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Comment Re:An Insider's View (Score 1) 45

First of all, never call your product a "competitive product". You know what this means? Essentially what you're saying is "the others are just as shitty, so why try harder?" Another thing is that the message is not what you say but what your audience hears. It's nice that you feel like your customer has a seat at your table, but this does not arrive at your customers. They do not feel that way. And if you care about how your customers think about you, this is what matters.

One thing is certain: Goodwill goes a long way, and it takes a long, long time to rebuild from ruins. And let's be honest here, Comcast's goodwill is in the gutter. You have a long uphill battle in front of you if you really care.

Comment Re: Time to switch (Score 1) 179

Really. The world runs on Microsoft? You can't be that clueless. Home Users use Microsoft because they don't know any better, but even then much less often. Most of those people actually use their phones and rarely use a PC anymore. That means iOS and Linux/Android running Google Apps, Facebook Apps, and Twitter, Tinder, etc. Most Small Businesses still use Microsoft; I'll grant you that, but that is changing fast as well. Microsoft isn't even a spec on the radar in the Internet Server arena anymore. Microsoft uses Linux and has started to include it with their OS offering as a last ditch effort to stay relevant. So I'll use your own words, but correctly:

Dude it is 2017. Word lost because Microsoft is actively carrying the ball for the other team toward their own end zone now. Deal with it. The world runs on iOS and Linux/Android running Google Apps, Facebook Apps, and Twitter, Tinder, etc.

Comment Re: Logic and Reason, or lack thereof (Score 2) 135

The fact that you think there is a difference between protecting the citizens and the government (of the people, for the people, and by the people) shows how far off the rails we have gone. When the Constitution it's followed properly there is no difference. The fact that we often have to choose which is the now disparate groups is the problem in its entirety.

Comment Errrm, yes. ... And? They're friggin' CHROMEBOOKS! (Score 1) 79

They run Chrome OS. Basically an extension of Google into your lap. Like android phones are a extension of Google into your hands and pockets.

Complaining that Google is observing it's users is like complaining that water is wet. Observing users is Googles freakin business model, that's what they earn money with. That's why you get all the neat stuff including cloud storage basically for free. This is also the reason Google is not another MS or Apple. They are a different league. They don't care what your device costs and which software it runs, as long as you use Google. Plain and simple.

And because of this, Google could offer services for minors no other company could. Like, for instance, warning parents when the child is communicating with a person that is obviously an unknown middle-aged man posing as a teenager.

I guess the EFF get's the Captain Obvious Award for stating that Google observes it's users. ... Allthough I do like them basically doing public education on the matter - probably needed in the US I presume.

Comment I bike. Never owned a car ... (Score 1) 205

... and I'm usually judged 7-12 years younger than I actually am (47). I even feel that way too. Given, I also dance a lot. But I combine my biking with PT, so that evens it out.

I offen get angry seeing avalanches of SUVs and full sized cars with only one Person in them. Germanys cities are clogged to the Brink with Cars and it's a freakin' Pita for everybody. We even start seeing the push for larger Bike Infrastructure at federal Level ... two decades or so too late imho.

Everybody I know who uses the bike as a main means of transport is a healthier happier person for it, including myself. We have too many cars. We need less better cars and caresharing at national level. And a private car limitation for cities.
Everything would improve. ... Probably even peoples sexlives.

My 2 eurocents.

Comment Re: DeadHat !! (Score 1) 84

Keep in mind that Slashdot is no longer a place where the majority are competent. Over the past decade or more it has increasingly become a place for those who think they are experts because they have fixed all their friends computers ( each time reinstalling Windows without having a clue as to what the real problem was or how to fix it.) For example there was a guy recently who was convinced that since the systemd logs said "initiating shutdown" that it was systemd that was causing his system to sit down at a time he didn't want. I couldn't get him to realize that his WM Power Management settings were the precipitant. systemd said it was shutting down the system so systemd was the problem. These are the people that blame all their woes on systemd.

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