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Comment Apps unusable without significant effort (Score 1) 243

I may occasionally be looking for an app suitable to a particular task, and I'll find there may be a half dozen semi-"popular" options that I'll download and try, one after another.

If I'm familiar with the software's operating domain, I may expect that I can open the app and figure out how to get my task done in fairly short order. If I can't, I hope there are menus that may give me a hint. Failing that, toolbar buttons; but some employ mystery meat navigation, with no text or hover-tooltips to indicate what they might do, so you end up clicking blindly. Then you check for a "help" button or menu, and find there is none. You go to the website to look at the documentation which is broken up rather oddly, or it's a wiki that's almost devoid of content. If there's no generalized 'help' document, I'd hope the authors could at least create a document with a few screenshots / steps of the most typical use case.

After a while, you discover that figuring out how to use the app just isn't worth it. *CLICK*. Uninstall.

Comment Re:Beaten by a music generator? (Score 3, Funny) 157

Jim Steinman wrote Meatloaf's best work, but Jim Steinman wasn't twelve people.

Proof that you're wrong:

* "Jim Steinman" is twelve characters.

* Most people in the music industry could be described as "characters".

* Therefore "Jim Steinman" is twelve people in the music industry.

I thought the first impossible phrase that jumped out at me was "Meatloaf's best work".

Comment The rains down in Africa (Score 1) 35

From TFS:

The findings, published (paywalled) Oct. 20 in Nature Geoscience, explain a fundamental feature of the planet's climate, and show that icy waters affect seasonal rains that are crucial for growing crops in such places as Africa's Sahel region and southern India."

The musical act Toto was unavailable for comment.

Comment Re:jerk (Score 1) 1440

There was a death caused exactly by that dring my journey in the UK yesterday - coming off a motor way, someone was texting while waiting for the lights on the slip road and didn't notice the lights had gone green and all the cars had cleared in front of them, and they got rear ended.

Interesting. I think that most places here in the states unequivocally blame the person doing the rear-ending. What if the stopped vehicle was a car that had mechanical troubles? Would it still be their fault? I'd have to also blame the person who does the rear-ending... aren't they looking where they're going?

Comment Re:this is why (Score 1) 149

I want to read about its success in navigating some of the highway system surrounding the twin cities in Minnesota.

I remember once merging onto an interstate there (from the right) only to need to cross four lanes so that I could catch my exit (on the left) what seemed to be only a half-mile later. I probably endangered myself, my passengers and fellow motorists making that maneuver. This would be a good place to reduce accident risk. :)

Comment Re:Damn (Score 1) 373

... all the benefits of a pure SSD drive...

And all the risks. Let me direct you to the Hot/Crazy scale of SSDs.

I've had exactly one SSD thus far. Yeah, it was definitely fast (notice "was"). Then it bit the big one. Yes, I had backups. Yes, I could RMA it. But that doesn't mean it's not a pain in the ass to deal with a failed drive that's less than a year old.

Comment Re:What's your boggle, citizen? (Score 2) 435

... given a full 40-hour work-week ...

Except that with a job like that, they're probably not only paying low wages but also employing the people part-time so the company need not pay benefits of any kind. So the person maybe is only working 25-30hrs per week, and then they have to go get a second job of the same kind. Nice, huh?

Comment Re:I wouldn't mind it if... (Score 3, Funny) 167

Dashboard cams are very common in Russia. That's why so many people got good shots of the meteorites. Apparently the cams are useful when dealing with some of the local LEO's.

Dammit, man, this is Slashdot. Your second sentence mentioned meteors, so I naturally assumed that LEO stood for low-earth orbit. Had to read it a second time, though maybe my first reading would make sense, too.

Comment Re:Do not understand this. (Score 1, Insightful) 814

For those not familiar, go look up "epigenetics". I've been pointed to some studies in which there are identical twins who grow into adulthood -- one is gay (for example, pick your LGBTQ?) and the other is not. This being evidence that it's not "genetic" per se, but is epigenetic.

Nonetheless, I think epigenetics essentially bolsters the claims that most LGBTQ would make, that it's not a conscious decision but it's WHO they ARE.

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