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Submission + - The 5 Stages of Grief over Global Warming (

lystrata writes: "NASA EOS investigator, Dr. Steve Running of the University of Montana, has penned a corollary to Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' "5 stages of grief" .

"I recently took a fresh look at the widely recognized concepts on the "5 stages of grief" that Elizabeth Kubler-Ross defined back in the 1970s to summarize how people deal differentially with shocking news, such as being informed that they have terminal cancer. It seems that these stages of grief provide a very good analogy to how people are now reacting to the global warming topic, so I have formulated my "5 Stages of Climate Grief" as follows""

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Submission + - American's getting fatter & less healthy - sti

Patmann writes: "Apparently legions of Slashdot commentors over the years have been correct — Americans really are getting fatter, lazier, and more sick. And apparently it's not just sysadmins and gamers, because now there is empirical data to prove it. The 2007 America's Health Rankings report released today has data on all 50 states. Even comparatively healthy states like Hawaii, Vermont and Minnesota get trounced by 43 other countries! And, if you live in Mississippi, Louisiana, or Arkansas you are, statistically, among the unhealthiest of all."

Submission + - Security is broken: the past, present and future ( 1

gRitteR writes: Our computer security model is broken. Worse yet, it never really has worked at all well, and is even less suitable for today's uses. This talk explores the history behind the design of the current security both in hardware and operating systems. Instead of evolving a more secure model over time, system designers have actually managed to make things worse, creating insecurity in depth. The current security model was not designed to protect users from themselves, and this goes a long way towards understanding why security is so difficult.

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