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Comment Re:Ghandi, eh? (Score 1) 181

It's only a misquote if you think I'm quoting from one source but am actually quoting from another.

I agree with you statement about Al Queada. The problem is that the US largely still refuses to ask the deeper questions of 'why'. So goes the question on global warming and so goes the question on terrorists motives. It's a solved subject to one politician or another, but in reality they both deserve much more thought.

I cheer for the people of Iran. May they reform their country though their own means without US meddling. If we do meddle it will likely turn out no better than North and South Korea.

Comment Re:Equal protection from government and corporatio (Score 1) 181

And statists always forget that the easiest and fastest way to change a corporation is to stop giving it money, which is not possible with the government. It's for this reason that it takes tens of years to change the government, but corporations can be made, broke, and resurrected in better forms in tens of months. The government doesn't have any interest in being good because it's survival based less on being good and more on being unobservable.

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