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Comment Re:Yey! (Score 0) 77

I thought the game looked okay (especially for a one-hour thing), but then I saw what he'd actually had to do. The things that were done for him:
  • Drawing the game board.
  • Collision detection between ball and player, goal, and walls
  • The bounce logic.
  • Events delivered for the buttons.
  • The mechanic for introducing a new ball into the game.
  • The score management. This is like those lego sets that have about half a dozen pieces and can be quickly assembled into a single design of spaceship. Yes, sure, you've built something, but there was little creativity or effort involved. It's not a bad learning tool (and for something that expects people with no programming experience to get something done in an hour, it's fine) but if he doesn't realise how much harder all of the pre-defined bits were to write than the simple logic for gluing them all together then he's now dangerously ignorant.

Comment Re:cheap chinese crap (Score 1) 73

There was a lawsuit against Apple for the original iPod for a similar reason. Steve Jobs was mostly deaf, so insisted that he be able to hear the sound, so the maximum volume was loud enough to be dangerous. Airline in-flight entertainment systems are the worst: they give you crappy headphones so that you have to turn the volume to max to hear anything if you use them, but if you buy a decent set of noise-cancelling ones then you want the volume down at around 20-40%. This is all fine, until they do an announcement, when they pause the movie and slam the volume up to 100% with no warning.

Comment Re:Pain: 120db. Damage: 85db (Score 1) 73

I remember someone in my class getting a Walkman (back when they were still expensive and exciting). After six months, he admitted that he'd gradually been having to turn up the volume to be able to hear the music clearly. I've been hesitant around headphones since then and as a result I can still hear the bats when they fly along with me when I cycle home.

Comment Re:Glitchless streaming. (Score 1) 149

This is not something that network neutrality prevents. QoS is completely allowed. If something on the customer's endpoint (or the remote) marks its packets as more sensitive to bandwidth, latency, or jitter then you are completely free to put them into different queues that priorities one or two of those attributes at the expense of the others. The only catch is that you must do the same for all traffic marked in such a way, irrespective of the remote endpoint. If you offer a VoIP service and mark its traffic as being low bandwidth, but being very sensitive to latency and jitter then you can't special-case this and make sure that the experience for your customers is better than a third-party SIP provider or Skype. Similarly, you can't launch your own video streaming service and give it a bigger share of the bandwidth and you can't take money from Hulu or Netflix to prioritise their traffic over their competitors.

Comment Re:1980s/1990s online service redux (Score 1) 149

It went downhill once they started sending out CDs. Back in the day, AOL and Compuserve would send out their client software on floppy disks (one initially, two later). It wasn't until very late that they started popping out the write-protect slider. I'd call them up every few weeks as a child (freephone number) and ask for a trial pack. Most of it went into the bin, but I'd reformat the disks and they'd be good to use.

Comment Ok (Score 4, Informative) 75

If I already have the umbrella with me, it doesn't matter if it is going to rain or not. I can wait for it to start raining. If I am outside, I will know if it is raining or not.

If it has to communicate with a phone to determine if it is raining. Well... why not just use the phone?

If you want a $100 umbrella. Get one of these. I live in a rather windy city and have never had an inversion or damage. Makes a nice walking stick, as I can put all of my weight on it with no problems. I have not used it for self defense, however.

My guess is the "smart" umbrella is a cheap $10 dollar one (that they sell at the convenience store for $20 when it is raining), with some crappy electronics in it.

Comment Meh, It's a Cellphone OS (Score 1) 74

It's not like the Android "community" is going to use it. You see, cellphones aren't getting better, so we hold on to our phones. Our carriers and cellphone makers won't update our phones. If we update our phones it breaks the warranty.

Cellphones are just supposed to be disposable crap we purchase in infatuation, and throw in the trash when we discover there's no racing stripe on our model.

Cellphone usability sucks. Every tried to get stuff done on a cellphone. It has all the power of the 2000 computer, with all the UI design of a Ouija board.

Comment My evening (Score 1) 154

When I get home from work, I plop in my chair and veg out. I've done that for as long as I've had a job to get home from. But I'm not doing the same crap. I went from watching Primetime crap to watching non-primetime crap on the DVR, to watching Netflix. Just because I'm doing some form of mindless entertainment doesn't mean it will be Netflix. If their content drops enough, there's Hulu, or if not that, something else.

Comment Re:Bad is better than Worst (Score 3, Interesting) 377

Depends. China is, apparently, a pretty nice place to live if you're relatively wealthy and are on the good side of the Party establishment. Trumps America will probably be quite similar. Going from one such country where you're on the wrong side of the people in power to one where you're on their right side is probably an improvement.

Comment Re:too much segmentation (Score 1) 154

^This, this, this!!! I never quite cut the cord over it, but I found non-primetime stuff to record, shouted at Bill O-Reiley, and pfutzed around on the internet. Currently, there are more non-reality shows on, but the damage is done, they have to lure from the other stuff, when they once had me by default.

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