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Submission + - Best MySQL Design for Active-Active High Availability in Two Data Centers

N8F8 writes: We are designing some mission critical JBoss applications using MySQL and plan to ensure availability by hosting in two geographically separated data centers. What are the best solutions for that scenario? Best for avalability, scaleability and maintainability?

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Easy, Open Source Desktop Sharing Software 2

N8F8 writes: Like many IT professionals I provide a lot free helpdesk type support to friends and family. I've decided to expand my support work and create a site where Veterans can receive free computer help (VeteransHelp.org). I'm using OSTicket (osticket.com) for the ticket reporting. What It really need is an easy to use desktop sharing system. In the past I've used TeamViewer because it is easy to use but it is not really free for non personal use. Recently I switched to Meraki Systems Manager because it is free and it uses VNC but unfortunately it isn't intended for the one-time-use type support I'll be offering. So I'm looking for a reliable, open source, easy to use desktop sharing solution that I can set up on my site for people to join one-time-use help desk sessions.

Comment Microsoft is right (Score 0) 913

Vendors had a long time to move production to devices with a touch interface and for the most pat they did nothing. A few crappy all-in-ones and overly expensive laptops. Even bigger touch pads with faster interfaces would have made a world of difference. Meanwhile the market is proving MS correct and sales of tablets and small devices is booming. I track deal websites all the rime and every time someone posts a sub $500 touch notebook they sell out in short order . external touch pad devices seen real popular too. Face it, but Win 8 Sucks on a traditional notebook or PC.

Comment Half insightful (Score 1) 113

You described a situation where you have people who understand the customer identifying requirements and planning. Makes a lot of sense since an outsider would take many years to understand customer needs. I think the real part is the second part of your statement "ex-military are extremely unlikely to buck the system and stand up to uniformed types" - the problem has nothing to do with uniform, prior service are LESS likely to be impressed with that, what you really have is the age-old problem of not wanting to say no to the customer.

Comment Re:PMP Backlash (Score 1) 491

I'm both a PMP certified and a ScrumMaster and it's really annoying when advocates of one system attack the other out of misunderstanding. Agile isn't "anti-management and anti-process" and PMP isn't uber rigid. PMP did evolve from a construction mindset but should be tailored for other areas like software dev. The real problem is people turning process into a religion. There aren't hard-and-fast laws. They are guidelines Use what makes sense and tailor the rest to work for you. You want repeat-ability in your work process for many of the same reasons you want repeat-ability in your code.

Submission + - Open Source Doesn't Mean Open Opportunity in Government Contracting (codetechs.com)

N8F8 writes: "I recently wrote a letter to the Government Accountability Office (GAO), the Congressional watchdog group, concerning major misrepresentations made by the General Services Administration (GSA) because they write policy statements mandating “Open Source” and “Open Government” but structure programs so they work against open policy and prevent most small businesses from competing.
In particular, the GSA has contracted out a major revamp of all federal procurement websites under a new site called SAM.gov. This site is being rolled out in multiple stages, the first of which has been delayed until July. The first stage takes all the sites that list and certify government contractors (CCR, ORCA,etc) and rolls them into one service. Future phases will roll in sites for posting government proposal requests and contractor and subcontractor performance (FBO, FPDS,etc). On the one hand the GSA espouses the use of Open Source so that “code is published and made available to the public, enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the code without paying royalties or fees” but then they manage projects and make it all but impossible for small companies to compete by:

1) Allowing only businesses under contract to the US Government to access the code, documentation and full test system.
2) Delaying the publishing of any meaningful architecture and interface information for third party developers to review. So far only poorly documented web service information and data samples has been provided. The contractor doing the development has answered a few questions publicly but certainly not to the degree needed for system that will supposedly be fielded next month.
3) Requiring all listed companies to register with Dun and Bradstreet (to the tune of $4 mil/year) so then then have to license this basic company data back and therefore restrict the use of all the SAM.gov data.
4) Requiring obscenely complicated and restrictive licensing/ agreements and requirements to use the system as a service provider. Additionally, these agreements seem change every week, confusing the matter.

I’m doubtful that th GAO or GSA will listen to these comments unless we make some noise. I have some recommendations to correct these misstatements and create a system to fix the problem in future government projects.
1) Put in place a system to allow businesses who have registered to become government contractors through CCR (soon SAM.gov) to be sponsored to have access to code and system information needed to create solutions for “open-source” government systems without needing to be specifically contracted to do so. This kind of system would increase the business opportunities, especially for small businesses, and provide more software solutions to the government and other government contractors.
2) Establish a TECHNICAL review of Open-Source/Open Government programs and projects to ensure funded programs, projects and contractors are meeting the stated requirements and agency objectives.
What do you think? How can we get our message heard?"

Submission + - Open Source eBook Kiosk for the Disconnected

N8F8 writes: "The book industry is so focused on the web-connected ebook market that I haven't been able to find a SINGLE product or service that allows eBook lending for communities that aren't connected to the web all the time. Is anyone aware of a eBook kiosk system that caches eBooks locally? Or a Open Source software that would allow users to plug a USB eBook reader into a kiosk, browse through a catalog and download the eBook to the reader? Also, is anyone aware of a major book publisher or book distributor that would allow such a system or at least bulk eBook license?"

Comment Crew Member 89-93 (Score 1) 455

I was a Nuke MM aboard the Enterprise from 1989-1993 and worked aboard during it's last nuclear overhaul. This ship is certainly old and was basically a prototype for the Nimitz Class carriers but remember that this ship is more capable than anything any other country in the world right now can forward deploy. Look it up.

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