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Submission + - Microsoft accuses webkit of breaking standards and becoming the next IE 6 (

Billly Gates writes: In a bizaare, yet funny and ironic move, Microsoft warned web developers that using webkit stagnated open standards and innovation on the web. Microsoft is espcially concerned in the mobile market where many mobile sites only work with Android or IOS with -webkit specific extensions on its call to action in their Windows Phone Developer Blog. Their examples include W3C code such as radius-border, which are being written as -webkit-radius-border instead on websites. In the mobile market Webkit has a 90% marketshare, while website masters feel it is not worth the development effort to test against browsers such as IE. Microsoft's solution to the problem of course is to use IE 10 for standard compliancy and not use the proprietary (yet opensource) webkit. Is webkit in both Android, Chrome, and iOS really that proprietary is it all hot air from someone who fell from grace?

Submission + - Not a joke: Each book downloaded to ereaders incre (

whoever57 writes: According to Prof Kubiatowicz from University of California, Berkeley, each time an additional book is downloaded to an ereader, the mass of the ereader increases. The effect doesn't really make the devices more difficult to carry: the professor calculates that 4GB of books adds 1e-18g. to the mass — about the mass of a single virus or DNA molecule.

Comment My bad ride (Score 1) 269

Oh, man... I'm picturing being *that guy*, the one that rolls out his riding lawnmower with the Lotus symbol on the hood... All my neighbors would stop pushing their mowers to watch my gleaming grass cutting muscle machine in amazement and envy. Cue Tim Allen caveman grunts...

Awww yeah...

Comment Missed something (Score 3, Informative) 374

Well, I skimmed the replies and found an important point missing, concerning how Windows 8 will be marketed: If Windows 8 is going to be released in 2012, that means that sometime in late 2011, Microsoft will start telling us that Windows 7 is, in fact, dog shit.

But Windows 8 will solve all those problems, and be faster and more secure!

Comment Re:oh joy (Score 1) 170

Millions of ordinary people didn't know there was a vulnerability until now.

Dear Ordinary Person,

As you may have heard in the media, there has been an exploit discovered in the security protocols used in the banking sector. As such, we require you to log on and reset your password. Please click on this link and enter your security details there. Please ignore any certificate warnings that you might see, they are unavoidable while we implement a more secure protocol.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Bad Guy^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Yourbank

Comment Well (Score 1) 396

I still remember back when you didn't have to have a domain to be taken seriously. Magazines would list informative websites that were hosted on geocities. More often than not, though, you'd wind up at a page written by a wannabe anarchist or a script kiddie. This page would look horrible, have some 50kb .wav greeting you, and almost always have a black or .gif background. Yes, that includes my own geocities page from back in 96. Yes, geocities. You were terrible. But we'll miss you anyway. This post best viewed in Netscape Navigator. Under construction. 010013 hits and counting! Part of the kuribo post webring.

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