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Comment Re:Dangerous (Score 1) 339

People died while being locked in cars.
Two examples are : car fallen in the water, and people sleeping in a car while owner and friend locked it. The owner came back after a long hot weeken, his friend was dead inside.
Double lock is a dangerous feature.

Oh this wouldn't affect me. I am already dead inside.

Comment Specific targeting (Score 2) 118

To use this one would have to specifically target the android phone of a specific Tesla owner.

If someone wants to steal a specifically single person's car there are vastly easier ways to do it. Such as, hold a gun to the person's head and demand they turn over the key.

None of this was done in the wild, making the title needlessly click baity.

Comment Not at all surprising (Score 5, Insightful) 79

This is how cable companies work. They give big discounts to new customers, then fuck over their existing customers because they know its a duopoly (if not an outright monopoly) and rake in the cash.

Oh, you are going to switch to Verizon? Hahaha, go right ahead. Once they start fucking you over you are not going to get any special deals to come back.

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