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Comment Re:If you have "travel mode" on (Score 1) 100

Maybe, but most likely they'll just see you as another nuisance maker trying to make their job difficult. And in their opinion it's important, valuable, patriotic and you're either non-American or one of the wusses they defend. I'm sure the TSA system has some informal way to shitlist a person so he'll get picked for extra security screenings, luggage checks, extended questioning, "problems" processing forms etc. so any kind of solution that lets the TSA know you're trying to obstruct or evade them is kinda a non-starter.

They're only going to care if you're wrapped head to toe in a Burka or tin foil. And then only maybe.

You do realize that the VAST majority of TSA employees are just trying to get through the day. That includes middle and upper level management. Yes, they realize that most of what they do is security theater - at best - but they still have to do it. Showing up with a blank computer / no social site logins / stupid T shirt or bizarre attitude isn't going to faze them nor will it put you on some magical shit list.

You aren't a special snowflake. Just a random, generic one. And when you melt, no one will care. Get over it.

Comment Re:Dumb Idea, Seriously (Score 1) 100

2). Travel under the name Joe/Jane Smith and claim you never use social media. Ever. For anything!

Smart move. Where do I get a passport that says I'm Joe Smith?

4). Boot into a fake, but plausibly real looking environment, with nothing interesting on it. Load it to the gills with internet cat videos and nothing more;

I'd load it with gross but legal porn. Give them something to vomit over. Lemonparty or Tubgirl... gee, if I only could decide...

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