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Comment Re:I beg to differ (Score 1) 56

But that's probably it.

Most people have some time when they want to watch TV. While there's something on Netflix suitable they'll stay. But as soon as there isn't anything they'll look for alternatives and cancel their subscription.

It's that ages old beancounter issue. Making small "cost cutting" measures doesn't immediately lose you customers and increases your profits but it a) makes it harder to attract new customers, b) makes it more likely that regular customers will try alternatives and c) eventually triggers the regulars to be so dissatisfied that they leave and tell everyone "it used to be good but..."

Comment What is your problem? (Score 2, Insightful) 121

they'll censor whatever the fuck they want to.

Dude, WTF? Wake up. ... It's freakin' FACEBOOK! They can and could always do whatever the f*ck they want! With your content, with your data, ... they could eben change their TOS to allow them to superimpose everyones portrait on animal porn images and there'd be nothing for you to do about it other than delete your account and and all your data and hope that no one downloaded those images to their computer or other parts of the intarweb.

I'd say FB and Twitter curbing hate-propaganda is actually the lesser evil. People who are dumb enough to post such stuff on FB are probably best kept from doing serious harm. To others *and* themselves.

Comment If this is true, capitalism has come to an end. (Score 1) 417

Capitalism as we know it needs scarcity to function. What CEOs are saying when they say this is basically capitalism as we know it has come to an end. As soon as robots drive us around and build and sow and harvest everything we need, we're moving into a post-scarcity economy with solid utopia potential.

Us sitting at our keyboards and posting on slashdot are basically there already. What needs to happen is for the rest of humanity to follow.
But the general premise is true: Technology development is a logarithmic curve that's pointing up. Unless something goes really wrong the post-scarcity economy will continue on its way into society.

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