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Comment Re:Money from people who want to sell? (Score 2) 241

A friend's mom fell for the "cash our totally legitimate [wink wink] checks and money orders for us and you can keep ten percent" scam. They cleaned her out. I feel a little bad for her (more for him because guess who had to step up and cover bills and mortgage payments). But I don't feel a lot bad because she wasn't old and senile. She got greedy tunnel vision.

If some company has tens of thousands of dollars in legitimate checks and money orders to deposit, they can get a bank account. The bank will assign them a personal banker who will stroke their egos (at the very least) every time they walk in the door. They won't need to find random people on the internet to cash the checks for a 10% fee. That's ridiculous.

Comment Prison (Score 1) 32

When will someone go to prison for storing credit card information in plaintext? Put the VP in charge of that division in prison for 6 months and make the company pay restitution to the financial institutions that have to issue new cards with new account numbers. And $50 to each consumer because now they have to spend a couple hours updating their billing information with all of their online vendors.

There's no excuse for this shit.

Comment LOLWUT? (Score 4, Insightful) 105

Rolls-Royce said the zero-emission model, codenamed 103EX, showed the company "rejects the notion of anonymous, utilitarian and bland future modes of mobility."

While the outside might be flashy, that's the most bland, boring interior I've ever seen in a concept car. That interior looks like it belongs in a sub-$2000 car for some emerging market.

Comment Re:How? (Score 1) 296

This isn't the sort of thing likely to bother Apple; but the major downside will be that the monitor will be stuck with whatever GPU was integrated for its entire life

Yeah, you've pretty much described Apple products since the aughts. I don't think I've seen a significant number of video upgrades for Apple computers since the 90s. I remember maybe 10 years ago, there were a handful of aftermarket cards available for the Mac Pro but you had to buy the Apple version. Or get the PC version and a PC to flash the Apple-compatible BIOS onto them. The Mac Pros may have had expansion slots but there wasn't a heck of a lot of hardware you could plug into them.

So you're right. This isn't going to bother Apple in the least.

Comment Re:Verizon just poked the bear (Score 1) 104

-108 dBm, 32 asu right now. I know it's not great but I averaged 4-5mbps during evening hours when I bought the house. I've used it a few times as a backup when the cable went out and it was fine. I streamed the superbowl in HD through my phone this year. The drop in performance is very recent. I was going to ignore it until they increased my bill. They should have left me alone. :)

I don't expect stellar performance with that signal but I'm getting 7Mbps now at 1:45am. I've seen it sustain 15Mbps just last week with the phone sitting in the same spot. If they're really that oversold that the service becomes unusable every evening, then I'm not the only one getting bad service and they need to increase capacity. They've got 3 LTE bands and my phone can use all of them. Spread it out. Add more towers at lower power or smaller arcs so the towers serve smaller areas.

Comment Verizon just poked the bear (Score 1) 104

I usually run 1-10 gigs per month on my unlimited plan but they finally got around to charging me that extra $20/month on my last cycle. Since they increased my bill, I'm not going to put up with the crappy service I get at my house. In the evening, I barely get 3G speeds (tho I have an LTE connection and usually get 60-80ms pings). I used to just connect to my cable service when I'm at home but, if they're going to charge me more, I'm going to demand more. No more offloading to WiFi. And the only way I can tell what kind of speed I'm getting is to move data. As a result of testing, I've moved 41 gigs in the last week. My speed goes from about 0.3-0.5Mbps in the evening hours to 10-15Mbps around 2am. They swear they're not throttling me and that demand is just high during those hours. Right. I live in a pretty rural area so it's not a population density issue. And Charter has uncapped 60Mbps cable internet here so nobody's stuck with cellular as their only internet option.

The crazy thing is I can go a few miles away and get 50Mbps in the Home Depot parking lot any time day or night.

So screw Verizon. They want that extra $20? Fine. They're going to earn it. I'll keep moving a ton of data through my phone while opening tickets about shitty service at home. I bet Star Citizen needs a 20+ gig update. I'll start that before I go to bed.

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