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Comment Re:USPS (Score 1) 39

That sounds great in theory, but so does Marxism. Centralization very very rarely beats a competitive market for efficiency.

Marxism has sounded terrible in theory ever since Game Theory and Information Theory became serious subjects (what, about 50+ years now?)

Same for central planning of anything - it's an information theoretical problem - the central planners always lack sufficient information and sufficient information processing capacity to make good decisions. The information and capacity are distributed in markets.

It's kinda like getting rid of packet-switched networks and having one computer do all of the Internet traffic flow. That would be an unmitigated disaster. Let's name it after Chavez, tho.

Comment Re:Suing over other people's criminal actions? (Score 1) 45

Would you also consider it unreasonable to sue the makers of a "high security lock" that would unlock if you jiggled the door knob?

It works the other way around. There's a guy with a YouTube channel about lock picking who says the Big Name in "secure" padlocks has sued him over some of his videos showing how easy they are to defeat.

Courts are empirically rigged in favor of the corporate interests, against the People, so this isn't terribly surprising.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 120

And property values in the flight paths of airports tend to suggest that people very much dislike close proximity to operating aircraft. Airports tend to have enough clout to avoid being shoved out into the sticks entirely(though getting an expansion to an existing airport can be deeply fraught); but selling people on "helipads on every street corner"? Have fun with that.

Comment Marketing Opportunity (Score 1) 111

That should drive ad prices lower for brands that are less susceptible to bullying by special interest groups, right?

Is Google actually allowing market elasticity on ad prices? The biggest problem I see with being randomly assigned to whatever video is that it might be a sign of very poor targeting. I mean, white supremacists aren't likely to go out for Chinese food tonight, right? But they probably still need to buy laundry detergent .

Nobody really thinks that Tide is refusing to sell detergent to these boorish idiots. I wonder who actually spends time watching their videos and thinks "well, Tide obviously supports their views." I find "reality TV" offensive to my sensibilities but the only connection I make there is that the advertisers want the audience's money.

And there's the rub - thinking that attacking supply will eliminate demand is folly, but attacking demand is hard and the bullies are ultimately lazy.

Comment Children and bathwaters (Score 4, Insightful) 111

Advertisers were successfully bullshitted into believing that their brands would be tarnished by appearing next to "offensive" videos. The problem is that YouTube went overboard and now considers everything "offensive" that's not basically cute kittens playing with yarn, not just extremists videos demanding the execution of everything who follows the wrong delusion.

The problem here is that the reason people went from traditional media and to YouTube is exactly that they're fed up with having "family friendly" bullshit shoved down their throats. If that's all that remains on YouTube, people will simply move on.

And then nobody sees your pretty ads either.

Comment Re:Americans no longer want to pick fruit. (Score 5, Interesting) 125

I'm in a "weird" part of the country without much in the way of migrant workers and Americans do all "the jobs Americans won't do".

A friend of mine has a teenage son who's worked at a nearby orchard for a couple years, after school and summers. I know, he can't exist according to labor economists who don't get that bottom-wage jobs are for kids with no experience. He's off to college next year, and I doubt a robot will be taking his job.

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