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Comment Re: Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 2, Insightful) 163

Actually.. It's a case of the usual bs sociological broken rational.
The study process nothing at all because...
1. The amount of data collected is microscopic and therefore of zero statistical value.
2. There are no controls at all.
3. All the tests are uncorrelated as the situation is different for each.
4. And most importantly.. Correlation is not causation! You would think 'researchers' would know this.. But apparently not.

They would be so busy patting themselves on the back at discovering something they have preconceived (bad bad rich people!) That they have ignored the real requirements of such work.
For example.. Perhaps what they are measuring is that more focus (and therefore less time spent being distracted by others around you) tends to lead to more personal wealth? Of course that is only one of hundreds of other possible reasons ( and their sample size is so microscopic nothing matters anyway).

More garbage 'science' from the experts on this..

Comment No. American English is not old English. (Score 1) 906

Actually that is completely false. I really wonder where you got such tripe.
If you do some actual research you will find that while old style English is dead (as commonly happens) it is generally thought the closest living form is new Zealand English.
Which is very very different from American 'English'.

So.. No. You are completely wrong.

Comment Re:Appeals court fails basic facts (Score 1) 93

Actually, they are correct.

Copyright is about copying and distribution, not about use or consumption. It is quite specific. This decision far overreaches that.
There is a VERY solid natural; law reason for this.
If it were otherwise, and you purchased (or were even gifted) an original looking item, that ended up being a copy, YOU would be
responsible for that fact. That would be a legal disaster to say the least.
However, the court has missed that rather important distinction in this case, and extended responsibility to the receiver of
material. If this was correctly interpreted then you would be legally responsible for the correct copyright status of everything you
use or own.
Taken to its logical conclusion, if a television broadcaster accidentally showed a movie free to air which they were not licensed for,
then every viewer who watched that would be culpable.
See how that works? See why the law was NOT written that way?

This, and the DMCA is ALL about copyright, Licensing is a completely separate issue, and one they did not attempt to address.
Licensing is about ownership, Copyright is, and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act are, strangely enough, about COPYING (and
the associated act of distribution).

Sorry to let facts get in the way.

Comment Competition for Comcast (Score 1) 193

I was hoping they would make it to my area simply because the only option I have for fast internet is Comcast, and I would love to have an alternative. We are just up the road from a Google data center and already have the Free Wi-Fi in parts of the city, so I figured we were a lock. Crud.

Comment Re: How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 506

So now we need 2 keys to escape instead of one? Just like we need multiple key mashes just to get a screenshot instead of one? This isn't efficiency, this is some prissy designer making keyboard into their notion of "pretty". To hell with that kind of human rubbish

Comment Re: Renewables will never work (Score 0) 294

Except if you actually look at their 'capacity' numbers.. The world would have to stop spinning (so the solar panels were always lot and at a perfect angle with zero clouds) with all the panels moved to the equator, while the wind would have to be a constant gale at all wind locations..
Basically they ignore reality.
Then they add all the different types of 'renewable' including hydro power.. Which is the elephant in the corner that environmentalists hate.. And compare that 3/4 bs totaled to number to other power sources individually..
Is that the kind of analysis we should be pleased about?
What a load of hyped crap. They should just stick reality and work on improvements.. Not make up bs to misinform the public.

Comment Re:Transparancy (Score 1) 57

Ah, sorry, did you think transparency meant you could see IN to what was happening?
Silly silly citizen.. No. Transparency means what you can look, but you wont see anything, you can see straight through as if nothing is there!!

And you are completely wrong on the second point also!
Hillary wont continue in this way!
Obama was just a test case, so get a feel for how have we could bend the general public over.
Hillary is the whole enchilada! now you are nicely greased up, its time for the whole Neocon delivery!

Vote Cthulhu.. he used to be the most evil, but now he is looking pretty damn good!

Comment Because consumer hype passes quickly. (Score 2) 85

BS, the average news retention of todays consumers is a couple of months. there will be a small impact on the next gen
and nothing on the one after.
By next year, people will have no memory of these things, which is both sensible (a tiny %age of people had a real problem,
however hype has taken over) and terrible (companies need to learn from this, in the areas of treating their customers
with enough care and respect).

The big thing that can be taken away from this is that Samsung do seem capable of turning the boat around and reacting
correctly (full recall) even though it took them a little while. This is something rarely seen these days.

Sony still have a burning laptop battery issue, their third in the last ten years, which they are doing their best to avoid (and
for some reason doesnt seem to be all over the front pages of every news outlet, or result in laptops being banned from

Apple are happily making people replace (and the consumers cost) phones with fault touch screens, because 'apple'.

Comment Skype Doesn't Claim Otherwise (Score 3, Insightful) 46

I feel like Amnesty International has failed to put these various services in context.

Skype makes no claims that it is an anti-government service. It is subject to and complies with Lawful Intercept in the US and other countries. You should not treat it any differently than the local telco, because that's all Skype is trying to be.

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