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Journal Journal: The Woz... ballroom dancing

So my wife turns on the TV to watch Dancing With the Stars and who do I see but The Woz. That's right, Steve Wozniak... ballroom dancing. He looked more awkward and uncomfortable than I would have imagined, and I've practiced ballroom dancing. He did have a very joyful attitude.

If I voted it would go to David Alan Grier. He cracks me up.

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Journal Journal: How does a small wiki find contributors? 5

I launched the DocForge wiki for programmers almost two years ago. The intent is to grow a comprehensive reference for everyone who writes software. Unlike Wikipedia we accept original research and opinions.

We've had a few very helpful contributors, but most of the content has been posted by me. Some of the articles use Wikipedia content as a starting point, which helps. But I'm having a difficult time finding many others who are interested in making serious contributions. The irony of any wiki is it needs enough content to grow a community, but it needs a community to grow content. Ideally we'd eventually grow large enough to be able to hire some writers and editors as employees.

So how do we find people who are interested in contributing to DocForge? Paying for every contribution isn't a good idea because of politics, legalities, economics, and a low budget. I'd like to give occasional gifts to great contributors, but that doesn't bring in new writers. One promising way to go may be bounties, making donations to charities or open source projects when an article or section reaches a certain quality. On my low personal budget that could get expensive. What other options do I have? How could I attract those who are frustrated with Wikipedia's limitations and politics? How can I get the word out on this project to other programmers and academics (other than the obvious linking from dzone, etc.)?

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: Legal Case Against God Dismissed 4

A US judge has thrown out a case against God, ruling that because the defendant has no address, legal papers cannot be served. Nebraska state senator Ernie Chambers sued God last year. He said God had threatened him and the people of Nebraska and had inflicted "widespread death, destruction and terrorisation of millions upon millions of the Earth's inhabitants". "Since God knows everything," he reasoned, "God has notice of this lawsuit."


Journal Journal: Google Chrome Features and Issues List 1

With all the talk about the latest browser to hit the internets, and being a web developer who needs to keep up with related information, I'm maintaining a wiki page with Google Chrome features and issues. DocForge is a public wiki, so feel free to add info, or commentary on the talk page.

I also recently added OpenID to DocForge making it easier for those who prefer that login option.

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Journal Journal: 15 Mod Points? 3

First it was 10 mod points in February. Now I've got 15 mod points. So either someone thinks I'm an absolutely amazing moderator, or the rules are a changin'. I know this isn't terribly important, but I'm very curious what the new rules are.

At this rate I'll be getting 25 by Christmas and I won't have enough time in 3 days to moderate 25 comments!

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Journal Journal: 10 Mod Points? 12

I just got 10 mod points for the first time. I've been on /. for around 8 years and never heard of anyone getting 10. Is this a new feature or are they just letting me know what a great moderator I am?

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Journal Journal: Seen On Slash Hits 2000 Slashdot Comments 3

It's a few weeks short of two years since we began Seen On Slash to collect the best Slashdot comments. Today we hit 2000 comments collected. Thanks for your great submissions! They keep me laughing every day.

Top 10 Slashdot users with the most comments Seen on Slashdot:
204 Anonymous Coward
21 Tackhead
10 eln
9 kfg
9 Rob T Firefly
8 gEvil (beta)
7 Kadin2048
7 LiquidCoooled
7 spun
7 User 956

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Journal Journal: Seen On Slash Update

Seen On Slash, collecting the best slashdot comments, has been moved to a new host and has an updated theme. It's now extremely fast and a few quirks have been fixed. We're also working a few more feature improvements. Hundreds of members have submitted more than 1200 of their favorite slashdot comments. Enjoy!

Journal Journal: Seen On Slash Hits 1000 Slashdot Comments 2

It's been almost exactly one year since we began Seen On Slash to collect the best Slashdot comments. Today we hit 1000 comments collected. Thanks for your great submissions and keep 'em comin'!

Top 5 Slashdot users with the most comments Seen on Slashdot:
99 Anonymous Coward
12 Tackhead
9 kfg
6 LiquidCoooled
6 Rob T Firefly

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Journal Journal: George W.'s Palace On Schedule

The US is building the biggest embassy on Earth on the banks of the Tigris. Locals in Iraq are enraged as running water is still a problem and the electricity can't stay on, yet the $592 million embassy is on schedule. No Iraqis have been hired to help build it. The new US embassy may be bigger than anything Saddam Hussein ever built.

This apparently isn't helping to "win over the hearts and minds" of Iraqis. With distaste they refer to the project as "George W.'s Palace". Apparenty embassadors who are slumming it in Hussein's palaces are eventually in for a real treat, such as what might be the biggest swimming pool in Iraq, a cinema, and restaurants from US food chains.

Simply infuriating. Cross-posted in an attempt to get the word out.


Journal Journal: DocForge 3

I've repurposed as a wiki for software developers. We're building the best source for reference material and tips. Anyone can contribute content. Hope you find it useful.

Journal Journal: Seen on Slash 4

I don't know if anyone would come and read my /. journal, but if they do I want to point them to Seen on Slash - the best comments ever seen on Slashdot. It's a small part of the Slashdot subculture collecting great /. comments. It's a relatively new site with over 70 registered users. Come on over and enjoy!

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