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Submission + - CSU sacrifices privacy for security theatre (

wizardforce writes: "Colorado State University's new key-less access system referred to as Ramcard 2.0 is to be implemented this coming semester for the purpose of security and saving money by reducing staff hours. The problem with the system is that it will not solve any of the security problems that have in the past resulted in theft of electronics three years ago which by the way is the only security breach worth mentioning and was the result of the lack of an analog key. The system relies on using new ramcards to allow students to access buildings while identifying those who open the doors, not those who enter the building. A similar system exists in the campus dormitories for which students frequently bypass said security on a daily basis. There is no actual security benefit to the system as a would be wrongdoer has numerous methods and time available to bypass the security in place. The system also creates a database of everyone who opens the door of a given building rather than everyone who enters the building as chivalry is not dead. Said database would be completely pointless in regard to security because although the college has a database of who and when someone opens the door to said buildings they could not show causality between any crime and the perpetrator as said perpetrator could be let in by someone else which is a frequent occurrence, could wait several hours until no one is around which is exactly what occurred with the aforementioned theft of electronics or could just break into the building through windows which are not protected by the system. The fact of the matter is that the system invades privacy, is completely ineffective and costs the college over 100,000 dollars just to start."

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