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Comment Re:Hyperbole stew (Score 1) 316

One of the strongest arguments against adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution was that by calling out specific rights people would be justified in treating those rights differently than ones that didn't make the list. The whole point of the 9th amendment was to try to alleviate those concerns.

Of course, when government power was being greatly expanded to allow New Deal legislation, the Supreme Court decided that law that violated different rights deserved different levels of scrutiny - and guess which rights ended up triggering 'strict scrutiny' in Footnote Four?

So yes, it's a perfectly valid interpretation of legal history to say that the net effect of the Bill of Rights was to reduced the overall scope of rights held by Americans.

Comment Re:too late (Score 3, Insightful) 427

after 8 years of Obama we have more racial tension than ever before

No, we don't. All of that racial tension you're seeing was already there. What happened was that having a black president encouraged black Americans to speak up about the ways in which they're systematically oppressed, which means that you are now more aware of the existing racial tension.

Comment Re:Just another mindless attack (Score 1) 427

Hillary did exactly that, but the left doesn't seem concerned that they are constantly hypocrites. She had an unsecured device that they told her not to use, and she did anyways. Likely was hacked while she was in Russia.

Yes. That's a terrible breach of security when a Secretary of State does it.

It's about a hundred times worse when a President does it.

Comment How could you possibly care? (Score 1) 427

Wow! He's tweeting with an unsecured phone!!!

I'll bet there's no way in hell he's managing to keep those tweets secret!

And this ignoring that based on the number of tweets he's making, he's not even making most of the tweets ascribed to him.

In any case, when there's some reason to suspect he's using an unsecured phone to talk to people about classified information, then it'll be time to get excited.

Note, by the by, that you're not talking to the unclassified world with your secure government phone. That one is just for talking to the OTHER secure government phones, not to your hairdresser....

Comment Re:Call me when (Score 1) 126

I guess that means you didn't like "God Emperor" much. It was ok by me, and I liked where Herbert was going in the new series with "Heretics" and "Chapterhouse" (different, but it grew on me), but then death interfered, and now we must rely on Herbert's son Brian and Kevin J. Anderson to imagine what would have happened next. I haven't read any of those, but it seems reviews are decidedly mixed.

Comment Re:Won't work everywhere, or really anywhere else (Score 1) 179

A large part of your response seems like you think you're arguing with me, but you're basically saying the same thing I am: This only works because it's a small company, and though you might not need a single person as the CEO in a larger company, you'll at least need a formal leadership with a formal decision-making process.

In other words, it's not about it being in Sweden, it's about the fact that it's a 40-person company. If they get much bigger, they'll need to do *something* to put some person or group of people "in charge".

However, I will comment on this:

With the EOE and labor laws in the US, do you think you can discriminate against the people who aren't right?

I don't see why not, as long as your definition of "people who aren't right" isn't about race, gender, or sexual orientation. That is, if your objection is something like, "This won't work once you have black employees!" then you should fuck right off. But labor laws don't really prevent other forms of discrimination, based on things like incompetence, lack of qualifications, or bad behavior.

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