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Comment Re: WaPo? (Score 1) 272
"Lord Bell ran $540m covert PR ops in Iraq for Pentagon"
The communications agency founded by Margaret Thatcher’s PR guru Lord Bell was hired by the US military to orchestrate a huge $540m “covert” propaganda campaign in Iraq after the 2003 invasion.

In what is believed to be one of the world’s most costly PR contracts, equivalent to £416m, staff from Bell’s agency were based in Baghdad to disseminate pro-coalition material across the airwaves.

Comment Re:One question (Score 2) 1321

beside the point? It would have been wrong for him to do it, and so it'd be equally wrong for her to do it. There's nothing wrong with saying "we need to check this" afterwards -- this is far from claiming "it's all rigged anyway!" before. That said, Trump claimed it's all rigged, so to do it i.e. check if there way any rigging would not only not be wrong, it would be the one and only way to show that nothing was rigged. It's like a challenge flag vs. a coach shouting "the game's rigged" before it even started.

Comment Why are we even arguing about it? (Score 5, Interesting) 395

This is simple. They are ether common carriers or they are not.

If they are common carriers then they can not inspect the content they carry and as such are not liable for that content.

If they are NOT common carriers then they can inspect the content and charge what they like. However, they are liable for the content they carry. Thus if they choose to not be common carriers and someone is transmitting Child porn, threats, selling drugs, pirated music and movies,etc. Then they are liable for the transport of that data and we should prosecute them for it.

Do it just a few times and all the ISP's will be on board with becoming common carriers.

Comment "keep on building nukes" (Score 1) 376

Building NPPs in the west nowadays might be considered economically insane. If you consider nukes a viable alternative, calculate the (actual) cost and see what else might be done for that amount of money.

Don't get me wrong, I get the "let's go all nuke" argument. I just don't buy it. Right now, renewables are taken off the grid / switched off, because we can't store the power produced efficiently -- where I live, we chose to not produce / switch off renewable energy (and subsidy not producing it), instead of converting and storing it inefficiently. If we used the "all nuke" money for things like renewables and storage, it might still be "economically insane" FWIW (though I doubt that), but a lot less risky and, you might say, geeky.

Comment Re:that would be the opposite of intelligence (Score 1) 70

no matter how big and complicated you make that circumstance

You don't know that, you assume it. Look at it in a different way: we do not know what "makes" intelligence, sentience, self-awareness or what might comprise or "create" a soul -- or even if there is such a thing (do you have one? Not sure if I do).

Point is, let Google / Alphabet and the likes throw huge amounts of money, manpower, science and more and more and exceedingly sophisticated technology at this kinda thing and chances are that some day they'll end up with something

[ ] awesome
[ ] scary
[ ] devastating
[ ] meaningless

if only by mere coincidence. Take your pick :)

IOW, fast forward neural networks and quantum computing 15 years and ask yourself: will it be usable?

Comment Re:Stupid (Score 2) 1042

If we just put glowing pots of embers in the right position, along this long clearing, will the giant silver dragons come back?


You also need the very tall hut - positioned just so. And you need the priest who motions with the sacred rods, to coax the landed dragon into repose. Then? He will disgorge his gifts from heaven, once again.

I believe I observed the ritual of those rods. I know the signs to be made with them.

But have you fully understood the meaning of the incantation, "Roger, one-niner. I copy. Over."?

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