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Comment Re:Dear article writer: Listen to yourself (Score 2) 55

I hope I can get this to +5 Troll.

The thing I am most angry and prickish about is that people try to force analogies where they just don't belong in order to falsely direct the conversation. Analogies might be intuitive, but they are often so intuitive that it gives people the false sense of actually knowing what they are talking about.

Internet of tubes and all that.

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 215

It's often also cheaper. It costs me less to take a train to Stansted airport, then an Easyjet plane from Stansted to Edinburgh and a bus to the city centre than it does to take a train from Cambridge to Edinburgh. Even including faffing at the airport time, the plane is a bit quicker. I'll take the train given the choice, because it's more comfortable and I can get some work done on the way, but it's a close-run thing.

Comment Re:Exposing those who store plaintext passwords (Score 1) 124

Make sure that you let them know that, because you have gone through responsible disclosure, if they are compromised then you will happily testify in court that they were aware of the insecurity of the personal information and that this makes them liable for increased damages for any compromise resulting in a failure to address the issue in a number of jurisdictions.

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