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Comment Re:Lots of cores doesn't mean shit (Score 1) 55

real computers solving real problems with large core counts exist, and they have non-bus architectures by the way.
So according to you the cpus in the Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer with 256 cores per cpu don't really do anything?

I think you don't have a background in the field to be making such pronouncements, you're spewing out of your ass

Comment Re:Peter Thiel didn't bankrupt Gawker (Score 2) 221

Yeah, that's it. Keep telling yourself that Gawker is the victim. Just double-down every time you get called out on your bullshit. If it works for Social Justice, it will work for you. (it doesn't work)

So it is ok to shame people like Hogan and Thiel because they are jerks? Who gets to determine who is a jerk and who is not? The people doing the shaming? Got it.

Comment Re:Peter Thiel didn't bankrupt Gawker (Score 1) 221

How is this any different from "fine of the amount of money your company would make in 100 days"?

And if the company gets to continue on as if nothing happened, did the fine actually affect anything? The only way Gawker was going to stop is asshattery was to sue them out of existence.

Comment Re:Standard protocol (Score 2) 91

Considering that the entire selling point behind Signal is that it's supposed to be resistant to "an adversary like the NSA," I would think their ability to trivially associate a key with a real person would kind of turn that on its head.

Any global passive adversary can do traffic analysis on any communication network. Signal's message encryption should stand up against the NSA unless there are any vulnerabilities in the implementation that the NSA has found and not told anyone about or unless they have some magical decryption power that we don't know about (unlikely). Protection of metadata is much harder. If you connect to the Signal server and they can watch your network traffic and that of other Signal users, then they can infer who you are talking to. If they can send men with lawyers, guns, or money around to OWS then they can coerce them into recording when your client connects and from what IP, even without this.

In contrast, Tox uses a DHT, which makes some kinds of interception easier and others harder. There's no central repository mapping between Tox IDs and other identifiable information, but when you push anything to the DHT that's signed with your public key then it identifies your endpoint so a global passive adversary can use this to track you (Tox over Tor, in theory, protects you against this, but in practice there are so few people doing this that it's probably trivial to track).

No system is completely secure, but my personal thread model doesn't include the NSA taking an active interest in me - if they did that then there are probably a few hundred bugs in the operating systems and other programs that I use that they could exploit to compromise the endpoint, without bothering to attack the protocol. I'd like to be relatively secure against bulk data collection though - I don't want any intelligence or law enforcement agency to be able intercept communications unless at least one participant is actively under suspicion, because if you allow that you end up with something like Hoover's FBI or the Stazi..

Comment Re:Luddites, beware! (Score 2) 48

Currently, lorry drivers have to take statutory breaks. In the EU, they can only drive for 4.5 hours before having to take a 45-minute break. They can also only drive 9 hours per day. If you have a self-driving lorry that's only good enough for motorways (predictable traffic, well-marked lanes) and the driver can be out of the driving seat resting (even sleeping) then the vehicle can drive itself for 20 hours a day and the driver can be a passenger except when it approaches built-up areas. That would dramatically reduce the number of drivers that you'd need for a haulage fleet.

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