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Journal wowbagger's Journal: Magazine subscription calls: are these people stupid or ???? 3

I am a professional software engineer. I make my living THINKING - long, hard and deeply. Interruptions are very expensive, and I don't suffer them lightly. Magazines, email, and things like this journal entry aren't interrupts: they are tasks I run when I am blocked on my main tasks (e.g. during compiles and downloads to the target.)

Phone calls, on the other hand, are interrupts. And since I don't know who is calling me until I take the call, I cannot leave that particular interrupt masked most of the time.

As a professional, I can get a very large number of professional magazines free of charge - EDN, EE Times, and the like. They get their money by selling ads, and their revenues are based upon their circulation.

And I have no problem with that - I will look at the ads that relate to my current situation, and ignore those that don't. They don't cost me time.

Now, when a magazine wants me to renew, and sends the renewal form on the front of the magazine, and they pay for postage, then I will renew the magazine if I find it valuable. If I don't find it valuable, and they pay for postage, then I will do them the courtesy of sending them the renewal with a "No thanks".

If they think I am going to chase up a stamp to send the response back to them, they are stupid. I am not going to spend 39 cents to tell them I am not interested - they can infer that from my lack of response.

I *also* do NOT give out my fax number, telephone number, or email to magazines - if they wish to communicate with me, they can do so by the US postal service. Again, I don't want to be interrupted.

Long ago, I decided upon a very simple rule with respect to magazine that call me on the phone about renewals: I cancel them. Immediately. I waste no time on the phone - I say "I'm sorry, I don't take magazines that call me on the phone at work. Goodbye. <click>".

That's a pretty clear "NO", isn't it?

Evidently, not for EDN. They have been calling me about once a week for the past month. They called me yesterday. They got the standard response.

I also decided that the next time they called me I was going to be "smart lazy" rather than "dumb lazy": I would spend more time on the line to insure that I wasted no more time in future.

Guess what happened a few tens of minutes ago? If you guessed "they called me again" then you are paying attention, which is more than I can say for the phone monkeys employed by the company that EDN employs for "circulation retention".

So, I made it very plain that:

  1. I had no interest in any magazine that called me on the phone.
  2. EDN was such a magazine.
  3. I was NOT going to renew.
  4. I had so informed them on multiple previous calls.
  5. I wanted my name removed from their calling list.
  6. I wanted my name and number ADDED to their DO NOT CALL list.

Now, I know how these telemarketers (and that is who I am dealing with, telemarketers) operate. Anything less than a clear "FUCK OFF AND DIE NO I DON'T WANT YOUR CRAP STOP CALLING ME" is ignored - these guys are judged on their "retention rates", and paying heed to a NO that doesn't fit their narrowly defined parameters will hurt those rates.

I don't give a shit about their rates. I said NO. Honor it.

Of course, this being a business line, it is NOT eligible for the Do Not Call list.

So, instead, I will pass this on:

DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO EDN (Electronic Design News).

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Magazine subscription calls: are these people stupid or ????

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  • ...Desperate is a much better word. You probably make ~fair~ money being an IT guy who is employed. Millions and millions of people have lost their jobs over the past few years, then have to compete with a shrinking pool of even lower paying "jobs" with the ten to 30 million folks who got "insourced". Once you get desperate, and are stuck living in a nation where thew rich guys-the upper middle class and above folks- set the rates of what stuff costs, you take any job you can get, and you have to follow ord
  • Unfortunately, the telemarketing is outsourced, sometimes to multiple agencies. So it is hard to tell if EDN is pushing it, or 1 or more telemarketing agencies are pissing you off. I sympathize with your plight.

    I recommend you complain directly to: [] , where they have a complaint/issue with telemarketing checkbox. At least it is worth a try.

    • We will see if I get any more calls - if I do, then I shall most definitely make that complaint.

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