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Comment This has nothing to do with the original article! (Score 1) 109

The former Conservative government decided that for the second largest country by area, it would be a good idea to centralize all Information Technology services, and called it Shared Services Canada (SSC). This is wrong in so many ways...first of all, having all IT services centralized means that you have a single point of failure. Add to that, SSC may have their own priorities that may leave you sitting for weeks and months waiting for installation, configuration and implementation all sorts of IT technologies. It used to be that each department of the Government of Canada could set up their internal services, as long as they conformed to a set of guidelines, and the equipment was bought from government approved vendors who had standing offers with the government.

Now, SSC has become one of the worst BOFH, and everyone suffers.

Comment Re:/. editors: why do you maintain this shit hole? (Score 1) 1103

why do you guys bother keeping this comment section running, when it has clearly devolved into one of the worst, most openly racist and least interesting communities on the internet?

You are at the wrong site. I mean it. If you are so offended, get out. You are not welcome here.

It is not possible to dictate what other people will say. The value in this site is that people can say whatever they want. If you want everything that is said to be valuable to you, then start a site where you pay people to write what you want to hear/see.

Comment Re:"Police found Purinton 80 miles away at Applebe (Score 1) 1103

The one thing I know is you can not have a rational discussion with them about gun control.

I know you believe your coworker would be alive if there was gun control; but you are wrong. The guy would have killed him no matter what; perhaps by dragging him behind a truck until all of his skin was torn off as happened to a American of Mexican descent. Or perhaps your friend would have been lynched. That used to be real popular.

I should mod you down for making this about gun control instead of hate, but meh. Your lack of rational thought is typical.

Comment Re:My job... (Score 4, Insightful) 361

I'm so tired of hearing comments like this, nothing was taken!

It's not hard to figure out what he meant - He was replaced by Indians. There's a negligible difference between "took my job" and "took over the job I was doing in spite of my protest". Do you also object to the headline, as robots aren't "taking" jobs, they're just being given jobs that used to belong to humans?

Comment Re:Overtime not paid beyond 80 hours a month (Score 3, Interesting) 149

Many people probably assume it starts after 40hs a week like in the US.

For white collar workers with a salary of more than $47,476, that's not necessarily true. I've had positions where it was explicitly explained to me that the 40 hour week was a minimum and less than expected.

Comment Re:Overtime not paid beyond 80 hours a month (Score 1) 149

Sadly, if these people have been working 60+ hours a week for years, work is their life - send them home and they'll get depressed, fight with their families, and otherwise have to find some meaning to their life outside the company.

I don't disagree BUT:
Depression is treatable and, if it's a result of a lifestyle change, temporary.
Fights with family are typically resolved and are part of forming family bonds.
As for finding meaning to life outside the company, I'm not sure any exists but the opportunity to quest for it should be available to everyone on the planet.

Comment Re:Too much noise (Score 1) 189

wtf is twitter even for?

I only follow 2 accounts, both belonging to the same person. I check his tweets every morning because they very well may have global consequences. I'm waiting in terror for the day we see this:

NK too afraid of US might to follow through with EMPTY threats. FAKE NUKES!!

Submission + - Cloudflare Leaks Sensitive User Data Across the Web

ShaunC writes: In a bug that's been christened "Cloudbleed," Cloudflare disclosed today that some of their products accidentally exposed private user information from a number of websites. Similar to 2014's Heartbleed, Cloudflare's problem involved a buffer overrun that allowed uninitialized memory contents to leak into normal web traffic. Tavis Ormandy, of Google's Project Zero, discovered the flaw last week. Affected sites include Uber, Fitbit, and OKCupid, as well as unnamed services for hotel booking and password management. Cloudflare says the bug has been fixed, and Google has purged affected pages from its search index and cache.

Comment Re:CTR was NEVER a good metric (Score 3, Insightful) 129

Time spent on a page or how deeply I scroll down an article is no indication of how likely that corporation is to separate me from some of my money.

I think the advertisers would disagree with you on that. A big goal of advertising is simple brand-recognition. The longer they can keep their brand in front of your eyes, the better. I believe that they believe this works.

Comment Re:I call Bullshit (Score 1) 142

I've NEVER had a Bluetooth device maintain connection at 30 feet WITHOUT walls.

I've never had one work through a door much less drywall...

I have had a few unexpected conversations with my mother-in-law while taking my wife's car out of the garage. I suspect not all Bluetooth devices are created equally, and the one in my wife's Ford is very good. It will connect to her phone from well over 30 feet, with several walls in between.

Comment Re:Hyperbole stew (Score 0) 512

Funny, I've always thought that "they hate us for our freedoms" was a joke, and understood as such by everyone.

No. Many do hate Americans for their freedoms.

Many people believe that an individual should not have the freedom to speak out; especially against the government.

Many people think that an individual should not be free to practice whatever religion they want (Islam!).

Many people think that the state is the center of existence, not the individual.

Many people want strong and dominating government that tell people what they should be doing, unlike America where you can do whatever you want, including sitting on your ass doing nothing.

Comment Re:Windows (Score 1) 224

Point is that once you go into Steam and pick a game, chances are that the Windows version of it is more fully featured than the Linux version.

I have not noticed any differences. You will need to provide proof/examples.

In the case of Civ VI, the Windows version is out (albeit new) but the Linux one is almost out.

It is out now. They tried to sell it to me last week for $49.99 which I declined.

Other games, like Civ V - the Windows version is more fully featured than the Linux one.

I have played Civ V on Windows and Linux. I failed to notice any differences. Perhaps you can provide significant details?

Long story short, if you are an intense gamer who wants to try everything, like my son, then you will use primarily Windows for games. For myself, I do not need much. DOTA, Skyrim, and Civ V eat up massive amounts of time by themselves. God forbid I should do any of the survival games like Ark or Rust. Rocket League is fun for quick gameplay. I still occasionally play Command and Conquer Red Alert.

FYI, Skyrim is drop dead gorgeous at 4k resolutions. I play in a window at 3584(?)x2016 so I can get the largest window possible without being full screen. Still haven't found a reasonable way to do that on Windows.

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