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Comment Re:Law and Equity (Score 1) 195

This type stuff is common. Heck when I went to sign and get a business internet connection from Comcast they handed me a single page contract that we very reasonable until I got to the last line. It read "By signing this you agree to this contract and all pages published at"

That to me was not "fine print" it was bait and switch. I refused to sign tell I had read everything at the web address. Turns out they had 900+ pages of legal text published there. Most of what was stated in the one page contract was amended or removed by the published pages. They also included such gems as, under grounds for termination "Making public any information which may reflect badly on Comcast.", and "Running any service which allows a user to make public posts." It also stated that the service could be terminated at any time, without notice, with or without reason and that they could not be held responsible for any financial losses. I was not about to sign it because it put my business at the mercy of Comcast.

Comment Re:Posting jobs is so 2000 (Score 1) 142

I have known that for years, even pass it on to anyone looking.

Also, put a skills summary at the top of the resume. It's an easy way to pack in key words.

Make sure you list 4 to 5 accomplishments per position. That's another way to pack key words.

Stuff like

2010-2015 Acme Corp
Sr Unix Engineer
* Deployed multiple OEL (Oracle Enterprise Linux) servers to use as Oracle DB Rack.
* Maintained AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, and Linux servers.
* Managed CentOS (RHEL) 5, 6, and 7 servers using puppet and Spacewalk (Satellite server)
* Spearheaded to project to upgrade older servers to CentOS7.
* Designed and deployed the central logging service utilizing rsyslog with a back end Postgresql database.

As you can see, by doing that you have all the stuff that they may search for. Especially with the way companies look for everything including the kitchen sink.

Comment Re:Bad reporting. (Score 1) 323

I dont understand why not, they are talking about the GROSS amount. As such you have to take into account the taxes, SSA, medical, expenses, etc to get to the NET amount. Most will figure there income on the GROSS but as you can see from the above income people are trying to base the hourly on the NET. Which is wrong. However if you are going to try and determine the Hourly from the NET amount you have to include all the debits from the NET and not cherry pick the numbers.

Comment Re:Bad reporting. (Score 5, Informative) 323

Actually, you missed something and at @$100,000 it breaks down as follows assuming no state income tax.

Gross @ $100,000
Federal Taxes = $18,184
Social security = $12,400
Medicare = 2,900
25% in expenses == $25,000

Leaves $41,516 or a profit of $798 a week, If the state has an income tax it changes those calculations some.

as a 1099 self employed you are responsible for all of the above.

Comment Re:Yeah, Right (Score 4, Insightful) 258

The problem is in translation.

It is a great idea, rather than doing an annual raise you give employees raises when they do a great job and become more valuable to the company. (HR and upper managements vision) This means that good employees get raises every few months as rewards and you can directly show them how much they are appreciated and reward them for their contributions to the company.

Middle management on the other hand get graded by how much money they save. Thus, by not giving raises and not having to do annual justifications they save money and get a bigger bonus. Thus no one gets a raise, the middle management looks like they are doing a great job saving the company money, and upper management can not figure out why they suddenly have a high turnover.

Comment Re: The Swiss are way smarter than the Swedes (Score 2, Insightful) 1052

Some one has to fix the robots and kiosks when they break. Some one has to write the base program, someone has to key in the inventory and set the prices, someone has to debug and QA test it to make sure it does not give out free stuff. The problem you have is that none of those are unskilled minimum wage labor. I guess you dont think that people can better themselves, or learn new skills that will be in demand.

The Car eliminated the horse as transportation, thus eliminating the blacksmith, farrier, and may other jobs related to horses as transportation. Yes, they were put out of work but new jobs came in, such as auto mechanic, machinist, production workers for the auto plants, part houses, and tire manufacturers.

throughout history new inventions and methods have been created to replace old ones and for all of history it has created more work and new positions. If you think that paradigm has changed, then I say extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I have seen nothing that would even suggest we are loosing more jobs than the ones being created.

Comment Re:Yeey, less than 90% to go (Score 5, Interesting) 383

Ok, I gave a Fedora CD to the windows guy at work that manages the desktops. He is always saying how easy it is to install Windows. He grabbed an engineering workstations with a 6 core processor, 128g of ram, and high end graphics card. Put the CD in, it asked him 4 or 5 questions and installed. The whole process took less than 20 min and everything worked including the 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Pro.

He was in shock and said "That would have taken me 4 or 5 hours with windows!"

He then grabbed one of the older Dell laptops they give out to the office staff and put it in there. It installed in 20 min and recognized everything including the WiFi card. He admitted that he grabbed that laptop because it is a pain to get windows to work on it and was amazed that linux just installed, came up and worked as expected.

So, He was not a Linux Zealot, he was the windows desktop guy. I did nothing but watch, and he did everything.

Linux has come a ling ways in the last 10 years, I have been surprised as just how easy it is to install. You no longer have to be a computer wiz to install it.

Comment Re:What about stealing keys and mouse motions? (Score 1) 25

Yes, this has been possible for years.

Many agencies use it to capture password before an arrest. It is also one reason I never understood the need for keyloggers. If you know where the system is you can simple be in the same area and pick up the keystrokes. So a small receiver that logs them could be placed in the bushes, outside the window of your office, or in a close flower bed disguised as a rock. Quietly sitting there collecting all your key strokes.

It can be done with the simple wireless keyboard or with the bluetooth ones, that is one reason I still use a wired keyboard!

Comment Re:Programers can not even figures (Score 1) 372

None so far, most people dont know the difference between the domain and a host address on the domain.

As is obvious from someone who posts later saying that it does not resolve an MX record. lol

As to the person who responded that it was harvesting email address. Spammers have much easier ways to collect email. There business is bulk, Bulk addresses and bulk mailings, it would be a waist of time for them to try to decode one address and an even bigger waist to expect others to decode an address and email it.

Besides, if someone does spam the address it just adds more patterns to my bayesian spam filter. ;)

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