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Comment What could possibly go wrong? (Score 2, Insightful) 383

1. You can tuck a key under the doormat if you lose the ones in your pocket. Not so electronic gadget. 2. As somebody else mentioned - flat battery? lose access to all your property. Flat battery in the lock or power cut in the house? lose access. 3. Replacing locks just got a whole lot more expensive and no doubt all lock makers would have to have some kind of license agreement with Apple. In short, LAME. This seems to be technology for technology's sake. I can see pretty much nothing but downsides to this.

Comment Re:Their Last Straw... (Score 0) 127

"Killing hundreds of thousands [] of people deserve a bit more than quotation marks, don't you think?" No, because Turkey doesn't view it as Genocide. So that was legitimate use of quotes to get a point across. "Which is fucked up itself......" I agree. So what's your point? My argument was that this continual ZOMG! China! is rediculous because we and other countries do *exactly* the same kind of censorship. Sometimes just as blatant and other times more insidiously.

Comment Re:Their Last Straw... (Score -1, Flamebait) 127

The question is of degree. YouTube and other websites have been and will continue to be blocked or censored provided they do not adhere to local laws or sentiments. In the place of China you should also include Thailand (nothing derogatory about the king), Turkey (don't mention the "genocide" against Armenians, most of the middle east (porn), UK (knives and anything deemed pro-terrorist or deemed as such), Germany (no holocaust denial). The list goes on and on. This idea unfortunately mostly by westerners, that they should somehow "subvert" any country that doesn't agree with their views or actions is nothing but a hangover from colonialist attitudes of supremacy.

Comment Re:This is pretty awesome *for* linux. (Score 0) 1654

Agree totally. "I was wondering how many people wouldn't stop to think before they replied, blaming her in the process" Just check out the asses on Digg They absolutely slated her. And they wonder why people don't want to get on the Linux train....

Comment Re:This is a real problem (Score 0) 1654

"So how do you counter this kind of problem?" We could start by getting rid of some of the supposed Linux supporters on the equivalent Digg post who had nothing other than ridicule for this girl. First hurdle for Linux on the desktop/laptop is the lack of visibility (nobody but geeks or friends of geeks know about it) Second hurdle is getting rid of the asses who think helping adoption can be done by taking the piss out of potential new users.

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