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Comment Re:Reverse logic (Score 1) 640

"probably fairly safe"

No, fuck you, no.

"nothing happens that would require you take action"

Again, fuck you. You are driving a god damned car, something is happening that is requiring you to take action right there.

Justify driving drunk any way you want, I hope you are the only one that dies when you wreck.

Comment Re:Makes no sense (Score 2, Interesting) 95

The article is what makes no sense. If all these employees were making huge amounts of money, why would they leave and start companies in the same industry? They obviously felt they could make more money on their own or at different companies.

Looks like a simple case of a CEO looking at the peon employes and thinking "look at all those overpayed assholes." The "overpaid assholes" then leave the company, and the CEO finds out all his talent is gone and his company is bust.

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