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Comment Re:Trending Now... Forgotten Tomorrow (Score 1) 224

That's an interesting question. After Obama won, there were campaigns in Latin America running (and winning) under the slogan "Si Se Puede", yes we can. So it is definitely true that an American president can influence the region without even trying (or knowing it).

My feeling is the opposite, though. Latin America has the kind of "strong man" government. For centuries, the leader has been a strong person, who can enforce his will. Chavez and Castro fit perfectly this role: the primary difference they hope to portray is that they are exercising their strength to help the people (rather than the rich and themselves). And actually, all the very popular presidents in Latin America that I can think of portrayed themselves as using their strength to help the common people.

So, will Trump be push people to the left, or to the right? I think we can agree that Trump will be perceived as a strong man (whether he actually is or not, that's irrelevant). So part of it will be how he pushes his wall deal, and immigration, and trade deals. Will people in latin america realize he is just trying to help Americans? Will they feel like he gave them a fair deal? Will they feel he respects them? Those are the kinds of questions to answer.

The other side of the coin is in Latin America itself. The wave seems to be going against leftism (that's such a stupid fuzzy term), with Argentina swinging right, and with Brazil swinging right, and Venezuela falling to pieces. A lot of the wave that rose during the Bush administration was pushed by Venezuela, supported with their oil money.

So in the end, while Trump would have some influence on the region if he became president, everything will be viewed from the lens of local politics, and the trends already happening in the region will be the primary determiners.

btw Ecuador has kind of an unusual relationship with the US because it uses US dollars. I was in El Salvador when they switched to dollars, and it completely drove the leftists insane.

Comment Re:Remote exploit (Score 1) 69

Most attacks these days are a sequence of memory safety violation followed by memory disclosure followed by arbitrary code execution. ASLR is meant to make the memory disclosure part harder, but there are now half a dozen known attack techniques that allow ASLR to be bypassed. Off the shelf attack toolkits will include these mechanisms, so it's a mistake to assume that an attacker won't be able to bypass it. It increases the barrier to entry from script kiddie with 5-year-old toys to script kiddie with new toys.

Samsung Forced YouTube To Pull GTA 5 Mod Video Because It Showed Galaxy Note 7 As Bomb ( 213

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Redmond Pie: The Galaxy Note 7 wasn't just recalled, it was cancelled. For good. And that makes Samsung very cranky indeed. So when YouTube user HitmanNiko created a video showing a Grand Theft Auto 5 mod in which Galaxy Note 7 handsets can be used as grenades, it's perhaps somewhat understandable that someone inside Samsung took offense to the idea. What's incomprehensible though is the fact that Samsung has apparently set about trying to erase that video, and presumably others like it, from the Internet. The first step? Forcing YouTube to remove HitmanNiko's video. Trying to view the video now does nothing but display a message which says that the video is "no longer available due to a copyright claim by Samsung Electronics America" which leaves quite the bad taste in our mouths. The biggest issue here is that this is arguably the worst misuse of the DMCA we have ever come across, simply because nothing was copied, unless Samsung is trying to claim that by making the in-game grenades look like Galaxy Note 7 smartphones then the video creator was in fact in breach of copyright.

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