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Comment Re:BULLSHIT US saved Russia (Score 1) 325

Russia contribute man power and equipment like tanks that the west has no concept of. For example there were literally 10x more Russian armies when Germany surrended. The truth is Russia WON ww2 by blood and guts.

Did you know that the USA sent Russia more than 10K tanksin WW2? And airplanes? And food/fuel/etc?

Russian tank production in WW2 was roughly comparable to US tank production, by the way.

And there were definitely 10x more Russian armies than German armies at the end of WW2. But not 10x more than American Armies. Don't forget that, for all the Europe First talk, most of the American effort was spent fighting Japan. So, we did the whole Second Front thing (and the Africa thing and the Italy thing) with the leftovers from the War in the Pacific thing....

And yes, the Russians won WW2 by blood and guts. Mostly because they had a nasty habit of executing competent generals (who might be a threat to Glorious Leader).

Never doubt that the Soviet contribution to WW2 was important. Decisive? That's arguable. Though there's a strong argument that Soviet participation in WW2 saved Germany from being hit with multiple atomic bombs....

Comment Re: Notice the timing on the propaganda piece (Score 1) 325

Not according to every single UN report on the subject, up to and including just days ago, but by all means, keep being a dictator's internet propagandist.

FYI, since you're late to the party, there no longer is anything called "Al-Nusra". The name changed to Jabhat Fateh al-Sham when they broke from al-Qaeda.

Comment Re:No, they didn't. (Score 1) 325

Thank you, I read this headline and immediately sighed at the stupidity of it as well.

Russia likes doing these sort of braggadocious product unveilings; they're often rather disconnected from the reality of how their development goes. That's not to say that Russia can't develop good products - they can. But every time they make these product announcements it's like "The world will imminently fall at our feet due to the obvious revolutionary technological superiority of our latest offering!", when it's most often anything but.

Comment Re:Hmm (Score 1) 325

Aluminum was largely the key to the "missile gap" that developed between the US and USSR in ICBMs in the 1960s. Before that, ICBMs had been liquid-fueled, which presented storage, complexity and bulk problems (also prevented underwater launch on submarines). The US discovered that the addition of aluminum powder to solid rocket propellant mixes would simultaneously increase ISP, thrust, density, and burn stability, and moved immediately toward the development of a series of solid ICBMs; the Soviets were late to catch onto the significance of aluminum in propellant mixes, and fell over half a decade behind as a consequence.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 533

ZZzzzzzzzzzzz.......now you're just boring me. Do better or you'll have to go back to Breitbart.

Sad. Bad.

Honest question: do you want a president who is on drugs? Wouldn't you want to be sure the president is a real president, not some devilman dopleganger? Don't vote for the devilman, buckaroo. And on that note, do you truly believe that jet fuel can melt steel? Who do you think is involved, hmm?

Your government has turned against you! Corporations control your every thought! Open your eyes! Wake up sheeple! Wake up sheeple! WAKE UP SHEEPLE!


Comment Re:Hmm (Score 2) 325

Quotation needed. And no, Ukraine does not count. They had a vote and voted to be part of Russia; that's a far cry from rolling in the tanks and taking it by force.

They did send in their military, that's who the "Little Green Men" were. Even Putin has publicly admitted this. The "vote" was held under occupation, not internationally recognized, boycotted by significant segments of the population, and even Russia at one point accidentally released the "real" numbers from the vote which didn't match the official ones.

Do recall that Russia is a country where Chechnya "voted for" United Russia (Putin's Party) 99% in 2001. Some parts of Grozny voted for "The Butcher of Grozny" by well over 100%. You seriously think that's legit?

Amazing how many apologists for Russia there are here. False equivalencies are clearly alive and well.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 533

If pointing out hypocrisy through sarcasm is called like that these days, so be it.

It's not hypocrisy you're pointing out though. You're certainly not being satirical.

There are far, far more problems in the world than any one person can care about let alone act to fix. A person acting to fix a problem is a good thing even if there are nearby similar problems that they are not acting to fix. All you are doing is sitting on the sidelines being critical of people attempting to fix their tiny little corner of the world neither helping them or fixing a different problem.

It would be hypocritical perhaps if people disputed that an imbalance elsewhere could be indicitave of a problem, but no one disputed it.

So like I said you're concern trolling, pointing out "concerns" (i.e. that people aren't doing enough) while not lifting a finger to help.

That's not satire, that's something else entirely.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 2) 150

The oil companies didn't have to pay for their own security and they didn't have to pay for the true cost of oil.

It's also very expensive to maintain a naval and coast guard fleet to protect oil tankers. The oil companies should be paying for it.

If they had to pay for those things- their prices would be much higher. So their prices are subsidized by tax payers.

Comment Re: What could possibly go wrong (Score 1) 456

Right. And that mechanism is handled via some kind of software in a chip somewhere on the board. Rather than a physical switch yanking the power.

Well, conventionally that sort of thing is referred to as firmware. First press is all software: it notifies the OS and the OS can do what it likes. Long press is handled by some embedded mechanism and then cuts the power.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 533

I see you've dropped your weird Trump related ramblings. Getting a little forgetful, perhaps?

No, but I got you to check it at least once like a sucker, lol.

Uhm... I copied and pasted it from my browser so of course it worked for me. You see I'm perfectly capable of copying and pasting links, whereas you seem unable to click on them reliably. I think it's becoming increasingly clear precisely why you "retired" from computer related jobs.

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