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Journal tuxette's Journal: summary of trip reports/pictures - and a final little story

A final story:
We were walking around in Vienna, and came across a construction area. We heard this really strange noise, one that we never heard before at a construction site...

Bsh-dsh, bsh-dsh, bsh-dsh...

Being the curious sort, we were wondering what was making this strange sound. So we approached the construction area to have a look. As we approached, we saw some stone masons handing bricks to one another, in the typical polite Viennese fashion...

Bitte schön, danke schön, bitte schön, danke schön....

But at such a rapid pace...

Bsh-dsh, bsh-dsh, bsh-dsh...

*sigh* - this is so much better when it's actually told out loud ;-)

Summary of the days:
day 1
day 2
day 3
day 4
day 5
day 6
day 7
day 8

Pictures only:
my flickr site

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summary of trip reports/pictures - and a final little story

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