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Alphabet's Nest Wants to Build a 'Citizen-Fueled' Power Plant ( 123

Mark Chediak, reporting for Bloomberg:Alphabet Inc's Nest Labs is looking to enlist enough customers in California to free up as much power as a small natural gas-fired plant produces, helping alleviate potential energy shortages in the region following a massive gas leak that has restricted supplies. Nest, which supplies digital, wireless thermostats, is partnering with Edison International's Southern California Edison utility to get households enrolled in a state-established energy conservation program. The company wants to attract 50,000 customers through next summer that could shrink their total demand by as much as 50 megawatts when needed, Ben Bixby, Nest's director of energy businesses at Nest, said by phone. "We are building a citizen-fueled clean power plant," he said.

Comment Re:"Windows exclusive" (Score 1) 123

That being the case, why the hell is this Windows exclusive? Why not open it to Macs and desktop Linux?

A Sony rep mentioned on the PlayStation Blog today that they were evaluating Mac support. Obviously they can do it, because they are already doing it withPS4 Remote Play for Mac (interesting side note: the PS4 Remote Play for Mac app is significantly smaller than the Windows version. One of these days I'm meaning to look into why this is).


Comment Re:Input on a Windows tablet? (Score 1) 123

"With a Windows laptop or tablet, you aren't tethered to a big-screen TV. You could theoretically take these PlayStation games anywhere"

The article says it requires a DualShock 4 controller. I don't see how that will work with all Windows tablets, especially seeing as ARM-based Windows tablets (like the Surface 1 and 2 non-Pro) allow only XInput controllers (that is, Xbox 360 controllers and one Logitech model).

Sony also announced today a USB dongle for Mac and Windows that permits wireless DS4 connections. Assuming the tablet has a USB port you could presumably use that (although as of yet there is no word if it requires any special drivers or not).


Comment Re:Alarming Battery Costs (Score 2, Interesting) 172

Personally the extreme cost of the batteries (much higher than say a replacement engine) leaves me with big questions about how viable electric cars will be from a maintenance perspective.

They said the same thing about Prius batteries 15 years ago. Battery prices came down, and the batteries are very reliable. I still see some first generation Prii running around.

Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 510

I don't know about KDE on Ubuntu, but I've been running our PCs on the KDE 4 DE in Linux Mint for years.

KDE dead? That's news to me. The website seems to still function. QtCon is still set to start in a few weeks. Plus Mint just released a Beta KDE version on it's newest version.

Ask Slashdot, that word you keep using, dead. I don't think you know what it means.

Posted from my still functioning LTS edition of Mint KDE.

Of course we all know, Android is the future. Resistance is futile.

Comment Re:I hope they put in an external antenna port (Score 1) 124

Ok the 1k zx81 was never that good and the 16k spectrum was pretty good fun the 512k Amiga 500 was much better and the 2 megabyte A1200 was great especially with a 52 MByte quantum fireball hard drive. 68030 cpu in the trapdoor and an additional 4 MB of ram. It got me on the internet and aminet a wonderful archive of amiga software.

guess kids today can't comprehend running a full desktop on so little resources. It is still hard to comprehend why we now need so much.


One Year in Jail For Abusive Silicon Valley CEO ( 287

He grew up in San Jose, and at the age of 25 sold his second online advertising company to Yahoo for $300 million just nine years ago. Friday Gurbaksh Chahal was sentenced to one year in jail for violating his probation on 47 felony charges from 2013, according to an article in The Guardian submitted by an anonymous Slashdot reader: Police officials said that a 30-minute security camera video they obtained showed the entrepreneur hitting and kicking his then girlfriend 117 times and attempting to suffocate her inside his $7 million San Francisco penthouse. Chahal's lawyers, however, claimed that police had illegally seized the video, and a judge ruled that the footage was inadmissible despite prosecutors' argument that officers didn't have time to secure a warrant out of fear that the tech executive would erase the footage.

Without the video, most of the charges were dropped, and Chahal, 34, pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor battery charges of domestic violence... In Silicon Valley, critics have argued that Chahal's case and the lack of serious consequences he faced highlight the way in which privileged and wealthy businessmen can get away with serious misconduct.. On September 17, 2014, prosecutors say he attacked another woman in his home, leading to another arrest.

Friday Chahal was released on bail while his lawyer appeals the one-year jail sentence for violating his probation.

Comment Re:OR (exclusive) (Score 1) 254

Perhaps the typical Fat Dumb American are actually intelegent people who cannot find work to match their potential.

Dude. I just could not read the rest of your comment. You start with broad categorization issues and proceed to misspell intelligent all in the first grammatically incorrect sentence.

You may have had something intelegent to say but fuck me. I couldn't get to it.

(sorry about being pedantic, it is not my normal mode)

Comment Re:fostering a generation that cant cook. (Score 1) 148

And you know what, we are fine. Unless we are waiting for an asteroid strike, the zombie apocalypse or some other shit that collapses human civilization, we will be fine.

As a child, I wondered why the average person did not know this stuff. It forces us to be dependent on others if we do not know it... as an adult, it seems like a conspiracy. How can you be free if you are ultimately dependent on society for your survival?

Don't get me wrong, I think the benefits that society brings are extremely useful and desirable; however, I should have the ability to say, "fuck off" without dying.

Comment Re:Marketing is a four-letter word (Score 1) 195

The only people in the world who care about this data are people who sell devices to aid the activity. Whereas with my banking data, it is not only people who sell banking services that might want to steal it!

Try running for office and your "masturbation" details will be released. Oops.

For myself, I would not care if you used a vibrator or not but there are hundreds of thousands of mouth-breathers out there who do care.

Comment Re:While It Sucks... (Score 2) 160

While your argument is sound, my experience says that there must be more to it than that.

I had a 99 Saturn SL1. At 65mph it averaged, roughly 34mpg. At 80mph, it averaged roughly 38mpg. These numbers are from memory but they are roughly correct. It surprised me greatly to discover these numbers.

How can this be? I am unsure. Possibly something to do with gearing and RPMs. Weird, but empirical data outweighs theory every time.

Comment Re:Also changes privacy settings (Score 1) 281

One, the diagnostic phone home, is again on and takes a registry hack to turn it back off again.

Why would even bother? It is clear that the operating system is hostile to your interests so how can you be certain that hacking registry keys is making it behave the way you want it to behave?

I have completely and utterly severed myself from Microsoft in my personal life. There is nothing that is offered on that platform that is worth using that operating system. Granted, it took me reassessing why I used computers at all for me to be able to make such a choice, but just wow; how can anyone willingly participate in what Microsoft is shoving down our throats? It is better to not use computers at all.

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