is a relatively easy solution to this problem to avoid any confusion.

Offer permits for such drone flights around monuments and installations such as the Capitol, with the contract signed upon applying for the permit acknowledging the limits on flight ceiling, proximity to the installation and to other people, and a hotline to call to report your location when you start flying and verify the time is okay (you never know if a national security issue has arisen there), if you have a mishap, etc. and when you've finished getting your shots. Even better would be to require that you have a cellphone on you and are reachable in case any sort of "lockdown" event occurs and the drone flight needs to be cancelled to eliminate distraction of security personnel.

This puts security at ease, preserves your right as The People to view what your tax dollars are paying for, and is a reasonable compromise both sides of the issue. It also eliminates the excuse of "but I didn't know it wasn't okay to hover outside the oval office for 20 minutes!" and "I didn't know it wasn't okay to buzz the President's helicopter!"

Allowing flights ad-hoc over such installations is chaotic and is a distraction, but disallowing them completely is too extreme. Allowing them under controlled conditions outside the perimeter when there is nothing serious going on is not unreasonable.

"There are things that are so serious that you can only joke about them" - Heisenberg