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Comment Re: It has to be said (Score 1) 305

I program games for iOS and Android, which cumulatively make up a massive part of the mobile devices market. Both operating systems use OpenGL ES, a subset of OpenGL. With PC sales declining and mobile devices selling like hot cakes. In my industry OpenGL is more popular than ever while DirectX is almost nonexistent.

Comment Re:Profit (Score 0) 227

Humans have generally believed since the Magna Carta that there should be some limits on power. As far back as Bible times when people taxed/tithed their government/religion that there should be some transfer of wealth from the wealthy to the poor. Without such transfers of wealth, the ultimate conclusion will always be fiefdoms where a few Lords use their power and wealth to acquire more power and wealth.

Believing in private property doesn't mean that society gets zero say in how you use that property. Where is your empathy?

Comment Re:There's your problem (Score 1) 133

The research is about figuring out how the brain works. The part you quoted is an offhand application of the research made in the last paragraph of the article. I would like to say that if we can determine when one gets "stuck" on a math problem and will not be able to solve it, then why not start teaching at that point? Why waste time letting a student's wheels spin in place when we can be teaching dammit!

Comment Re:Obvious question (Score 1) 133

Maybe I'm missing some subtlety here, but if the brain is *learning* math, and is applying an algorithm to calculate, one would assume that an error could only be determined externally, and there should be no internal inconsistency indicating an error.

In my reading of the article, it seems to me that there IS an internal inconsistency, and that internal inconsistency stresses the brain as the brain attempts to find a solution. In other words, the researchers are detecting the "internal inconsistency indicating an error."

Comment Re:Typical "educator"'s thinking (Score 3, Informative) 133

I find your stereotype of educators incorrect. This study is attempting to figure out how students learn and solve problems. Such information is useful to educators. So in your words... If a student is having difficulty solving a math problem, we identify what deficiency is holding them back, then give them a simpler math problem that remedies the deficiency. Mathematics is highly structured, and I find that many times students need to go back and practice a prior topic before attempting the current exercise.

I'm going to guess most people complaining didn't RTFA. Changing math problems in the middle of a test was an offhand comment in the last paragraph, discussing possible applications for his current research. The current research being understanding how the brain works.

Comment Re:Why not just wait? (Score 3, Interesting) 133

Who is going to want to have to have electrodes hooked up to their head just to take a test? It's already stressful enough without having more stuff to distract you.

I view this as research into how to better teach mathematics, or really how to better teach any intellectually challenging subject. I don't think they are hoping to hook up every test-taker to this thing, but rather trying to understand how the brain picks apart challenging problems. I feel such research is very useful.

Comment Re:Maybe there's something wrong with me... (Score 5, Insightful) 133

Say we get this system to 100% accuracy. We know ahead of time that little Jimmy will not be able to solve this math problem. Little Jimmy has exhausted his options and has become stuck. Then what is the point of wasting time having him stare at it? I would take this as an alert that little Jimmy needs help, to intervene, and get little Jimmy learning again.

Comment Re:How wonderful (Score 5, Interesting) 133

I majored in math and spend many hours tutoring math. Here is a key in tutoring, you need to give challenging but SOLVABLE problems! Otherwise you just frustrate and make math something to hate. If I got stuck on some math homework and couldn't figure it out, that sucked. I figured out pretty quick if I was stuck for 5 minutes, just wait and go ask for help.

What I found interesting about the article is that the mention of the word "math" is enough for some people to show signs of imminent failure. I have often come across this while tutoring and the best thing that I could do to help these people is to remove a fear of math from them. Show them that they CAN do some easier math, and then move on from there.

This is key in educating anyone in any topic. Challenging but SOLVABLE problems! Your attitude only makes society hate mathematics more, when they should be shown the wonder and excitement of it!

Comment Re:It's Basic Infrastructure (Score 1) 255

No thanks, if a guest wants to access my wifi he should ask for the password and take the extra 30 seconds needed to type it in.

How can you NOT be angry the government is forcing your guests to ask for your keys to use your datapipe by threatening you and your reputation with very serious criminal charges? This is happening all over the world and I am afraid our culture now accepts it without even thinking it's absurd!

I used to run my public WiFi with SSID "UseDontAbuse". I have since removed public access thus making the area around my home a little bit worse than it was before. I will express my anger here in the hopes that other people get angry as well and we collectively as a nation stop taking this crap!

Comment Re:*clap* *clap* (Score 1) 247

bullshit, nobody cares about your ethical luxury good purchase policy, nobody except you. get over it

Maybe you friends don't ask you for advice because they're afraid you'll bite their head off? I've let all my friends know ahead of time that I'll be getting an Xbox 720 and NOT a PS4. Which means ALL of us will probably get Xbox 720s.

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