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Journal Journal: 170419 (almost)

Took a leap of faith and left my bags buried under a freeway overpass. This gives me the mobility to walk around. The world is a nasty place these days. The security guard is everywhere. If you didn't arrive in a car, park in the lot, and make your way to the front door then you are a person of special interest. Especially if you look homeless. There are plenty of pretendo homeless people, fakes. Rich kids on the street because they like it, they've been assigned there, or they don't w

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Journal Journal: 170418 (budz)

j0 t4i5 is l33t-h4x0rz.h. 25k for j00 to pwn4g3 teH w3rld. hooks and tricks to be included, 465 tetris building blocks that work on nearly any platform that uses it.

you are a re-rolled sack of sh*t. those ones have three hands and are x-tra k-leet perfect.

you have the same 20 thousand mile chance as anybody else. predestination takes it all to hell.


Comment Re:Poor Governance (Score 3, Informative) 63

That sounds easier than it really is.

I once found a root cron job that ran a script that was about 100 lines long. That script called another script that was close to 1000 lines long. The admin hid a call in that script to call a third script. That third script would check the time and the accounts, if it was between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT and his account was not in the system it would add the account with root privileges. When 02:00 came around it would delete the account from the system.

So basicly between 00:00 and 02:00 GMT he could access the system with admin privileges and do whatever he wanted. I only noticed it because I saw a login at 00:30 by an account that did not exist. I almost missed it because it was called deamon and when scanning the logs you can dismiss it as the daemon account. It took me days to find where the add and delete user account commands were hidden.

Comment Some skills (Score 1) 514

"[...]Trump adopted a highly unusual defence, known as 'force majeure'. He claimed that the 2008 economic crisis was a 'once-in-a-century credit tsunami', an act of God that was equivalent to an earthquake.

Since it couldn't have been anticipated, and it wasn't his fault, he wasn't obliged to pay Deutsche anything. It wouldn't get the $40m or the outstanding $330m, his writ said.

He went further. Trump claimed Deutsche Bank had actually helped cause the crunch. Therefore it owed him. Trump demanded $3bn from Deutsche in compensation."

Some skills.

Comment Re:AKA Windows 10 Phone (Score 1) 115

I have a PAAS and a storage cloud that are computers sitting on my desk at home. Both of them are accessible via the internet.

So when I put stuff in my "Cloud", it is on my equipment and not someone else's!

I don't think you can do that on windows so I guess it is not relevant to "Windows Cloud" lol

Comment Re:Meaningless (Score 0) 745

> Those of us that grew up under the constant pressure of instant annihilation from nuclear attack just don't get worked up over climate change that much.

Speak for yourself. Once you've pondered the aftermath of a nuclear war, you're more likely to realize what climate change is likely bringing in its wake.

> losing their shit that Trump is openly talking to Russia.

Oh come on. Let him talk; fact is that what he says means shit, it's what he does. People said we're doomed if Hillary won because you know, no fly zones!!!111!. Yea, I know, Reuters, yadda yadda. We have that "we're doomed!!!" clock and might well debate if it's any good and whose purpose it serves, but putting all thing aside, you need to admit that the world has not exactly become a safer place with Trump, albeit ubiquitous cries of "Hillary means WW3!!!!111".

Comment hyberbole (Score 1) 284

The article linked is just click bait.

The analyst said that Twitter's data quality is "horrible". Chowdhry said that many pollsters used Twitter data to predict a Hillary Clinton win in the U.S. election but the fact that Donald Trump won shows that data quality is poor. One reason for this is too many fake users on the platform, Chowdhry claims.

Twitter has had issues with monetization, but the idea that the platform is somehow flawed because some idiot used it as a source polling is nuts. You can't determine an election from reading tweets.

Twitter differentiated itself from other social sites by embracing simplicity and mobile. The simplicity of twitter has also hurt it, because it keeps failing at expanding the platform beyond tweets making it a poor growth stock since its user growth has stagnated.

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