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Comment Re:Something's missing (Score 1) 151

That tethering limit was explained to me as a permanent throttle, not just when the network gets busy. Maybe they've changed it. Honestly, I'd switch to them in a hot minute if they didn't screw with tethering, even knowing about the 26 gig threshold for throttling. I wish wireless carriers would get over their tethering prejudice. It's childish.

Comment Re:Could this be FUD? (Score 1) 47

You don't see it because the spam gets filtered, not because the spam doesn't exist. And most of it doesn't even make it to your spam folder these days. It gets filtered at the edge before it even comes into you mail system. But I shouldn't have to explain that to someone with a ID lower than mine. Come on.

Comment Better than it used to be. (Score 1, Insightful) 57

When they started this throttling thing, only a small number of video sources were "free" and I complained that this was a blatant violation of net neutrality.

But now they appear to be throttling all video across the board so all content is degraded equally. It's hard to argue that this isn't neutral.

Comment Re:Money from people who want to sell? (Score 2) 241

A friend's mom fell for the "cash our totally legitimate [wink wink] checks and money orders for us and you can keep ten percent" scam. They cleaned her out. I feel a little bad for her (more for him because guess who had to step up and cover bills and mortgage payments). But I don't feel a lot bad because she wasn't old and senile. She got greedy tunnel vision.

If some company has tens of thousands of dollars in legitimate checks and money orders to deposit, they can get a bank account. The bank will assign them a personal banker who will stroke their egos (at the very least) every time they walk in the door. They won't need to find random people on the internet to cash the checks for a 10% fee. That's ridiculous.

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