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Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

OK, I am familiar with the German system. I don't understand how the public option hurts the paid care. All the Germans I know like the system's main parts. To me, the German system is a good example of universal health care with capitalism provided care on top of it and it working out well for rich and poor alike.

Comment Re:This is a bit absurd... (Score 1) 235

My gods, programmers have gotten lazy. What's next, extra CPU consumption for bold text? The system slowing down every time it beeps?

Or, we could at least allow for the possibility that the behavior was unintentional. If you've never written a program that inadvertently spins a core rather than correctly blocking while waiting for the next event in the event loop, then feel free to cast the first stone, but I imagine most programmers have made that mistake.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

OK, so once again. Is there a market on this planet that you like? Somewhere, anywhere, is there a single country that approaches health care in a manner that you approve of?

I'm thinking there isn't, or you would have brought it up the first time I asked. Given that there isn't you should think about why. It is possible that your approach is not valid or it hasn't been tried yet.

Comment Re:I can't do it (Score 1) 122

You should consider donating blood regularly. I haven't had a flare up since I started donating at the maximum frequency. I used to get a few a year, now it has been several years without a single flare up.

I happen to enjoy alcohol, and this regimen has allowed me to continue to enjoy it without negative effects. Pretty much everything I like to eat is high in purines, so I needed to find another way to manage. Mushrooms, shellfish, fish, meat, beans all high in purines. Now I don't care!

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 171

I'm really curious. Your only example of private, self paid health care, with the power of free markets providing competition and lower costs is in the United States? The US has the highest costs in the whole world. Is the free market so horrible that literally any other approach, however socialist, offers better outcomes at lower cost?

I'm starting to think that libertarians aren't serious people with any ideas to contribute. It's a shame because I agree with some of their axioms.

Comment Re:The Lemming Society is pathetic. (Score 1) 395

You get five stars for being over-the-top judgmental and insulting -- apparently that's a requirement on the Internet -- but unless you have the time and money to see every movie, try every restaurant, etc, then you have to decide which ones to try and which to avoid based on something. What you're advocating is either making random decisions (which can be fun occasionally but also leads to wasting a lot of time and money suffering through crap), or making decisions based on other, less relevant criteria (such as which movie has the most competent advertising team, or which restaurant happens to be located in front of your eyeballs when your stomach rumbles).

If you want to make your decisions based on subconscious reasoning that you don't even understand yourself, go ahead, but don't blame others for trying to make an informed decision.

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